For the love, stop saying sorry!

This may be a short rant or a long drawn out thing…ya just never know with me!

We, moms & women, need to stop saying sorry all the time. I cannot count how many times a picture is posted and the first few words are

Sorry for my non-make up face. 

Sorry for the clothes in the background. 

Sorry for my messy hair. 

Sorry for my kids fave being messy. 

Sorry for this. 

Sorry for that.

Stop saying sorry! No one would’ve even noticed those things of you wouldn’t have brought them up yourself. And even if they did, who cares. Why are we apologizing for these things?! 

Are we really sorry for these things? Do we think there is a certain way we/our kids/our house/our car has to look in order to share a milestone or event or just a cute kiddo face?! 

Why is it that a friend cannot come over to your house without you feeling the need to apologize for the way your house looks?! I mean, you have kids for crying out loud! I’m not coming over to your house to inspect it….I’m coming over to spend time with you. 

Same applies with your car. Who cares?! 

I am so fend up with hearing sorry come from women’s mouths when it’s not even something to be sorry about. 

sor-ry [sor’ē] adjective, feeling pity or sorrow, regret

A Students Dictionary, Dictionary Projext Inc. 

Please tell me why you are feeling pity about these things? What do you regret? 

For the love, shut up & stop saying sorry! 

You have nothing to be sorry about when you allow your natural beauty to show rather than a made up version for yourself. 

You have nothing to be sorry about when you allow your kiddos to play all around your house. 

You have nothing to be sorry about when you throw your hair in a messy bun rather than making sure every hair is in its place. 

You have nothing to be sorry about when you allow others to see the real you rather than what you think society wants to see. If you have a friend or family member who cannot understand this, then please, kick them to the curb. If they are that insecure for you about your life, can you imagine how doubly insecure they are about their own life?! Not enough popcorn for all that drama! 

Embrace yourself and life. There’s nothing wrong with letting things be messy or real or raw. Do not aplogize for living your life and putting the important things first. 

Love the mess and those who help make it! 


RTRD – Boys Room

This is my last room in this series. This is also the last time that I am helping these boys clean their room! I don’t know if it’s because they are boys and there are 3 of them or what but their room is always the worst!

Can you see what I mean?! It’s always like this. Bedding off the bed, that last drawer is always out, and you can barely see the floor! So this is the last time. In a later post I will show you what I have put into place so (hopefully) this doesn’t happen again.

Anyway, I sat on the bottom bunk and gave out directions on what to do and where things went. I had the easy job in this one!

Those 3 boys were the workers for this RTRD. Child labor at it’s finest 😉
They worked well and most of the time I had to tell C-man (3 yrs old) to keep going. He definitely doesn’t like to clean and would rather watch than participate…..but what kid isn’t like that!?

They had a few things to finish up and I needed to get the brown bag of trash outta there. for right now all those hats are in place with a tack. I want to get some hooks so that they can just take and put their hats on with ease. No excuses for them when I can get a few things in their room!

This wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it better not get like this again. Stay tuned for the post about their new schedules!


RTRD: My oldest daughters room

Her room was a disaster…I wasn’t sure if I would make it out alive! She had pretty much every single toy on the floor! Her floor ended up being full of land mines because of this. I don’t know how she functioned in it!

This is the princess room….doesn’t look like it at all! I must add that she had a partner in crime for all of this too!

I took everything at the bottom of her closet out. I didn’t move anything else. Then I vacuumed out her closet. We picked up things by like items. I didn’t want to just say hand me things and then have no idea where to put them.

About an hour and a half into we had to stop to get her big brother from summer school and this is what it looked like. Not too bad for her being 4 and my patience being low 😉

This is the finished product! Much better! And since I took those boxes out, it freed up a ton of room for her to be able to play. I know it’s not going to stay like this for long, but it was definitely nice while it lasted!

She also ended up giving away a full brown paper bag of purses\bags that she didn’t want anymore!


And we’re off!

I kicked off this room to room documentary with our master bedroom. I don’t know how many of you can relate to this but our room seems to become to dumping ground for everything! Papers, books, clothes, and other things that don’t seem to have a home. I usually let it build up until I can’t take anymore of it. That in itself is a horrible habit and I know this so spare me a lecture.

But this time I wanted to do more than just surface clean. I have no idea what got into me but I wanted to declutter and put things where they should go….not just put it somewhere else to pick up later.

So follow along as I do the entire house!
Here we start with the master bedroom!

My side of the bed.

Mister’s side of the bed.

Do you see what I mean? I just pile things on my side and Mister does the same thing on his. And don’t even try to take something out/off this pile or you will have an avalache of crap fall on you! It’s almost like playing Jenga! Of course the same thing happens when you try to add more crap to the pile. This is a horrible habit that the two of us have gotten into and I am trying to break it by doing this.

You can start to see the top of the dresser!

It honestly took everything within me not to stop and just quit doing this. After the excitement and motivation wears off, that’s when I usually just stop. But I also knew that by posting on my fan page that I had to keep going…I couldn’t say I was going to do something to all of you and then not follow through with it!

Who knew I had a floor under that pile!?

My nice clean dresser! I added all my books to it to free up space for the kiddos.
(You will see that part later in this documentary)

Mister’s side is complete!
Well I should say what I can do is complete. I know that it looks like the top of his dresser is still the same but it’s not. I went through everything on top and threw away garbage and put things away I knew he didn’t/wouldn’t want to go through. Everything that is left on his dresser is things that he needs to decide what he is going to do with. Those are his things and I do not want to upset him by throwing something away that he wanted. Plus it’s his and he can deal with it 🙂

Now for the other half of our room!!!

This half of the room is pretty much Lilys. But again, I am a dumper and just put things where I can find a place. And since Lily sleeps with me, I wasn’t worried about the things that I was placing on her bed falling and hurting her. This part of our room took longer than I thought. There was more paper and little things that needed to find a home.
No, let me rephrase that. It wasn’t hard just more time consuming.

And here is the finished product!

It’s so nice to walk through our room and not trip, wonder if I just broke something by stepping on it, and being able to find things when I need them. Now the hard part….keeping it this way!