For Christmas one of boys received a Leapster 2 and the other received a Leapster Explorer. I love them! They are educational and still fun for them to play with. It’s definitely a present that was well worth the money!

But anyway, you hook up their consoles to the computer and you can do a bunch of things with it and then the parents receive emails with updates, sales, and things like that. The other day I received an email from Leapster and I wanted to pass along this great cause. Not only that but it’s so simple, that every one of my readers should do this, there’s no excuse to why you shouldn’t do this!

‘like’ LeapFrog on Facebook and they will donate a Tag book to a kindergarten class! What a great thing to do! Books are such a great thing for kids to get their hands on!
So like I said before, there is no reason why all of my readers shouldn’t do this! Now go do it and know that your ‘like’ helped provide a book to a classroom!

If you would like more information on LeapFrog and their products, please visit their website! Also follow them on Twitter!