Thankful Thursday 08\18\11

This week I am thankful for the following things:

*My husband giving me a few bucks to go buy a book
*My kids for putting up with being a hotel for so long
*My mother & step father for still helping out the hotel
*My husbands boss for giving him a job
*Our church that has been nothing but awesome since we walked through the doors
*Of course, God for being right by our side this whole time.


Customer service

What has happened to this!?
Now I know that not every company has bad customer service. And I also know that person within companies pick and choose who they want to show their best customer service to. I don’t know why they do this or how they choose to be nice to. But when almost every single employee is rude and\or nit picks everything…..it seems to be more than just one or two employees. I don’t know if the general manager has something to do with this or they just seem to hire people with bad attitudes.

The last hotel that we stayed in was nice looking but the employees were not that great. It took about 2 hours to check in because they were being very anal about things, the breakfast attendant was rude to me, the house keeping lady on my floor was rude, and the general manager didn’t honor the rate that was given online when we booked the room. So needless to say we checked out early and have a not so great review on their website.

I just don’t get why companies think it’s ok to treat their guests\customers like that. Don’t the realize that if you treat people better & try to satisfy your customer that they will most likely be back & tell friends about how great it was for them!? But no, companies continue to act like rude & then expect to get return customers….I don’t think so!

If you are a manager or just a regular employee……..listen to your customers. Do whatever you can to make them happy. In the end, it will benefit you & your business.

If you are a customer who can relate……speak up! Whether it be an email, letter, or face to face- tell the company about your experience! Do not not say something. If you say nothing then they will continue to think that it’s ok to treat people this way. Even if they don’t change right after your letter….if everyone speaks up they will eventually get the message & change!