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Why we are moving

So I thought I would explain why we are moving. There have been a few people asking on my personal page, I answered, but I thought I would let my fans know why too!

Over 18 months ago my mom and my step dad mentioned that they were moving to Texas to retire and start some businesses there. The city where they are moving is a very small town….it’s so small that there aren’t even hotels there! So when they told me that I wanted to move there instantly to be with them and help them with their new adventures! I brought it up to my husband and he wasn’t as willing to jump on my band wagon as I was. After talking more about this we looked into a city that was about 30 mins away from where my mom would be moving. I didn’t want to be more than an hour from them so we could see them more than we do now. (We live 4 hours from them currently) As we were looking into jobs that are available there and the cost of living, we found out some great things! The pay that he could possibly get is double what he makes now with the same cost of living that we pay now. That sounds awesome to me! My husband and I have been in talks about moving to Texas for about 18 months now. But just a few months ago we made the final decision that yes we are going to move there. I am super excited about this! I have this very overwhelming feeling that this move is going to be very good for the 6 of us!

So here are some details that are and aren’t going on right now. My husband had called dealerships in the area a few months ago to see what he needed to do to get his resume in and they want him to just fax it to them. He stayed on the phone with each dealership in that area for at least 30 minutes and they are looking forward to his resume. He has a really good chance of getting a job at a dealership and making more money! We haven’t found a house yet. We aren’t looking to buy right now. SO trying to find a house to rent is kinda of hard because we can’t be there and look at the homes. Also because not every house that is for rent is in the paper, on craigslist, or listed on some website. So that part is alittle difficult.

But we are very hopeful and know that God will help us get there! I have a fan page set up for me posting about this new adventure! So if you would like to, please feel free to ‘like’ that! I also have a blog about it! I haven’t updated much just because there isn’t anything to report, but please feel free to check that out too! Click here to get to that blog!

I will update everyone as soon as we know something and I hope that you all will follow us on our new adventure half way across the country!