Crazy Leggies

One of my good friends loves to sew & make things for her two boys. Well she finally made a shop on Etsy & is now selling baby legs & shoes from newborn up to 2T! I am so excited for her & can’t wait to see her shop grow!

I have 3 pairs of baby legs from her & one pair of newborn shoes for Baby L. I love them! I cannot wait to put them on Baby L and see how they fit & look on this baby!

Here is a picture of what I have from her….so far ūüėČ

These are the baby legs that she made & I bought from her.

And these are the shoes! How cute, right?!

Nicole has so many patterns to choose from for both items…you are bound to find something that you want your child to wear! She has a Facebook fan page where she posts new patterns, sales, coupons codes, and pictures of completed orders! Be sure to ‘like’ Crazy Leggies on FB to keep up to date with her! And if you are interested (and how can you not be!?) in ordering baby legs andor shoes, check out her Etsy shop!

Nicole is currently running a special right now on her baby shoes!

If you order one pair of baby shoes in every size: 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, and 12-18 months for $58.  If you use the coupon code (Trel10) with it you get another $5.80 off!! So in the end, you end up saving $18.50 PLUS it has free shipping!

How in the world can you pass up that offer!? You really can’t! So stop by her page & ‘like’ her and then go to her Etsy shop and…..well start shopping! You are not only buying a great product – you are helping to support a WAHM (work at home mom)! To me, that’s the best part of this! I, personally, try and buy from WAHMs rather than a big company. I hope that you will start to do the same thing.

Anyway…seriously….go shop at Crazy Leggies, you won’t be disappointed at all!!

*This coupon code ends in 2 weeks (02612)*

Enjoy ūüôā


New opportunities for you!

I have 3 amazing opportunities¬†for you all out there! Some of you may have seen me post about these over the weekend on the fan page, but not everyone is connected¬†that way! I want to make sure everyone has a chance to read this because you never know how is out there looking for something just like this! So without further ado…..

Advertising: This is a great time to advertise for your business! Please read below for more information!

If you would like to have your business advertised for a cheap price, this is a great opportunity for you!
Your ad will run for 1 month at a time. It will be displayed¬†at the top on the right hand column. If you would like to run your ad for more than a month, I can do that too! After your month is finished, I will place you at the bottom of the list. This way it gives other businesses to have their ad displayed as well as having your ad ran again. It will only cost you $20 a month! I will only accept¬†paypal as payment. Your ad will not be¬†displayed until your payment as been cleared. You will receive an invoice from me 1 month prior to¬†ensure¬†that your payment is cleared. Please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com & put ‚ÄėAdvertisement‚Äô in the subject line.

Feature Friday: This is great for any WAHM and\or WAHD (Work At Home Mom\Dad) who is just wanting to get the word out about their small business!

This is for WAHMs who want to spread the word & promote their business! This is at NO cost to you & you don‚Äôt have to send me a product to be apart of this! This is a first come – first serve basis! Please EMAIL me at mommieventures@gmail.com & put ‚ÄėFeature Friday‚Äô in the subject line! Remember to include all the information you want posted along with any pictures that you would like to be included! Hurry because these slots fill up fast!

Non-profit Organizations: I love spreading the word about organizations that are doing things for a great cause!

If you run a non-profit organization & would like to have the word spread about it‚ĶI would love to help you with this! This is at NO cost to you! Please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com & put ‚ÄėNon profit‚Äô in the subject line. I will post a new one every Tuesday! This is be on a serve come ‚Äď first serve basis. Hurry these slots will fill up soon! Please include all the information & any pictures that you would like to be added to this also!

If any one of these opportunities sound like a door opening for you, then please walk through it! Feel free to email me anytime & I will get back with you ASAP! Again, my email is mommieventures@gmail.com! Can’t wait to hear from you!


Fan Giveaway

It’s that time again!
The first fan giveaway I did was a HUGE hit! Thank you to all of you who suggested my fan page to your friends and thank you to those who ‘like’d¬†me and have suck with me! SO i¬†decided that since the first one went so well to have another one! We are currently at 337 fans and I will draw a winner when we are at 450 fans! I know that seems like a lot but it really isn’t. I am hoping that this giveaway will bring in more readers, not only to my blog and fan page, but for all of my sister sites as well. Most of them are just starting out on this journey and I know they would love more fans…I mean who doesn’t?!

