How bizarre?!

Mister- “Don’t freak out but something happened at work.”

[Men, please do NOT call your wife and say this to her. Not only does it not make us calm but it makes us very nervous for what you are about to say!]

What I heard after that statement I honestly never thought that I would hear nor did I even think that it was possible for something like this to happen in the field that Mister works in.
Mister is a mechanic at a dealership in the town that we live in. He’s great at what he does and has always been careful. Nothing serious has ever happened to him while he’s been on the job. Nothing more than a few cuts and/or scrapes.

On this morning I don’t think that I have ever been so scared/unsure/nervous for Mister than I was during this phone call.
Mister was working under the hood of this car & had to squeeze his hand in a very tight space. I am sure he didn’t think twice about doing this as he’s done this at least a million times before.
Once he put his hand in this space he felt a prick in his hand & pulled out his hand to see what pricked him. I am sure that he never would have thought in a million years that he would find what he did.

A used syringe needle.

Yes, you read that correctly. When he pulled his hand out from the hood of this car, there was a needle sticking out from the palm of his hand. He immediately pulled it out & went to his boss. Not knowing what the needle was used for, they sent him straight to a local drs office. His boss also called the police to have the needle tested for any drugs. The drs office gave him a tetanus shot & drew blood to have it tested. The dr also gave him a prescription for a drug that HIV patients take as a precaution. That in itself is scary to hear! The dr also made Mister an appointment with an infectious disease doctor for the later part of May

I received this phone at about 9am. He gets to work about 8am.

At this point, all we could do was wait to hear what the results were for everything.

He didn’t hear anything about the needle until about 3pm.

The needle tested positive for heroin.
What?! How does this happen?

Misters boss called the owners of the car (I don’t know the time frame of this) and they had admitted that their son was a heroin addict. He was/is currently at a rehab center in Houston & had been there for 4 months already. Since he was at a rehab center, they test the patients. As of right now, this guy isn’t positive for anything. Which doesn’t exactly mean anything. I’ve heard that people can have things show up on their blood tests many years down the road. We are just praying that nothing shows up on his tests….ever!

Between the time that this happened & the infectious disease doctor, nothing was going on with Mister. He didn’t feel any different and wasn’t getting sick. Good deal!

Jump to his appointment.

This doctor gave him a new prescription to take. Took more blood work, which will be tested every so often at a lab in Dallas to make sure nothing shows up in his blood. He has to take this medication for at least 30 days. It can cause vivid dreams & dizziness. (That’s all I can think of, Mister is currently napping). He started taking them this past Friday night. He thought it would be smart to take them at night & not when he had to work the next day. *Smart man* He is experiencing dizziness to the point that he has to stop what he is doing and regain his balance and sense of direction. He’s going to let his boss know tomorrow about this just in case it happens at work. He says that when he takes this medicine, he feels drunk & drugged all at the same time. He was actually slurring his words yesterday from it.
He will need to have his blood checked every 3 months for the next year to make sure nothing shows up on these tests. I am not sure what the dr wants him to do after this first month of taking this medicine.

Besides the few side effects from the medicine, Mister is doing just fine. Thank God!
I will update on what is going on, even if it’s nothing, once this first 30 days of medicine is taken and/or after he talks with the dr again after this round of meds.

Prayers are very much appreciated during this time. It is still full of uncertainty but we also know who is in control. We are at peace with whatever the outcome will be from this accident. We aren’t letting this effect our lives in anyway and carry on like it didn’t happen. There are a few precautions that need to be taken at certain times & we are doing so.

Will update in about 30 days on what happened this last month and what the dr has said.


Crazy baby!

Yesterday was by far one of the hardest days I’ve had as a mother. I would like to never, ever, have another day like that!

We were starting to clean the house yesterday so we took the gate down between the kitchen and living room, which is usually up to keep Lily out of the kitchen. I happened to walk by Lily and noticed that she had something in her mouth. Naturally I begin to take it out and that’s when I noticed what she had gotten a hold of.

We aren’t lazy parents. We don’t leave dangerous things just laying around the house. We make an effort to pick up and clean and make sure we are making our house for all our kiddos. We keep meds out of reach except the two older boys have access to their ADHD medication. 99% of the time Mister or I hand out the medication to the boys but sometimes they get it themselves. Because of what happened yesterday with Lily, that is changing.

And yes, sadly, it took this for us to change this rule.

What I found in Lily’s mouth was half of an ADHD pill. I have no idea how much she actually swallowed. I grab a rag and wiped out all the white medication I could. Mister and I decided we would watch her to see how she would be since we didn’t know how much she ingested. All of the sudden she started getting irritated, really tired, wouldn’t nurse, and wasn’t able to slow down and stop. She was literally crawling in circles, gave her a bath & she was crawling from one end of the tub to the next, I didn’t see her smile all day because of this. We got concerned and called poison control. Based on the information we gave them and after waiting an hour for a check up call back from them, they concluded that she would be fine and that we didn’t have to go to the ER. Well, to be honest, that didn’t make me feel any better about what was going on. So I packed a diaper bag and headed to the ER.
After going there, telling them why we were there, and dealing with a not so great nurse she was just fine. The Dr said it would just have to go through her body and not be surprised of she went to bend later than usual tonight.

It wasn’t as simple and easy as it might sound. Lily had gotten up at 8 am and hadn’t taken a nap all day long, by this time it was close to 4pm.

