Baby L’s birth story

Ok, so I will pick up after my drs appointment when we were told that I would be having a csection that afternoon at 5pm.

Mister & I left that appointment making phone calls & texting to family and close friends. We were bummed to say the least about having the csection but we wanted that over a breech delivery.We head home until about 2:30pm when we had to head to the hospital. It was definitely a blah rest of the day. I wasn’t happy about how Baby L was coming into this world but I was super excited that I was going to meet this baby finally! I felt like I couldn’t be happy or show that I was excited because of how Mister was feeling. I was sad for Mister because he was so upset about how things were going. He didn’t want this for me either.
So we leave the house around 2.30pm on Thursday June 7th. I can’t remember what we talked about on the way there but I remember saying sorry for having to have the csection. He kept telling me to stop because it wasn’t my fault.

We got to the hospital and made our way to the 4th floor, pushed the buzzer, told them I was here for a csection, they opened the doors, and we walked through. Told the lady my name behind the desk & she had all my papers ready. Made sure everything was correct & then took us back to triage. I was surprised that I got an actual room instead of one of the beds behind the curtains. I was told to wash my belly area with this special soap and then to put my gown & hair net thingy on.

So I did what I was told and then waited for a nurse to come in. Mister had his rope with him & he was trying to make something (I can’t remember what it was) to help distract himself. The nurse comes in and is checking everything off and taking blood and doing everything to make sure that when it’s time that everything is correct & ready to go. She asked if Mister was coming back with me into the operation room and he said no….my heart dropped & I felt like balling. I was expecting that answer from him at all. I was hoping that at one point the nurse would need to leave the room so I could talk to him about it. She finally left and I asked him why he didn’t want to come back with me….asked him didn’t he think he would regret not being there later on down the road. He said he wouldn’t but how could you not regret being there!? He’s been there with me during the birth of the other kiddos…he couldn’t leave me now!!! After talking he said that he would go with me if that’s what I wanted and I, of course, said I did want him there with me.
He didn’t want to go back to the OR with me because when it comes to seeing his loved ones in the postion where they don’t have control over certain things, he starts to get very defensive & protective and he would rather not be there incase something happens and he looses his temper. I completely understood that but I wanted him there anyway….I needed him there. Neither of us had been through this before so it was new but I didn’t want to go through it alone.

So everything is a green light & I sit in the wheel chair & the nurse says “Let’s go have a baby!”. When she said that I got all excited because we were going to meet Baby L! We were going to finally find out if we were having a Lily or a Landon! I wanted to jump out of my skin with excitement!
Mister had to wait for awhile in the recovery area until I was laying on the table with the blue curtain thingy. It was FREEZING in the OR room! I was shaking it was so cold! One of the nurses in there got me a warm blanket but that didn’t help after awhile. I watched and listened as the nurses counted to make sure all the instruments where there. Looked around and saw the little baby bed that Baby L would be in once heshe was born. Once things were counted and my dr was in the room, the anistegeoligist said he was ready to do his job. I have had an epidural before but never a spinal. I was told that I would feel a lot of pressure once he was putting the medicine in….boy did I feel it! It started to hurt because the pressure was so much on my back. I started crying at one point and so wanted Mister to be with me at this point. (I am tearing up typing this because that lonely feeling is coming back to me)
With the help of the nurses, because the medicine started working already, I made my way to laying on the table. I wasn’t sure if Mister was going to actually come in the room (he did get dressed in the OR clothes that you have to wear)…wasn’t sure if he ended up changing his mind and wasn’t going to in at all. Nurses kept coming and going & everytime the doors would open my heart would skip a beat waiting to see if it was him. He finally walked through the doors but I could definitely tell that he didn’t like being in there. I told him that he didn’t have to be in there & if he left, I would be ok with that. He held my hand the whole time & I cannot express how much I needed that hand in mine!

I felt a lot of tugging but not much more than that. I couldn’t wait to find out what we were having! The nurse that was with us in triage knew that we didn’t know yet & she was so excited to be apart of this birth because it was a surprise for everyone. Once Baby L was born she poked her head around the blue curtain and said it’s a girl! I was so happy that I started crying. I have never cried at the birth of one of my children. I finally heard her cry and knew that she was ok. I couldn’t wait to see her! Had to wait until they were done cleaning her up & wrapped her up. They finally brought her to us and I couldn’t stop crying and kissing her face! They took her away to the nursey while my dr was finishing up with me.

