I am the chosen one

Well, me along with 249 other people but still!
I am so excited that I was one of 250 bloggers/writers to get my hands on a pre-released copy of Jen Hatmaker’s book, Interrupted, When Jesus wrecks your comfortable Christianity.

On her Facebook page last week, they made a post about looking for bloggers/writers that would be interested in hosting this. You had to submit some information along with your website (that had to meet certain requirements to begin with). Having people look at my blog and making a choice whether or not to choose me is a tad nerve racking. I know that not everyone will enjoy what I post about or agree, I am ok with that part & know it happens, but it’s just the fact that my blog content is a factor in whether or not you were picked is intimidating.
They said that they would be notifying people yesterday. I can’t tell you the amount of times I checked my email because I knew I would hear a yes or no. Around early evening I received the email. I ended up reading the subject line (before opening the actual email) a few times before it actually sunk in that this was the email. I finally opened the email.
I actually didn’t think that I would be chosen for this. My blog isn’t a popular one, I don’t get that much traffic, and I don’t have my posts being reposted all over the web. I wasn’t sure that me reading the book & doing a review on it would bring much attention to Jen & her book. They must see/believe something that I don’t. Which is awesome & totally encouraging for me!
I only read the first word & could hardly contain my excitement! I was just thrilled that I was chosen!



I only have a short amount of time to read the book and get my review up! I am so hoping that I can do it within the time frame that they have given us. I am just hoping that with the new baby arriving any day now, that they down time I will have from recovery, will allow me extra time to read. Plus I am reading another book with the women’s ministry at my church (that I am totally behind on but hoping to catch up over the next few days).

Anyway, I cannot wait to get my nose in this book & then tell you all about it! I hope that you will check back for the review & go out and buy it once you read it! I am also excited to see what I can/will learn & apply from this book.


Daniels fast – Day 4

All the yummy food around me! Not even meals but the smell of snacks are everywhere!
I went to a mom group Tuesday and they had homemade breakfast there for everyone to eat & boy did it look and smell good! I was trying to look at other things besides peoples plates, haha! Also glad I ate before I went!
Making food for our kiddos isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.
Mister was fixing grilled cheese and pepperoni sandwiches & mentioned that he caught himself twice wanting to pop a pepperoni in his mouth. I have had the same impulse throughout the day. It’s funny that something you did all the time becomes such a habit and you notice it more when you aren’t able to do that habit.

I’ve still been reading in the book of Daniel but I’ve also started reading in the book of Proverbs.
I have also noticed a slight difference in my yelling towards my kiddos. My goal is not stop yelling at my kiddos, period. My patience with them is getting longer, which is a good thing!

I’m trying to build habits during these 21days that will last after our fast is over with.

Happy to report that Mister and I haven’t broken our fast and I pray we can make it!


Week long fast – day 1 (08/29/12)

It was weird. I have a certain routine when checking things online and with this fast, my routine is being interrupted. I kept feeling like something was missing and like I was forgetting to do something.
Last night I cleared my phone of all bookmarks and links and apps to get to Facebook. I even cleared my browsing history. I didnt want to have those laying around and I click out of habit.
Facebook is my main way to keep in touch with friends and family, so to not have that life line right now is really hard. I dont want to miss anything that someone might say or miss a chance to give advice or help someone out. But no matter what, all that news will be there when I log back in next week.

During nap time is when I sat down at talked to God…out loud. That is something I have never done before today. I felt alittle silly. I cried while talking but it felt so good to do that and I felt better afterwards. After our talk I read some of the Bible. Think I will do it this way everyday during nap time.