40 weeks, Baby #6


So here we are….40 weeks & 1 day. Baby W has decided that it’s not time to come and he/she just isn’t ready to grace us with their presence.
Here is a recap of 39 weeks.

Besides just feeling pressure, there wasn’t much going on & no change in anything.
Wednesday evening me & a bestie went walking to try and get things started. We walked 2 miles. Then I came home and went to the store with Mister = more walking. Then we Googled pressure points to help induce labor & then Mister rubbed those points. Nothing came from any of those efforts.
Another bestie of mine has been out of town helping one of her family members & Mister said that this baby is probably waiting on her to come back into town. Well, she stopped by yesterday and told Baby W that it was ok to come anytime now! We’ll see how well Baby listens ūüėČ
And then last night happened. We had eaten dinner, our family that is in town had gone back to their hotel, and the kiddos were getting ready to have a cupcake. I was sitting on the couch & I felt a ton of pressure building up on the under part of my belly. At first I figured that it was just pressure and nothing would come from it. Well then it started to build again and I had to close my eyes and concentrate & then the discomfort/pain went down. These contractions started to be consistent & started to become more painful. Mister finally said that I needed to start timing them. He could tell by the way that I was acting & getting irritated when people talked to me that these were the real deal. At first I wasn’t sure just because of the way they felt. They weren’t what I remembered with my other 4 labors (I never labored with baby #5). I said that I would start timing them after I went to the bathroom. Went to the bathroom and decided to get my shower in at that time instead of waiting until later in the evening…just in case. Nothing happened after I got up from the couch. Everything stopped. No pain. No contractions. No nothing. I was so bummed. I really thought it was about to be go time. Since it stopped, we did the pressure points again. Nothing happened over night. This takes us to this morning (Friday). I had my appointment this morning and was ready to see what the dr would have to say & see if I had dilated more since last week.

Everything checked out just fine with me (weight & blood pressure). We talked about induction options. There is a small chance that my uterus could rupture period because of having a prior csection. My risk increases (not by much) when you put the option in of using pitocin. I would really not like to add a higher chance of my uterus rupturing if it’s not needed. My dr knows this and we are on the same page. She will allow me to go all of next week to go into labor on my own but if I don’t, then we will schedule an induction for the last week of July. She asked if I wanted to be checked and I said yes. I wanted to know if I dilated more with everything that was going on. I am still at 2cm, no biggie. I asked her if she would do a membrane sweep & she said she would. I told her to go ahead and do it. Boy was that more painful than I remember! Of course I had some spotting afterwards and have had some cramping but that’s to be expected. My next appointment is scheduled for Wednesday the 23rd if there is no baby before then.
Hopefully I can get this baby to come on his/her own! I do not want to be induced or have another csection! I will continue to try natural ways to get things moving & pray it works!
If something happens between now and my next appointment, I will definitely update ūüôā

40 weeks & 1 day (July 18, 2014)


I am the chosen one

Well, me along with 249 other people but still!
I am so excited that I was one of 250 bloggers/writers to get my hands on a pre-released copy of Jen Hatmaker’s book, Interrupted, When Jesus wrecks your comfortable Christianity.

On her Facebook page last week, they made a post about looking for bloggers/writers that would be interested in hosting this. You had to submit some information along with your website (that had to meet certain requirements to begin with). Having people look at my blog and making a choice whether or not to choose me is a tad nerve racking. I know that not everyone will enjoy what I post about or agree, I am ok with that part & know it happens, but it’s just the fact that my blog content is a factor in whether or not you were picked is intimidating.
They said that they would be notifying people yesterday. I can’t tell you the amount of times I checked my email because I knew I would hear a yes or no. Around early evening I received the email. I ended up reading the subject line (before opening the actual email) a few times before it actually sunk in that this was the email. I finally opened the email.
I actually didn’t think that I would be chosen for this. My blog isn’t a popular one, I don’t get that much traffic, and I don’t have my posts being reposted all over the web. I wasn’t sure that me reading the book & doing a review on it would bring much attention to Jen & her book. They must see/believe something that I don’t. Which is awesome & totally encouraging for me!
I only read the first word & could hardly contain my excitement! I was just thrilled that I was chosen!