So once we reach 450 fans, I will make another blog and then draw a winner from there through random.org. I am posting all of the¬†information about the sponsors here and one the next blog I make about this along with a few pictures. If you are reading this and would like to donate something and have a link set up for people to ‘like’ your fan page for your business, please feel free to email me at mommieventures@gmail.com, it’s not too late to donate!

So far we have 2 sponsors giving out 3 prizes! Thank you to our sponsors for donating and wanting to be apart of this giveaway! I will also be donating something from my Cafepress store and will add those items once I received them in the mail.

But for now here are the pictures of the items\services being donated along with their fan page and\or website. Please check them out so you know what you want if you are the winner!

First up Mama Made USA-Products Made By WAHM’s
She has donated this beautiful pink blanket! Perfect for the little, or not so little, princess in your life. It is really big and it would be perfect as a blanket on a bed as big as a twin! If you would like to take a look at some other products that are available, please check them out!
Here is the beautiful blanket (my camera do NOT do it justice!)

Jennifer has offered 2 (!) items to donate! One is a book from her Usborne business.
¬†Gobble Gobble¬†Moo! It’s a book valued at 15.99! While Farmer Dougal¬†sleeps, Sheep and his friends board the tractor and take turns making engine sounds. But what if their loud honks, moos¬†and squeaks wake the farmer? Children will love copying noises in this joyful story from the internationally renowned author, Jez¬†Alborough.
Here is the cover of this very cute sounding book!

Jennifer is also offering¬†¬†10% off any of my services. She is¬†willing to travel so it doesn’t have to be just in the Pitt County (NC) area.

We are now adding another sponsor to the fan giveaway! Crystal is a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. She has donated this wonderful gift set!

NEW limited-edition* Mary Kay¬ģ Coconut Lime Gift Set includes invigorating shower gel, luxurious body lotion and delightful body mist all in a travel-friendly bag.¬† A $26 value!!!

Here are the links to either their fan page or website to check out more of their products! I will also be adding these links actually blog where the giveaway will be held!
Mama Made USA-Products Made By WAHM’s
Usborne Books

Usborne Books Fan Page
JC Productions

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant- Crystal Booker

*Remember this is NOT the post where you need to comment in order to win. I will post that blog once we reach 450 fans!*


Anyone interested!?

Is there anyone out there that is interested in using Mama pads and/or cloth diapers & wipes? Do you already use one or all of these & would like to win some? Do you make one or all of these? If you answered yes to any of these questions please read on!

If you make/sell Mama pads, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, wetbags, or anything related please listen up! I would love to get in talks with you on the idea that I have. I didn’t originally think of this idea but I thought it was such a great idea that I thought that I would try it out and see what the response would be! If what I have in mind actually comes together it would bring so much light to your business & bring more customers for you! If you would like to talk more about this and are interested in being apart of this, please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com!

If you are interested in Mama pads, cloth diapers, or cloth wipes please leave a comment that you would interested in having something that would explain more about these products & give you a chance for you to win some cool stuff! Please leave a comment on the blog not on Facebook (easier for me to keep track that way).

Thanks & can’t wait to hear from all of you about this!

Please note that this isn’t confirmed that this will be happening but I would like to see what the interest is in something like this and see how many business’s and WAHMs are interested in being apart of this! So if you would like this to happen and for me to be able to give out more details, please spread the word and if you know someone that makes cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and/or Mama pads, please have them contact me! Again my email address is mommieventures@gmail.com.


Giveaway helper needed!

Hope that you all are having a wonderful, lazy Sunday! I am so glad that I am not starting my challenge today because I would have let myself down lol!

Anyway, on to the point of this post!
I was talking with my husband last night about how I need more subscribers to my blog so I can do more giveaways with certain companies & I was telling him that I wasn’t sure how to get more of you to subscribe. Because, let’s be honest, if I have over 200 fans on Facebook-I should have at least that many email subscribers….but I don’t ūüė¶
So, because my husband is so smart, he come up with an idea! He thought that I should have a giveaway for those of you who have subscribed & then with this giveaway have more people subscribe to enter the giveaway.