Baby L is Lily MaKynna!

Welcome to the world princess….you are so loved & wanted 🙂

I can continue on to how my recovery was for the few days while I was at the hospital if you all would like to hear it…just let me know 🙂


Wordless Wednesday & Thankful Thursday

I forgot to do this yesterday, so I figured that I would roll both posts into one!

Wordless Wednesday

My son went fishing for the first time this past Sunday to earn a belt loop in scouts 🙂

Thankful Thursday

I am so very thankful for my Mister! He works so hard to provide for all of us & be there for each of us when we need him. He can’t always do that, but it’s so comforting knowing that he wants to be there opposed to looking at it like a have to. I thank God for this man everyday & don’t know what I would do without him….nor would I like to find out!


My Hero

Let me be honest by saying that I haven’t always thought of my husband (Mister) as my hero. Never really looked at anyone that way. Over the years and as Mister & I have grown up and closer…he is my hero on a daily basis. I know he would probably roll his eyes at that statement but it is so very true in my eyes.

There were many times in our past where he wouldn’t stand up for us or wouldn’t do certain things because of his own pride. And it ended up hurting us as a couple & as a family because of the choices that he made & didn’t make. He had to learn from those mistakes…right?!
He absolutely did! And he started changing and making better choices and becoming the man of the house. Now was this an easy transition for me? Absolutely not! In the beginning I fought tooth and nail on most things, if not everything. To have him be one person and then almost over night start changing into someone else, or should I say a better him….was alittle overwhelming. Thoughts of him leaving me because I wasn’t growing like he was and all sorts of thoughts would run through my head. I was definitely not helping him out with what he was trying to do nor did I make his life easier by acting the way I did. But he stood by me and put up with me and did whatever he needed to do in the end to better his family. And you know what?! I thank God everyday for him doing that & making the choices that he did. I eventually saw what he was doing and wanted to be his helpmate in these changes…..not another obstacle he had to push through.

Now I know that some women have issues with submitting to their husbands & that’s fine. I am not here to discuss that but we can if you would like in another blog post. I am here to tell our story and what my opinion is. So remember that if you plan on commenting (which all comments are welcome).

Believe me when I say this took years! It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty but it was worth it. And I would go through it all again to be where we are on this very day. Mister has done great things for our family and I know that he will continue to do so no matter what else is going on around him and\or regardless of what anyone else has to say about his choices. He has a big back bone and isn’t afraid to show it & use it! And I love him for that! Many men out there don’t have one and then, in turn, don’t use it. Men need to start being men!

Yesterday I had to take our youngest to the dr to get caught up on shots. Turned out they gave me the wrong date on the little cards that have your appointment time\date. I wasn’t upset by this…no biggie to me. Just meant we could go to the park sooner! After I piled all the kiddos in the truck and made sure everyone was buckled I went to start the truck. It didn’t start. Mmm….what in the world could be wrong with this thing!? There was gas in it, nothing was left on to drain the battery, and there was power getting to the truck (radio and clock were working just fine). So I did what any woman in my shoes would do….call my mechanic husband and tell him what was going on. He first thought that maybe a wire had come loose or a belt popped off….both of these things happened before & were easy fixes. Well when none of those things were the problem he was stumped. So he said that he was on his way..he was at work. He gets there and figures out it’s the starter. We make plans & figure out how to get the kiddos & I home. No big deal, everything is worked out. He has the truck at work today and is working on it in between the vehicles that comes through his work.

My point to this very lengthy blog post is this….he didn’t have to come out to where we were. He could have said I don’t know what the problem is and since I am at work I cannot help you. There have been many many moments where Mister didn’t have to do what he did, but he did them. I always make a point to tell him thank you because he doesn’t have to do these things. He has a choice in how he treats me, the kiddos, and all the situations that come up in our lives. It never fails either because he will always say “I didn’t have a choice” when in reality he most certainly did! There are plenty of men who prove that point everyday. They choose not to be that man in their wifes lives. They choose to not be the hero for their family. And I love that my husband has chosen to become our hero.

