Wanna play a game!?

She has asked me to help manage her page during the day, which I feel so honored that she asked me, and I want to help her out with sales as much as I can.
So I asked her & ran an idea by her last night about what I had in mind. She said she thought it was a good idea, so now we just have to start the details.

I wanted to help spread the word about the game & share with you all too so if you were interested or know someone who might be you could tell them about it.

We do know that we will be giving away discounts, bogo, and gift certificates as prizes!
We will do trivia questions. With each question there will be an equal prize.

Easy answers get smaller prizes & harder questions get bigger prizes.
I am hoping that maybe we can do this monthly to keep fans coming back & sales up on her end.
Plus this is going to be fun!!!!

So if you want to play, please follow this link to join in! Spread the word too 🙂


Car seat cover + more giveaway *CLOSED*

I haven’t done a review/giveaway for FluffyRumps is too long but I am here with another one!

Most of us, if not all of us, use a blanket to cover our babies when it’s cold outside when they are in their car seats. It is so annoying to me that I can’t keep it tucked under Lily without it moving, falling off, or her pulling it out from underneath herself. I wouldn’t have to check so much to make sure the blanket was still in place and/or fix it when it did!

Thank goodness I don’t have to do any of that anymore! Rhonda as come up with a great idea! I was so excited for it to get cold so I could use this with Lily! I have to admit though, for whatever reason, I had trouble figuring out how it went on. I couldn’t picture it. I felt silly when I looked at the pictures Rhonda has posted on her FB page of these covers. It was definitely a slap-the-forehead kinda moment!

I love the fabric that she uses…..so soft! She has many different in stock covers that y’all can choose from!
I use this cover on Lily every time we go out & it’s cold…even chilly. It beats having to worry about a blanket & keeping it on!

I also found out that it makes for a great cart cover also. Stores are usually cold no matter the time of year anyway, so using this car seat cover as a cart cover in the summer will work out great! I have never used a cart cover before but it just looks bulky. This isn’t! You can just take your baby from the carseat to the cart and not have to take anything off or add anything.

jan7 060 jan7 061 jan7 062


I will definitely be using this next winter also! I don’t think that Lily will have out grown the leg part by then. Please check them out & get one!

Now for the fun part…giveaway time!
All you have to do is follow these simple entries & you will be entered to win one of these covers for your baby!
I will use random.org to choose a winner.
This giveaway will end in one week….02/16/13

*The winner will receive 1 carseat cover of their choice from the ‘Ready to Ship’ album on the fan page*

Entry #1 – ‘like’ Mommieventures on Facebook
Entry #2 – ‘like’ FluffyRumps on Facebook
Entry #3 – Which fabric pattern do you like best from her page? (Can be on an item)
Entry #4 – ‘like’ this post on WordPress
Entry#5 – Post on her page that I sent you.

*Please comment in a separate post for each entry*

Good luck & see you next week!

*I received this product at no charge to me. All opinions are my own*


Whatever happened to…..

Big girl panties and big girl words!?

Does anyone else see that most females these days are more talk than anything? I am not wanting to go around a fight people on the daily (though you cross me at the wrong time & that might change) but if you have an issue with someone to the point that you cannot even talk to the person, then it’s high time that you do something about it…in a positive manner! Stop beating around the bush & talk it out.
With technology today you don’t even have to talk to their face about your issue (though that would be extra brownie points if you did), you could email, text, FB message, and whatever else social media has available to you! There is no reason and/or excuse that you cannot talk to someone.

Most of the females that I come across when having a problem with someone won’t go to said person. Oh no! They talk about said person behind their back to everyone else & their mother. Tell me again what the point of that is again? It won’t get you anywhere or your problem solved. In fact, it will just make things worse than they were to begin with! I mean, hasn’t history taught us anything in regards to this matter or do these females think that the ending to their drama will be any different?

And what is the point in dragging the drama out? I get if you went to a few close friends for advice or didn’t talk with the person so that you could have a cooling off period but I would like that anything that is going on more than 2 weeks, a month MAX, is just way too long. In fact, it would tell me that you are needing/wanting the attention that this drama is bringing to you. Let me tell you something. The majority of grown females want nothing to do with drama & don’t want to hear about your pettiness. And that’s usually what it is, nothing worth what you have made it out to be.

So, as I step off my soap box (for now), take your drama to your Momma! Seriously, work it out or shut it! If you aren’t going to do anything about & not talk to the person, then you have nothing to whine and complain about. Grow up & face the problem/issue/misunderstanding/whatever you want to call it. People will (and do) respect you more when you act your age, not your show size.

Thoughts to ponder…..


The trend seems to be that every November, every day, people post of Facebook what they are thankful for. Good idea….getting being thakful instead of wrapped up in what they dont have!
I saw a friend of my say that she was going to do something different this year, she was going to post what she was thankful for that day. I like this idea better because it makes you stop and think about your day & the small things that we tend to overlook in our busy days.

I know I am a few days late in starting but thats not the point. Everyday this month I will be posting what I am thankful that day. I hope that you are inspired to do the same thing!


Week long fast – day 4 (09/01/12)

Today wasn’t good or bad…it just was.

I was busy catching up on some housework that I wasn’t able to get done these last couple of days. And then when Mister came home we went grocery shopping. I did do some thinking during my housework. Nothing big or important, more reflecting I guess you could say.

I don’t have anything exciting to type up today. With tomorrow being Sunday, I am sure that I will hear something at church that will sink in or I will hear something I need to hear. I usually do!


Week long fast – day 3 (08/31/12)

I would have typed this up last night but I had a terrible headache.

Today, at one point, was worse than all day yesterday was. I didn’t get a chance to have a chat with satan, but I am going to. Well, let me rephrase that. I have been talking with him and God but not out loud. I dont know if it’s just me but saying something out loud makes it more real, important, personable.

