Day 18 – 08/25/12

Hey kiddos,
Well during the day we all played outside, shocker I know! But then Papa came home from work and asked if we were still going to that back to school party at a church here in town…totally forgot about it! Thank goodness Papa remembered, we loaded everyone up and drove to the church. We had a great time! They had food and games and free books! All 4 of you bigger kiddos won something. You all got your faces painted and Bailea got her nails painted. We had a great time! Came home and went right to bed…we were tired!

Until tomorrow,
Mommie 🙂
Love you 5!


End of a season

Well I wouldn’t say end…more like a pause.

2 out of 4 of our children are playing spring soccer right now. Their last game is next Saturday. I am sad for them that the season is ending but oh so glad because that means that I don’t have to sit out in 100* weather for 2 hours out of the day. Oh and I will be able to actually sleep in on Saturdays now too!
Our 6 year old will actually start soccer camp the first week of June. I really hope he enjoys that!
All 4 are wanting to play in the fall, so Saturdays will be extra busy then!

Another pause to a season is coming for me. I have been working in the 2 year old room at our church every Sunday for the past few months. I have really been enjoying it..both the kids & the lead teacher. I have told the director that this Sunday (tomorrow) will be my last day until August when school starts up again. As much as I am enjoying it..I end up hurting so much afterwards. I am not wanting to go into labor early because I don’t know when to say ‘when’. Much rather be safe than sorry.

So those are things that are ending over the next 2 weeks. And school will be following very shortly!
Hope that you all are having a great weekend! 🙂


Giveaway Hop 09/27/10

I know that I posted about a giveaway last night but I have been emailing back and forth with more bloggers and/or companies & I have way more to post! I am posting this morning also because some of the giveaways end tonight and I want you all to be able have a chance to enter!

* www.thriftyniftymommy.blogspot.com
You can win a free custom tutu (ends tonight), organic fruit purees from Peter Rabbit Organics, and a Soy candle!

*Daffe Designs has an event coming up through October to support breast cancer
awareness. Details are in her discussions tab on Facebook.

*Cheap Mama Chick has a $50 Zoolu giftcard up as a giveaway on FB and will be adding a tutu dress today!

*A Year With Mom and Dad has 2 giveaways going on right now
 $100 Rugged Bear GC (children’s clothing) – ends 9/29
 250 Die-Cut Business Cards – end 9/28

*Journey to “Green” has 4 or 5 giveaways going on right now!

*Moms Wear Your Tees Blog has 2 going on right now!
Spin&Go Mop System GIVEAWAY Ends 9/28
Bedhead Pajamas GIVEAWAY Ends 9/27

*All Aboard (the review & giveaway train)
Thirty-One: All-in-One Organizer – ENDS 9/30 (http://www.giveawaytrain.com/2010/09/thirty-one-review-giveaway.html)
Pirate Brands: Potato Flyers – ENDS 10/3 (http://www.giveawaytrain.com/2010/09/pirate-brands-review-giveaway.html)
My I.D. Inks – ENDS 10/7 (http://www.giveawaytrain.com/2010/09/id-ink-review-giveaway.html)

*CCBums is having a halloween raffle for a custom of your choice.. ends next saturday.

also having a sale when we reach 750 fans! so close!

This is what I have so far! Please check out all of these Bloggers and enter to win! Keep checking back here (& with everyone posted) for more giveaways! Some of these giveaways end tonight-so be sure to enter those first (so you don’t foget)….I know that I am entering these!