With all that said, I need someone to help sponser a giveaway! The prize does not have to be something huge but just something big/good enough for people to want to win it & then in turn will subscribe to my blog!
So if you would be willing to donate something to this giveaway, please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com & put giveaway helper in the subject line!

Thanks & I hope to have this giveaway going on soon!


Giveaway Hop 09/28/10

I just want to say thank you to all of the other bloggers that shared their giveaways with me! I am super excited to help all of you out & bring more traffic to your sites!

If you missed yesterdays Giveaway Hop, no worries, click here!

Here are more!
*Breezy Mama–¬†
Our big contest is always in the “win it” box and our 1 day give aways are in our newsletter.
*Giveaway Train-
Baby Treads & Threads: Squeaky Shoe Review + Giveaway (http://www.giveawaytrain.com/2010/09/baby-treads-threads-review-giveaway.html)
*Crunchy Beach Mama-
$15 GC from EcoMom.com http://www.crunchybeachmama.com/2010/09/ecomom-smartypants-gummy-vitamins-15.html
¬†Crinkle Toy or Boo Boo¬†Pack from Etsy’s¬†Lil Boppers http://www.crunchybeachmama.com/2010/09/lisa-with-lil-boppers-giveaway.html
*The Life of a Tired Mommy-
a giveaway that is scheduled¬†to end on the thursday sept 30 for a $25 Amazon Gift card…if you would like to add this giveaway to your blog, I would appreicate it ūüôā My link is http://thelifeofatiredmommy.blogspot.com.
*Mrs. Mama Drama-
The Rattles CD (Ends Today @ midnight)
So Easy Toddler Food Cook Book (Ends Today @ midnight)
Organic Guide To Baby’s First 24 Months (Ends 9/30)
Easy Stroll (Ends 10/6)

Be sure to check these giveaways out, spread the word, & let me know if/when you have more or come across a giveaway on your favorite site!


Giveaway Hop 09/27/10

I know that I posted about a giveaway last night but I have been emailing back and forth with more bloggers and/or companies & I have way more to post! I am posting this morning also because some of the giveaways end tonight and I want you all to be able have a chance to enter!

* www.thriftyniftymommy.blogspot.com
You can win a free custom tutu (ends tonight), organic fruit purees from Peter Rabbit Organics, and a Soy candle!

*Daffe Designs has an event coming up through October to support breast cancer
awareness. Details are in her discussions tab on Facebook.

*Cheap Mama Chick has a $50 Zoolu giftcard up as a giveaway on FB and will be adding a tutu dress today!

*A Year With Mom and Dad has 2 giveaways going on right now
¬†$100 Rugged Bear GC (children‚Äôs clothing) ‚Äď ends 9/29
¬†250 Die-Cut Business Cards ‚Äď end 9/28

*Journey to “Green” has 4 or 5 giveaways going on right now!

*Moms Wear Your Tees Blog has 2 going on right now!
Spin&Go Mop System GIVEAWAY Ends 9/28
Bedhead Pajamas GIVEAWAY Ends 9/27

*All Aboard (the review & giveaway train)
Thirty-One: All-in-One Organizer – ENDS 9/30 (http://www.giveawaytrain.com/2010/09/thirty-one-review-giveaway.html)
Pirate Brands: Potato Flyers – ENDS 10/3 (http://www.giveawaytrain.com/2010/09/pirate-brands-review-giveaway.html)
My I.D. Inks – ENDS 10/7 (http://www.giveawaytrain.com/2010/09/id-ink-review-giveaway.html)

*CCBums is having a halloween raffle for a custom of your choice.. ends next saturday.

also having a sale when we reach 750 fans! so close!

This is what I have so far! Please check out all of these Bloggers and enter to win! Keep checking back here (& with everyone posted) for more giveaways! Some of these giveaways end tonight-so be sure to enter those first (so you don’t foget)….I know that I am entering these!