Let me just say this.
I am not saying that I am hopeless by any means….I know darn well how to take care of myself and kiddos. It’s the fact that Mister loves us enough to tell me not to worry about it & he will take care of it. It’s the fact that he is willing to drop what he is doing when I need him & come help me out. It’s the fact that he wants and strives to be the best that he can be. That’s a man…a real man. And most of you out there know that there aren’t many left. You may have this man in your life but your story is different from mine…that is totally ok! Of course your story will be different. I am just wanting to take a moment and give praise to Mister for everything that he has ever done for our family. I know it’s not easy but at the end of the day when I lay my head on my pillow, I know that Mister will always be there for us no matter what. And that is a comforting feeling for me.


A scary moment

This happened a few weeks ago & has been posted on my personal FB page, but for those of you that are stumbling across this for the first time, thought I would share the scariest moment of my life with you.

I posted a status today talking about how my appointment went and some of you are asking what happened. I would have posted about this anyway, but it’s nice to know that friends care & want to know how things are going. So here is how today went. (I am 15 weeks 6 days today)

I didn’t have an ultrasound scheduled for today, so I figured that I would be in and out of the drs office with no issue and be out of there in no time. That all changed soon after the dr came in the room. My vitals were all fine when the nurse checked them. My dr came in and wanted to use the heart doppler to listen to the baby. This is where things got scary. My dr tried for what seemed like forever (more like 15 minutes) to try and find Baby L’s heartbeat. He spent time and effort looking and listening. Mark was not with me at this appointment. I felt very alone and scared at this point. He doubled checked with me how far along I was and if I had bleedingspotting. I confirmed my weeks and no spotting. After trying longer he determined that he wanted me to have an ultrasound done. After waiting about 10 more minutes a nurse came in and told me to be back at the office in an hour. It was enough time for me to drive to Mark’s work, tell him what was going on, and see if he could come with me. At this point, Mark went inside to talk to his boss. One of Mark’s co-workers started walking in my direction and asked why I was standing outside. I began to tell him and started crying again. He asked what was wrong and as soon as I told him, he hugged me and told me to follow him & that we would find Mark. He didn’t hear me say that Mark already knew and was talking to their boss. This co-worker was very sweet. Him and I haven’t really said much to each other before this because we don’t really know each other. Anyway, so Mark was able to leave work and come with me to my ultrasound. We waited for about 30 minutes and was finally called back. As soon as the tech but the wand on my belly, she found a nice, healthy, strong heartbeat! Come to find out, I am carrying higher than what is normal for being how many weeks I am. So inturn Baby L was higher than where my dr was checking. Thank God!!! I would say that this was the scariest moment of my life. I wouldn’t wish those thoughts & fears on my worst enemy. I pray to God that we never have to go through that again. What a relief to hear Baby L’s heartbeat and know that heshe is growing just fine. I have another appointment next month.


Thankful Thursday 08\18\11

This week I am thankful for the following things:

*My husband giving me a few bucks to go buy a book
*My kids for putting up with being a hotel for so long
*My mother & step father for still helping out the hotel
*My husbands boss for giving him a job
*Our church that has been nothing but awesome since we walked through the doors
*Of course, God for being right by our side this whole time.


Half day Wednesdays

My husband works full time turning wrenches. He works Monday – Friday and has every weekend off (thankfully!) He worked half days on Wednesday because of the overhead (too many hours that the employees are putting out). It was great because he was able to get a break during the week from work (who doesn’t like that) & it was great for me because he was able to help me out more then usually because he was getting off at 1pm instead of 6pm.
Well his boss has made some changes. I was afraid that my husband was going to tell me that he was going to have to start working Saturdays (8am-5pm)…..that would have sucked BIG time! But he told me yesterday after he was off work that he would no longer have half day Wednesdays 😦 His boss wants a certain amount of full time workers there for a certain amount of time.

This change in schedule is bitter sweet though. Bitter because he doesn’t get a break during the week, less time with family, less time helping me around the house, and he won’t be able to make his weekly pick up games with his soccer buddies. I think he is more upset that he can’t go play with this friends then anything 😉 Also for me this is bitter because this was my one day a week that I didn’t have to play taxi driver. It was a nice break.
Sweet because it means that his paychecks will be more which is always good! No one in their right mind would be upset that they will be making more money! It just sucks that there is this change and I know it will take some getting used to.

In the end I think, overall, this will be a good change and it will benefit us. Cheers {insert clang of glasses} to making more money 🙂 Boo {insert sound of crying baby} for having to give up family & friend time 😦