Thank God for Emily! If you are reading this, thank you for everything! She is there for me every night when I text her to tell her how the day went. She is always encouraging and truthful.

I have wanted to give up so many times during these 3 days and it’s not just because I miss fb. It’s so hard to do something in the name of something when you can’t see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, or touch it. In those hard moments my faith starts to be in question. I know that it’s wrong and normal, but I need to stop doing it. Not because I will punished or a blessing won’t happen if my faith does sway, but because I need to stop reacting in those moments. I don’t want to say/do something I will regret later. I have done that way too many times in my life.

We have a very full house and I wish there was a room that I could go into so that I could just have some time to sit, think, talk, and write with no interruptions. It’s hard for me to think most days with everything that goes on around me. Yesterday when I was speaking with God, I was interrupted so many times…it gets annoying after awhile!


Week long fast – day 2 (08/30/12)

Today was a little better than yesterday. I still had the urge to go on Facebook. The motion of doing it still wanted to take over but I didn’t! This is harder than I thought. As much as I want to give up – I will not!

Had another heart to heart with God today. It wasn’t as nice as yesterday. I was honest with Him with my feelings. Wait, I am always honest with Him with my feelings but not out loud. I have a fear of the Lord and I think that’s why I have never spoken to Him out loud. Not sure what the difference is because He knows my true feelings anyway. Things seem to be getting worse while on this fast. I think that I was naive when going into this fast. Thought things would turn around quickly and I would see/hear things change. Yea not happening like that.

I was talking with a really good friend of mine tonight about how today went (I have been texting her nightly since I started this fast) and she told me some things that I needed to hear. I love that she is honest with me about things and doesn’t just pat my back and tell me things will be ok. She told me that things will get worse and that I needed to speak to satan and tell him a few things. I agree with her very much and will be having a nice little chat with satan tomorrow afternoon. He will not win this! I will! And I am only winning because I have Jesus in my corner. I am nothing without Him and would loose everything if He weren’t with me.

Today has been an angry day for me. I am angry at a few things. I let God know how I was feeling and what I wanted Him to do. Now I know that He cannot do everything and that I have to take steps in order to do what He wants me to do and what I want for my family and life. I also know that He can tell where to go, who to talk to, and how to do all this. I am scared and nervous about all this. For one because it’s new to me and I feel silly talking to air. And second because I know that satan will want to attack me more because I am doing this and afraid of what satan will try to do. On the other hand I know that I have nothing to fear because God is with me….always! He will never let anything happen to me. I believe Gods promises.

I didn’t read during nap time today. I needed to have a pity party so I had it when my kiddos couldn’t see me. I am going to write in my prayer journal tonight and read more in Proverbs.

I will not give up. I will finish this fast. Something great will come out of this.

Thank you to those who are supporting, loving, and praying for me during this time. It’s definitely a growing period but I am also thinking that it is bringing me closer to God. Thank you 🙂


Week long fast – day 1 (08/29/12)

It was weird. I have a certain routine when checking things online and with this fast, my routine is being interrupted. I kept feeling like something was missing and like I was forgetting to do something.
Last night I cleared my phone of all bookmarks and links and apps to get to Facebook. I even cleared my browsing history. I didnt want to have those laying around and I click out of habit.
Facebook is my main way to keep in touch with friends and family, so to not have that life line right now is really hard. I dont want to miss anything that someone might say or miss a chance to give advice or help someone out. But no matter what, all that news will be there when I log back in next week.

During nap time is when I sat down at talked to God…out loud. That is something I have never done before today. I felt alittle silly. I cried while talking but it felt so good to do that and I felt better afterwards. After our talk I read some of the Bible. Think I will do it this way everyday during nap time.


Week long fast

I will be taking a week long fast from Facebook starting tomorrow. The time that I would normally spend on FB will be spent in thought & prayer. I know that I need to do this and praying something great comes out of it. So I will not be on the fan page at all starting tomorrow until next Thursday morning. I am hoping to get a few blogs up from my phone but we will see what I can post about that doesnt involve pictures!
Anyway, just wanted to give you all a heads up.
Any thoughts, prayers, love, and support would be great during this time. It is my first time doing anything like this. I was going to do a fast with food but I do not want to put my breastfeeding daughter at any risk. So, thanks to a friend who suggested something else that I do daily and that would be FB.

Hope you all are having a great week so far!


Ecozip Baggies

Besides the fact that these baggies are eco-friendly, I just loved the way that this company made a bag that you could do double duty too! It was like a moment like “Oh duh! I could have done that” or “Why didn’t I think of that?”

How are they eco-friendly!?
Well by having two bags in one-you are automatically reducing the amount of bags you are using but Ecozip also uses 20% less plastic!

At first the thought never crossed my mind to use these bags with anything other then food, but when we found out that we were definitely moving and I needed something to put my items in but didn’t need/want a box, these bags popped in my head! I also used these bags for when I was going to the park with snacks for my kids and mints for me! Although I don’t have pictures, I have made my husbands and oldest son’s lunches and, usually, only need one bag. And when I unzipped the middle ziplock, you can fix two full size sandwiches in there! (Which is good because of my also hungry guys!)

They are just as tough as the regular brands baggies and still come in the sizes that we have come to know and love (snack/sandwich, gallon, & quart) I am running low on the ones that I have and I am already planning to make a purchase to get the snack/sandwich size and the other ones as well! I can tell you that I prefer these baggies over the ones that you can buy at the store…..double duty won me over!
Check out their website where you can purchase your own Ecozip baggies & their Facebook page for updates and other things they post!

*I received these products at no charge to me and all opinions expressed are my own*