Thankful Thursday 08\18\11

This week I am thankful for the following things:

*My husband giving me a few bucks to go buy a book
*My kids for putting up with being a hotel for so long
*My mother & step father for still helping out the hotel
*My husbands boss for giving him a job
*Our church that has been nothing but awesome since we walked through the doors
*Of course, God for being right by our side this whole time.


Half day Wednesdays

My husband works full time turning wrenches. He works Monday – Friday and has every weekend off (thankfully!) He worked half days on Wednesday because of the overhead (too many hours that the employees are putting out). It was great because he was able to get a break during the week from work (who doesn’t like that) & it was great for me because he was able to help me out more then usually because he was getting off at 1pm instead of 6pm.
Well his boss has made some changes. I was afraid that my husband was going to tell me that he was going to have to start working Saturdays (8am-5pm)…..that would have sucked BIG time! But he told me yesterday after he was off work that he would no longer have half day Wednesdays 😦 His boss wants a certain amount of full time workers there for a certain amount of time.

This change in schedule is bitter sweet though. Bitter because he doesn’t get a break during the week, less time with family, less time helping me around the house, and he won’t be able to make his weekly pick up games with his soccer buddies. I think he is more upset that he can’t go play with this friends then anything 😉 Also for me this is bitter because this was my one day a week that I didn’t have to play taxi driver. It was a nice break.
Sweet because it means that his paychecks will be more which is always good! No one in their right mind would be upset that they will be making more money! It just sucks that there is this change and I know it will take some getting used to.

In the end I think, overall, this will be a good change and it will benefit us. Cheers {insert clang of glasses} to making more money 🙂 Boo {insert sound of crying baby} for having to give up family & friend time 😦