She wouldn’t/couldn’t sleep. She was very agitated, cranky, and on the go. She wanted me to hold her but didn’t want to be held at the same time. It was very hard and exhausting. She finally went to sleep around 10 something. Thankfully she slept her normal night time sleep pattern.

Seeing my daughter like this was heartbreaking. There was nothing I could do to help, male it go away, or make it better. We both had to just wait it out. Her behaviour made me think that this is what crack babies must go through/be like. My heart broke more foe those babies that are going through that and can’t help it. Simply heartbreaking.

I’m happy to say that she is back to herself today. I pray that this doesn’t effect her down the road at all. Please double check your precautions cause you can never be too safe.


Real life – kiddos

I’ve never posted anything that wasn’t true or sugar coated statements in order to make my life come across better than it is. I’ve just not posted about certain things. Not to hide em or pretend they aren’t there, just didn’t know y’all wanted to hear about it all.
And since there are people in my personal life who read my blog, I just want to say that I don’t need/want phone calls or people to rush over to my house after reading this. If/when I’m ready to talk to you personally about it, then I will reach out to you. I am fine, just going through a rough patch.

Rough patch might be putting it mildly. There are things going on that have been going on for awhile, just seems to be getting worse. I’ve tried to get things under control and figure things out an all that stuff someone does when life starts to spiral. But even with everything that I’ve tried to do and change, it seems not be going the opposite way then my intention.

There are a few things going on. I just want to clarify, because most minds go to this, my marriage is just fine and not a problem at all!

What’s going on isn’t things that don’t happen to others and they aren’t things that haven’t happened before, some things just seem to be getting worse no matter what!

Ok, enough, onto the meat of this rambling so far!

My kiddos (minus Lily) are driving me nuts! What’s different from any other day you ask?!
It’s getting worse! I mean really worse. And as I’m getting more and more upset/angry/frustrated with them, the more I’m wanting to give up. Will I? No. Do I want to? Oh heck yes! I’m at the end of rope with them! I’ve dealt out punishments, stuck to my word, didn’t back down…it feels like I’ve done everything in the book. It doesn’t help when people out in pubic say ‘oh they’re fine’, ‘they aren’t bothering me’, ‘its ok’
Almost nothing makes me more mad! No they aren’t fine and it’s not ok!
We have rules and guidelines that they need/have/must follow. What’s the point in setting these standards if you are just going to throw them out the window depending on who you are with and where you are?!
I am tired of people giving my children an excuse to act out.

In the last few weeks I have become harder on them and not let those people give them an excuse. It’s not ok and unless you want to parent my kiddos daily, then you need to step back and let me do my job.

We are looking into therapy for our second oldest. It was suggested last year after his diagnoses but wasn’t sure he needed it. With what happened last week, we think it’s needed.
Speaking of testing, we plan on having B and C tested once they are old enough.

I know many people that are against testing/medicine, and that’s fine, but until you are in my house on a daily basis and deal with what I have been dealt, keep your comments to yourself. It’s easy for you to sit over there and tell me what I should/shouldn’t do or what not to do. Unless and until you either have a child like mine or take over my parenting, you have no idea.

That’s what’s been going on in my life with my kids- on to the next real life subject.



What is Focalin?

Focalin (dexmethylphenidate) is a mild stimulant to the central nervous system. This medication is a modified version of Ritalin (a common medication for attention disorders) and contains only the most active component.

Focalin is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Symptoms of attention deficit disorders include continual problems with moderate to severe distractibility, short attention span, hyperactivity, emotional changeability, and impulsiveness. Focalin should be given as part of a total treatment program that includes psychological, educational, and social measures.

Focalin may also be used for other purposes not listed here.
(To read more about Focalin, please click here.)

 This is the medication that our two oldest are on. I wasn’t sure how they would react to being on it or how quickly it would take for their bodies to react to this medication. I saw a difference the same day! At first I wasn’t sure if it was the medicine or just a coincidence or not. As it turns out, it was the medication. Oh boy, am I happy that we choose to give them meds!

Our oldest didn’t have the best reaction the first 2 days. He became very angry & hostile towards pretty much everyone & everything. The dr that owns the practice that their dr is at also goes to our church and we are friends with. We saw him Sunday at church and told him how M was reacting to the meds so far & he told us to go ahead and give him 5mg more. (He was taking the smallest dose to begin with which was 5mg). So the very next day I give 10mg and he is much better. His teacher has even said that she has seen a difference in his behavior! He did get sick at school the other because he didn’t eat breakfast at school because he said he wasn’t hungry. So that tells me that the meds are affecting his appetite, which I was prepared for anyway.

Our second oldest, D, cannot swallow the pills just yet. Thank goodness we can open the pill, sprinkle it on some applesauce, and he can take the meds that way! He is the one that I noticed a difference in right away. He is so much more mellow and calm. You can talk to him when he gets angry without him yelling and screaming. He is also now catching himself when he starts to do something that he shouldn’t. It’s so nice to be able to enjoy him without these unwanted extras.

This past weekend is so quite and mellow in our home. There were moments when I wasn’t sure if I was in the right house or not. When we were at church and talking to people, they weren’t running around…they were actually sitting and being calm. This was not the normal in our home before they started these meds. Again, this is why I say that I am glad we decided to give them to the boys. And, hopefully, as they get older we will be able to teach them ways to cope and deal with some of their issues and maybe be able to not take meds at all. Who knows what the future holds….all I know is I am glad that we found something that can work for them both!