So here is your chance…..

For some free & discounted advertising with me! Here is my idea…hopefully it will make sense ūüėČ

I will give out discounts off of what is a $20 value….starting at free & ending at $15.

This is going to be as fair as I can make this! I will make an album with pictures that will represent the business\company that wants to participate in this contest.

You will have to spread the word about your business\company being in this contest & get as many ‘like’s on your picture as you possibly can. The winners will be chosen by the number of votes you have.

If would you like to be apart of this contest, please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com. Only enter this contest if you are honestly willing to pay (no more) than $15 for your business\company to be advertised on my blog. This contest will start when I get at least 4 businesses\companies…but even more than that can enter.

Here is how the prizes will be given out:
First Prize- Free ad for 1 month
Second Prize- $5 ad for 1 month
Third Prize- $10 ad for 1 month
Fourth Prize- $15 ad for 1 month.

Again, if you would like to enter this contest, want more details, or have questions please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com! This contest will end on 09\30\11…so you better hurry!


Coupon Codes

Hey ya’ll! Hope that you all have enjoyed your Saturday!

I receive a parenting magazine in the mail today & there were two coupons that you could tear out. I won’t use either of them so I figured I would through it out there and see who would like them.

Amazon.com is offering 20% off diapers.
Fine print reads:
20% off promotion applies, to diapers sold by Amazon.com. Only one coupon may be redeemed per customer. Valid for one unit. Orders must be placed by expiration date.
Use code at checkout:YTPY-ALLRWK-YBF2G3

Receive 20% off entire purchase.
Coupon code:13KLTHF2T389560
Expires: November 30, 2010

Crazy 8
Receive 20% off entire purchase
Coupon code:14TTTV0CRR89184
Expires:November 30, 2010

I hope that someone out there can use these! Please let me know if you do. Cause if you do, then when I get these again, I will post again! Thanks!
Oh & share what you buy!


It’s a habit….

& it really is!

I was contacted¬†by Sam about a month ago to review¬†his CD & I was super excited to get my hands on this CD and have my kids listen to it and see what they got out of it. They loved listening to the story, but most of all¬†the music. My kids range from 7 years old to 18 months old…..so they were more worried about the music than anything else.

Sammy Saver is a rabbit who teaches kids how to save and what the benefits¬†are but he does it in a story & song form which is great! Your kids won’t even know they are learning and they will be having fun! The songs are so catchy that they will even stay in Moms & Dads head! (And it wouldn’t hurt for us parents to listen either….some of us aren’t that great in the money department!) It’s one of those things that I wish that I had when I was a kid. Yes, my parents told me to save and watch what I spend and blah blah¬†blah……we have all been there. But it always seemed to sink in more when I heard it from someone else. I am sure, as most of you are parents, that you have or will experience¬†this with your own kids in the future. This series & education is something that I think all kids should have in hands reach! It’s fun, educational, and it’s not coming from Mom & Dad ūüėČ

Globally provide children, families and organizations with strategic tools (ie. educational and entertaining) that encourage the multiplication of good habits, especially saving money.
The objective of IAHC efforts is to make the American dream accessible to kids no matter who they are, where they come from, or what language they and their parents speak at home.
Changing Lives One Habit and Dime at a Time!
The ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs A Habit!‚ÄĚ Company, Inc. (IAHC) is a socially conscious startup corporation located in Los Angeles, California that is dedicated¬†to teaching financial literacy and other empowering life skills and habits in a strategic manner (ie. both entertaining and educational) to youths of all ages, with a focus on young children¬†and their families. To achieve¬†this objective, IAHC¬†has spent the last five years developing and testing a children‚Äôs character (Sammy Rabbit), messages, products and services. The result of those efforts is Sammy … a rabbit with great habits! Simply put, Sammy is a wholesome, positive, multi media, multilingual message machine everyone can be¬†proud to be associated with. Sammy’s first and favorite great habit is to save money.

Please, I encourage all parents to check out Sam’s website! Meet the author, find more learning tools, and there are even activities for your child to enjoy!¬†Sam also has a Facebook group¬†that you can join! That would be a great way to ask questions, share stories, and just stay connected to this great education!¬†I am going to look into purchasing more things from Sam &, along with me teaching them what I have experienced, hopefully my kids will develop better spending & saving habits then I did. I will keep this CD on hand for my kids to listen to at anytime….maybe even have it play when they are sleeping so it sinks in more…….I have heard that when you sleep and listen to something you obtain more information that way……….{insert evil laugh (;}
 Keep an eye out in the future as there will be a giveaway!

*I received these product at no charge & all opinions expressed are my own*