I only have a short amount of time to read the book and get my review up! I am so hoping that I can do it within the time frame that they have given us. I am just hoping that with the new baby arriving any day now, that they down time I will have from recovery, will allow me extra time to read. Plus I am reading another book with the women’s ministry at my church (that I am totally behind on but hoping to catch up over the next few days).

Anyway, I cannot wait to get my nose in this book & then tell you all about it! I hope that you will check back for the review & go out and buy it once you read it! I am also excited to see what I can/will learn & apply from this book.


Homemade Part 2

Back in December I made a post about making homemade dish, laundry, and hand soap. Over the last two weeks have had to make a second batch of laundry¬†& hand soap…still have plenty of the dish soap. So I thought I would give an update on how they worked, if I recommend them, and if there would be anything that I would change about them.

Dish soap:
I have found nothing wrong with the powder dishwasher soap that I made. I made it at least 6 months ago and haven’t had to make another batch yet. We can have a full load of dishes to do up to 3 times a day. We are only using a tablespoon at a time and doesn’t need more than that. It has no smell to it and works wonderfully! I have mine stored in a small trash can that has a lid & keep it in the kitchen under our bar.

Laundry soap:
The first batch that was made my mother-in-law wanted to replace using a bar of soap with soap nuts. Now since I had¬†never made this before I went along with it. It cleaned the clothes and everything just fine….no issues there. My issue was that it was very runny…it’s supposed to thicken up like soap. This time around I did it the way that the directions said & hopefully it will look right in the morning. It says to have it sit overnight to thicken. I used a scented bar of soap in hopes that the smell would make the clothes smell good. I will let you know how that goes….errrr…smells once I use it.

Hand soap:
The first batch I made was very thick! I mean it literally¬†looked like snot in a container. And instead of getting soapy (like store bought¬†soaps do) it seemed to just absorb into the skin before you could get it all over your hands. Again, I used a different bar of soap this time thinking that the issue was the brand of soap that I used. After the second batch cooled and sat overnight….it did the same thing. So I am thinking that I need to use less glycerine next time around. I am going to use about half of what the recipe says and see if that doesn’t make any sort of difference.

Here are a few pictures of the 2nd batches of hand & laundry soap that I have made.

 Hand soap
 Laundry soap

All links to the recipes can be found here on my first post about these recipes. None of these recipes are mine!


What did IntelliGender say?!

A few months ago IntelliGender was looking for bloggers & vloggers that were pregnant and wanted to do a review for them.
I had never heard of IntelliGender until I started watching pregnant women vlog their pregnancy and some of them were doing the test. I remember watching them taking the test and thinking ‘I want to do that the next time I am pregnant!” Then I found out we were expecting again & then they offered this opportunity….score!!!

I received my test sometime in November. I was having a hard time waking up in the morning and so I wasn’t thinking about the test when I woke up and had to pee. I usually thought about it later in the day (you can only take the test your first mornings urine).¬† Then a few weeks ago I contacted them and asked a very specific question. I am not sure if I am the only one (probably not)¬†that thought about this or not, but I needed to know in order to take this test.

Did first morning urine really mean first morning urine!? Cause if you are or have ever been pregnant you know that you can wake up so many times during the night to pee. I would not take this test until I knew the answer…I didn’t want to mess with the results!
When I received my answer back from them РI went forward with the test.

Now I did plan on making a video while I did this but I was too tired and it was early when I did take the test. I did take a few pictures though.
I do want to say a few things before I show you the results.
#1- This is just for fun for me. I do not & will not take these results seriously!
#2- There are very specific rules that you have to take when doing this test….so be careful & read the directions when you do take this test!

Ok, now that I got that out of the way….here are the pictures!

So according to IntelliGender I am having a boy! It was fun to do this….not knowing that it would say. Now, just to wait a few more months to see if it was right or wrong. I think it’s wrong and I have my reasons as to why. And I think that most of my friends would say it’s wrong to. Again, just for fun & I would do this again!

Would you like to buy your own IntelliGender test? Want to see what all the buzz is about with them? Then click on any of the following links to stay in the loop!


IntelliGender also has an online deal going on…so if you want to be apart of that…then please go check them out!
We have a great online special as well on our website. The IntelliGender GPT is $27.99 + Free S/H! If you order 2 or more kits you will receive an additional 30% off.

In conclusion, I would definitely do this again!

Enjoy ūüôā