For the love, stop saying sorry!

This may be a short rant or a long drawn out thing…ya just never know with me!

We, moms & women, need to stop saying sorry all the time. I cannot count how many times a picture is posted and the first few words are

Sorry for my non-make up face. 

Sorry for the clothes in the background. 

Sorry for my messy hair. 

Sorry for my kids fave being messy. 

Sorry for this. 

Sorry for that.

Stop saying sorry! No one would’ve even noticed those things of you wouldn’t have brought them up yourself. And even if they did, who cares. Why are we apologizing for these things?! 

Are we really sorry for these things? Do we think there is a certain way we/our kids/our house/our car has to look in order to share a milestone or event or just a cute kiddo face?! 

Why is it that a friend cannot come over to your house without you feeling the need to apologize for the way your house looks?! I mean, you have kids for crying out loud! I’m not coming over to your house to inspect it….I’m coming over to spend time with you. 

Same applies with your car. Who cares?! 

I am so fend up with hearing sorry come from women’s mouths when it’s not even something to be sorry about. 

sor-ry [sor’ē] adjective, feeling pity or sorrow, regret

A Students Dictionary, Dictionary Projext Inc. 

Please tell me why you are feeling pity about these things? What do you regret? 

For the love, shut up & stop saying sorry! 

You have nothing to be sorry about when you allow your natural beauty to show rather than a made up version for yourself. 

You have nothing to be sorry about when you allow your kiddos to play all around your house. 

You have nothing to be sorry about when you throw your hair in a messy bun rather than making sure every hair is in its place. 

You have nothing to be sorry about when you allow others to see the real you rather than what you think society wants to see. If you have a friend or family member who cannot understand this, then please, kick them to the curb. If they are that insecure for you about your life, can you imagine how doubly insecure they are about their own life?! Not enough popcorn for all that drama! 

Embrace yourself and life. There’s nothing wrong with letting things be messy or real or raw. Do not aplogize for living your life and putting the important things first. 

Love the mess and those who help make it! 


Sorry for being MIA

Hello fans & readers 🙂

I have not been a very good blogger lately and I am sorry. Ever since we have moved to TX things have been crazy & it never seems to stop. Between settling in, finding we are expecting again, two kids in school, husband working all the time, a family member coming to live with us, extra activities with our two oldest…..the list is never ending! I know that a lot of you know how this goes & can relate to me on this.

I have had tons that I have wanted to talk about & post about. I have wanted to share things with you all. I am seriously going to try to get better and get back in the swing of things.

I still have reviews\giveaways to host, along with sending out prizes to the winners from the last giveaway. I know that I am very behind on things and I am sorry for that.

I am so thankful that I have fans & readers that are understanding and willing to work with me and wait on my slow butt 😉

I am still alive and just wanted to update and say that I am sorry for the things that I haven’t done. I in no way expected to slack on the blog at all. I really enjoy writing & hearing you all have to say in response.

Love you all 🙂