Real life moments

I know I’ve been gone for months now! Life has been super busy and, to be honest, have been at a loss for words or I wasn’t sure how to put my thoughts into words that made sense.

But I think that streak is over….at least for now šŸ˜‰

The first Friday of November was the first moms group that my church held and it was awesome! We did a craft, heard some great & wise words, and shared. Our speaker shared something that has started to turn inside me andĀ  now sharing with others on Facebook. I will get a copy of this asap!

What I have started on my personal page is share pictures and/thoughts that are my real life moments. So many of us just share the rainbows and sunshine on Facebook. There’s nothing wrong with sharing the great things that are going on in our lives but it does make it a tad bit harder to connect with others if we aren’t sharing the not so great moments.

I have a friend who actually shared her real life moment today! I’m so proud of her because I know it’s not easy and it opens the door to so much judgement from others. Keep sharing those moments!

I’ll make a separate post with everything I’ve shared already, probably will get that up tonight.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that it’s ok to share those real life moments, you aren’t the only one going through these moments!


A Challenge-Day 1

Hello and happy Monday night!

Ok so I haven’t written out my schedule yet, but I am going to be adding some things to it, so I didn’t want to write it out and then have to turn around and re-do it. But I can say that I have done Monday’s chore…..mine and my husbands laundry! I washed, dried, and put away our laundry today before 6:00pm! Usually I wait until later in the day to even start which means that I don’t get finished with it until after 8 or 9pm! So glad that I made myself do it! I didn’t want to but I didn’t want to have to come back here tonight and tell you all that I basically failed on my first day of my challenge. I don’t want to fail you all and I, more importantly, don’t want to fail myself.

Tomorrows chore is to mop the floors. I will probably start this earlier then I started the laundry today because I have to pick up the crap off the floors and then vaccumĀ andĀ then mop. But I am determinedĀ to get it done. And thankfully since we moved into the new house, not all the floors are wooden. So that will help cut down on the amount of time it will take me to mop. I am really dreading tomorrow so it will definitely be a challenge for me to complete this before 6:00pm tomorrow. So please, if you can, send me some extra strength fairy dust or something. haahahahaha! I am going to need it!

I promise that I will get my written schedule up this week after I add what I want to it. No worries, I will get it done! Thank you to those who have been supportive-it means a lot!

Is there something that you are determined to get finished this week? What is it? How long have you been putting it off?


Big Babies

If you have ever been in a relationship with a guy (married, dating, whatever you want to call it) long enough, you will know what I am talking about. I have yet come across a woman who has disagreed with me on this!

Now most of the time us woman lean on the man in our live for many different reasons. Their role is supposedĀ to be the strong one and the tough one….until something happens to them and they turn into the biggest babies I know!
They get sick, don’t feel good, had an operationĀ or something along these lines. I think that the 5 year oldĀ comes out in all of them and then the wife, girlfriend, (and I am sure best female friend sometimes) is the ones that have to put them back together.Ā It’s almost like someone came in your house in the middle of the night and switched out husband, boyfriends, the male & put in a baby dressed as him! How lovely it must be to get to stay in bed all day while everything gets taken care of šŸ˜‰

For Mothers out there that are stay at home, you know that there are no ‘sick days’. We cannot stay in bed all day and then wake up the next morning and everything was taken care of. (For the most part, this just isn’t possible). Most of the stay at home Moms & Wives have to tough it out and work through them not feeling good.
Now this isn’t the point of this post to talk about stay at home Moms that don’t get a bring or working Moms or anything like that…..so let me get back to my point…

I think it is just too funny when men turn into big babies because they don’t feel good. It really is like the turn into a 5 year oldĀ little boy. SomtimesĀ it’s annoying and other times I just think that it is too cute and I enjoy taking care of my big baby! I also think it’s funny when you talk about it they get this huge smile on their faces! Yea, they know what you are talking about and I am sure take every advantage they can to beĀ babied (is that a word!?).

Gotta love men right!? Can’t live with em…can’t live without them! To all the big babies out there (not just when they don’t feel good)….I dedicate this song to you! Ladies, baby that big baby in your life…..he deserves it, most of the time ;), Ā and you will get repaid in the end šŸ™‚