Miss Lily

I was excited¬†to be¬†able to review¬†this washing soap! I know that there are soaps out there that are good for diapers & clothes, but I was excited¬†to get something that was homemade! I was a little disappointed that I didn’t receive a soap that was scented¬†but it definitely didn’t put a damper on anything! And even though the soap was unscented-the¬†soap itself smelled so good!¬†When I was reading the wash instructions trying to find how much to use, I was a little¬†ify¬†at only using 3-4 tablespoons & having diapers come out clean. But I was pleasantly¬†surprised when they did come out clean! But I have to confess that the first time I used it, I didn’t think it was working right. The diapers didn’t smell clean or anything. Well come to find out (after some investigating) I used a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon. Measure twice-cut once kinda thing ūüôā After a few washes I really couldn’t tell a difference…..until I was putting away clothes on time. I noticed that one of my youngest son’s oneies¬†were a little¬†whiter then before I washed it. I think I did like 3 or 4 double takes! So then I started looking at all my whites before putting them in the dryer & sure enough, my whites were whiter! I loved that they were whiter without using something harsh like bleach or anything like that! I also love the fact that¬†I can use one detergent for all my washing! Makes things much easier…..and cheaper! With the instructions that she provides you she tells you how much to use for washing clothes-diapers-stinky diapers/diapers with build up- and stain removal! Very helpful! She also lists the ingredients that are used in your soap! Also good to know what you are washing your clothes in! & for $10.50 a bag that does 96 HE loads….cannot beat that!

There are a ton of scents to choose from! Here are some of the ones that I want:
*Monkey Farts
*Fresh cut grass
*Fairy Dust
*Island Fresh
*Buttercream Cupcake
*Clean Cotton

Miss Lily also has a holiday scents:
*Candy Cane — A wonderful combination of fresh peppermint leaves and sweet ripened strawberries, on a dry down of vanilla.
*Gingersnap¬†Cookies — A fresh, crisp, ginger cookie aroma with just the right amount of bakery base notes.
*Hot Cocoa — The aroma of warm hot chocolate with melted marshmallow topping.
*Snowman Balls — Yep, that’s what I said. A spicy blend of peppercorns, nutmeg, and fresh clove; embodied with notes of elderberries, blackberries, plums, and fresh¬†green oakmoss; with magical, effervescent top notes of carbonated fizzy pop and just a hint of cool mint.
*Reindeer Poo — Begins with top notes of apples and pears; followed by middle notes of eucalyptus, pine, and geranium; and well-balanced with base¬†notes of vanilla, cedarwood, and patchouli.
*Hippy Christmas — An earthy blend of fresh patchouli, herbal sandalwood, with hints of strawberry and raspberry with a down of fresh vanilla and peppermint leaf.

What makes Miss Lily’s different & better?!
Miss Lily’s Washing Powder is a natural, soap-free, enzyme-free detergent. It’s not only effective on stink, but it works great on stains, too! Perfect for all of your laundry, including cloth diapers! No build-up, and the scent rinses clean.

If you would like to see what other scents Miss Lily has or to order your own, please click here!
Also ‘like’ Miss Lily so you can know of any discounts or specials that she runs! Let her know you heard about her through me!

*I received this product at no charge to me & all opinions express are my own*


Mama Cloths

Hello Ladies!

I have been using¬†cloth diapers & wipes for months now and also thinking more greener and¬†trying to do my part to reduce¬†waste. I still forget¬† my reusable shopping bags sometimes ūüėČ
Anyway, I was told by a friend of mine a few months back about Mama Pads. I loved the idea (plus they are too cute!) but I was and still am very ify about using them! I was talking with a fellow Mommie Blogger last night about something and she gave me some of her favorite Mama Pads. So I took a look at the ones that she gave me and saved prices and things like that. As I was looking at her suggestions I was getting more excited about using these!

So I was wondering if you all could send me your favorites and a website so I can look and continue my research on them! Leave me any and all of your favorites + website! Even if someone has mentioned your favorite, please comment anyway! The more comments I get about any one person/company, the more inclined I would be to buying those!

Thanks and I look forward to seeing what you all have to say!