The trend seems to be that every November, every day, people post of Facebook what they are thankful for. Good idea….getting being thakful instead of wrapped up in what they dont have!
I saw a friend of my say that she was going to do something different this year, she was going to post what she was thankful for that day. I like this idea better because it makes you stop and think about your day & the small things that we tend to overlook in our busy days.

I know I am a few days late in starting but thats not the point. Everyday this month I will be posting what I am thankful that day. I hope that you are inspired to do the same thing!


I’m back!!!!

Hello there fans & readers! I am back!
I asked for input if anyone was interested in still reading this blog if I started up again…all I was looking for was one person to say yes & I got a few more than that. Which I am happy about!! I have said it before and I will say it again…I didn’t start and\or continue this blog for numbers. I will try to make more of an effort to post blogs about my MommieVentures! With #5 on the way and the craziness that comes along with having 4 already…there are definitely no shortages in stories that I have (& will have) to share with you all!

Before I go any further though, I would like to send out my apologizes to the winners of the Jelly Knife giveaway! I still have the knifes & I will send them out as soon as I can… as just been seriously way busier than I ever thought it could be! I have not forgotten about you or the prizes that you have won!

I hope that the old fans\readers come back around & that we have new ones that show up! Thanks again for all the support and love that you all have given me since day one 🙂

Thanks loves 🙂


Many Thanks

I have some great fans! I know that I have been MIA for periods of time and haven’t posted as much as I would like, but my fans and followers have stuck with me! I couldn’t ask for more than that! I can’t say thank you enough to those of you who have stuck around even when I wasn’t here for whatever reason!

My goal is to try and make at least one post a day. If I set my bar higher than that right now, I will probably overwhelm myself and I don’t want to do that! But I do want to produce something for my loyal fans. I cannot wait to see where this takes us and how big we will get. I have said this many times and I can’t say it enough, but I would nothing and nowhere without my fans. You are the ones that are making MommieVentures into something! It wouldn’t matter what I post or how often if it weren’t for the followers that I have! I hope that I make you guys proud and that you all continue to follow me and share me with your friends and family!

Since I am here for you all, please let me know if there is something that you would like to see, talk about, or anything along those lines! I am up for talking about anything that you all are interested in. I may not know everything, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t research and\or get with someone that can help out!

Again, and I can’t say this enough, but THANK YOU to all of my loyal fans out there! This buds for you 😉


MommieVentures was nominated!

For what!?

A blog with substance from Mrs. Mama Drama! How awesome is that! Here is her post about her & the blogs that she nominated!

This is something that Mommy Wants Freebies does! Check her out too! She has all the latest in giveaways & freebies!

I am still learning about this and finding out details & when I do I will pass it along to you!

Thanks so much!