Weigh-in update #2

Hey yall!

Before I start this update, I think that I will have to change my update days to either Wednesday or Thursday. I am weighing myself on these days & it would make more sense to do both the weekly & weigh in update at the same time.

Anyway, back to the important stuff 😉

Again, I went to my friends house to use her scale (will be buying one very soon!) and was shocked & surprised at the number that popped up!

The week before when I weighed myself I was 228. One week later I was 225! What the poo?!?! That is awesome & wasn’t expecting that at all!
I am so happy that my efforts have started to pay off & I can see the result of all that. I haven’t noticed any changes with my body or how the way my clothes fit. I know that will come later down the road.
I walked last Saturday or Sunday, can’t remember now. I walked with Mister & the 3 littles on Thursday. I need to walk more and do something during nap time. I was thinking pushups, crunches, and simple things that don’t require me to leave the house while they are sleeping.
Once I get my computer fixed I am wanting to check out work out videos on Youtube that my friends have been talking about.

I think that I need to make a plan and choose a different workout for each day. I have to figure all this out & I will post it once I am done with that.

Will do another weigh-in next week 🙂


Thankful Thursday 08\18\11

This week I am thankful for the following things:

*My husband giving me a few bucks to go buy a book
*My kids for putting up with being a hotel for so long
*My mother & step father for still helping out the hotel
*My husbands boss for giving him a job
*Our church that has been nothing but awesome since we walked through the doors
*Of course, God for being right by our side this whole time.