So here is your chance…..

For some free & discounted advertising with me! Here is my idea…hopefully it will make sense ūüėČ

I will give out discounts off of what is a $20 value….starting at free & ending at $15.

This is going to be as fair as I can make this! I will make an album with pictures that will represent the business\company that wants to participate in this contest.

You will have to spread the word about your business\company being in this contest & get as many ‘like’s on your picture as you possibly can. The winners will be chosen by the number of votes you have.

If would you like to be apart of this contest, please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com. Only enter this contest if you are honestly willing to pay (no more) than $15 for your business\company to be advertised on my blog. This contest will start when I get at least 4 businesses\companies…but even more than that can enter.

Here is how the prizes will be given out:
First Prize- Free ad for 1 month
Second Prize- $5 ad for 1 month
Third Prize- $10 ad for 1 month
Fourth Prize- $15 ad for 1 month.

Again, if you would like to enter this contest, want more details, or have questions please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com! This contest will end on 09\30\11…so you better hurry!


The Lucky Butterfly

The Lucky butterfly is our first ad!!!!

She has also offered all you MommieVentures readers out there a 20% discount through the entire month of September! How awesome is that?! {Use coupon code MOMMIEVENTURES}

Check out her website & fan page! Her ad will run until 09\30\11 & will be located in the upper right hand side of the blog!

The Lucky Butterfly offers reuseable snack & sandwich bags for both boys & girls!


Feedback please!!!

How would you all like a contest\giveaway for a free month of advertising & discounted advertising?!

I have some ideas in my head but wanted to see if people were even interested in this. So please comment on this blog & let me know if you would be interested in something like this!

PS-¬†I had previously commented on a question from a fan about the advertising. I had replied saying that as long as it’s business, I can advertise it….but I am changing that! Whatever you want to advertise (as long as it’s yours) then I would love to display it on my blog!

{Insert feedback down below, please & thank you :)}


Moolala Laptop Giveaway

I received an email a few weeks ago about a giveaway & when I had emailed them back about it……the giveaway had already ended. Bummer huh!?

But don’t worry….I just received another one today! But this time around there will be 2(!) winners!
Read below to see what was sent to me:

Moolala is giving away TWO GATEWAY NETBOOKS just in time for the back-to-school season.
The giveaway allows you to refer all your Facebook friends for greater chances of winning. If you refer someone that wins, then you automatically win too!
Giveaway is open to ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE, new and current members of Moolala and new and current fans of the Moolala Facebook page.

So if you would like to win….either by you being picked or by someone you refered — you better get to it!

Be sure to check out their fan page for this and more giveaways! Check out their website for deals in your area! Hurry & enter because  the giveaway ends on 08\31\11 & the winners will be picked on 091\11!!!



Sorry, this one isn’t for you ūüėČ

I cannot remember which blogger I follow that I received this link from (so if you are reading this & you are that blogger, thank you!) but it was for a free Fisher Price Trio Racecar. I thought my boys would like it and have fun with it. I had actually forgot that I filled out the form for it until it showed up in the mail this past week lol! Well as soon as my boys saw the picture on the outside-they were asking me if it was for them and could they play with it. Glad to know that I know my boys so well, but OMG there was enough fighting over it to last me a week! Not only were they saying things like ‘Is it my turn’ – ‘He’s not sharing’, my daughter got in on the act and wanted it too! So I had to give each of them a certain amount of time to play with it so there would be no fighting! I told them that in a few days the newness would wear off and then they could play with it without worrying about someone taking it while they were in the bathroom or something like…..they both told me that that¬†wouldn’t happen. Someone was wrong & it wasn’t me! ūüôā I like it because the pieces click together and don’t fall apart easily. They can make the car look like anything they want. The blocks come in 5 different colors so it’s bright and colorful for them!

Thank you to the blogger that posted about it (again, I am sorry that I cannot remember to give you credit) & thank you FIsher Price for allowing us to have this great toy for free!



Did I get your attention?! Good! Listen up then!

Have you ever been at an event outside and needed to breastfeed your child? Did you start looking around and there was no place to sit down and feel comfortable enough to do so? Worry no more! If you are on the West Coast you have the next best thing to being in your own home!

When Tera went to a festival and¬†needed to breastfeed her daughter, she went across the street to her car and set up a tent ¬†to feed her daughter in the shade. Well can you believe that she was¬†KICKED OUT of the festival for putting up an ‘unauthorized booth’!? I know it sounds crazy! Tera had posted on the Mom site that she belonged about this and soon Nonie got in touch with Tera¬†to discuss the idea of an ‚Äėauthorized‚Äô booth at the next event! The idea was to create a space where moms would have shade and comfortable seats and freedom from distraction in which they could feed their babies. And from there it grew to also providing an area for diaper changes, and a place where older siblings might be kept happily occupied while mom cared for her baby.

What a great idea! Something so simple that makes you say “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Mom’s Breastaurants concept is simple: we believe that every mother deserves a quiet, safe and comfortable place to feed and snuggle her baby.
Not only do they provide a tent but they provide other things as well!

  • Comfortable arm chairs for feeding and snuggling their babies
  • Fully stocked and clean diaper changing stations
  • Kids activity area to entertain big brother or sister while mom is feeding her baby
  • Shaded and temperature-moderated facilities

Please stop by Mom’s Breastaurant & also their Facebook page! Help donate and hopefully they will be able to put these tents up everywhere for all the Mommies and Babies out there that breastfeed!

Oh! And not only do they provide all this for you and your baby….it’s FREE!


Giveaway time!

If you read my review on Talkatoo then you already know that I love this product and I think you will too!

Sheila is offering a giveaway & the winner gets to choose which pattern you like & if you want the necklace or clip! Check out Talkatoo online to take a look at the options that you have a enter!

Here’s how you can enter!
*Fan MommieVentures on Facebook
* Fan Talkatoo on Facebook
*Check out the website and post a comment on which design on you would like & either necklace or clip

This giveaway will run until 08/30/10 at 11.59 eastern!