01/13/13 – 01/19/13

It’s time for another update!

This week was much easier than the first. I was much more mindful about how much I was eating in one sitting. I have been sticking to pretty much the same foods during the day. Which for right now is working but I know/am afraid that I will get bored & start to just eat again to eat. So I will be talking with Mister tonight about changing up dinners & my lunches so this doesn’t happen. We usually go to the grocery store on Sundays so it works out that I will bring it up tonight.

My birthday was Thursday. The first week that I started this change I was craving a chocolate cake. My favorite (right now) is Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate’ Chocolate Cake. Oh my yumminess….so good! I always add a bag of milk chocolate chips to it! Anyway, I wanted to make this for my birthday, so the morning of, I did. I didn’t want to eat it until after I had dinner to eat it. So I smelled it through out the day to satisfy myself until that time, haha!
Little did I know that my Mom had ordered me a box of cupcakes from a place back home that I have never tried but wanted to. So on my birthday I box of 12 cupcakes arrived at my house! Now I have a cake & cupcakes just sitting around screaming at me to eat them!
But I didn’t! I waited until after dinner to have my piece of cake and then when Mister got home from helping a friend out, we both had a cupcake together. Boy, was it worth the wait! I would normally not eat both in one day but it was my birthday & I wanted to 🙂
Then last night (Friday) friends of ours wanted to take us out for my birthday dinner at Olive Garden! I wasn’t sure what I was going to get or even what was on the menu. I ended up getting the Grilled Lemon-Herb Chicken, which by the way is super yummy! And we ended up getting dessert free so I got Black Tie Mousse Cake, yummy again!
I was over on calories on this day but I didn’t stress at all about it since we had a special dinner that, pretty much, never happens!

I am not waiting until the goodies are out of the house to get back on track, I am staying on track right now. I feel that if I were to wait and be off track for a few days, that I will get out of the habit and then not get back on. I am just avoiding the whole thing that would most likely happen.

I had said that I wasn’t able to check my weight last Tuesday so I was just going to wait until this coming Tuesday. A friend of mine said that I could just go over to her house and check it. I was planning on going over but Mister was helping a friend all week and wasn’t getting home until 11pm every night this week. So now I am just waiting until Tuesday anyway, haha! I am planning on making a post Tuesday evening with numbers. Weight and other body measurements. But after that I will update again next Saturday.

I am loving and so thankful for the support that I am getting, not only from Mister, but friends & family on Facebook. Thank you all so very much! I can’t wait to start seeing results & my clothes fit better!

See ya next Saturday 🙂


Attention readers…..I may be looking for you!

Ok, so back in September of 2011 I had a giveaway for a jelly knife. I have yet to send these to the winners. I have gotten in touch with a few to make sure their address is still correct from way back then. I have not heard from the rest and one email came back deliverable. If you are named below, please email me (mommieventures@gmail.com) so that I can get your prize sent off to you. If I do not hear from these people in 1 week, then I will just give them away to someone else.

Mommieventures 🙂


So I noticed that I never added the names of the people that I need to hear from, oops! So if I don’t hear from these people by next Saturday (01/19/13) I will see if anyone else wants the ones that aren’t claimed.

Heather N.
Amber D.
Lily K.

If one of these names are yours, than please email me before next Saturday! I need to make sure that the address you gave me is still the one that you currently live at!


Day 18 – 08/25/12

Hey kiddos,
Well during the day we all played outside, shocker I know! But then Papa came home from work and asked if we were still going to that back to school party at a church here in town…totally forgot about it! Thank goodness Papa remembered, we loaded everyone up and drove to the church. We had a great time! They had food and games and free books! All 4 of you bigger kiddos won something. You all got your faces painted and Bailea got her nails painted. We had a great time! Came home and went right to bed…we were tired!

Until tomorrow,
Mommie 🙂
Love you 5!



I am hoping/planning on getting a few posts up tomorrow night. I dont have anything planned and hoping Mister will let me borrow his laptop for awhile. There are a few things that I want to get up. I dont always like waiting until Saturday…my mind is always on the go and I feel like when I wait, some ideas slip through the cracks. I will try and start posting a few at night during the week.

Thanks for sticking around, commenting, subscribing, and supporting this blog! Love you all!!!