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We’re very happy to let you know ecomom is celebrating our site’s new look with a huge event for our supporters. Together with 30 amazing partners, we are launching TODAY a Healthy Home Makeover Contest that will transform a lucky family’s home with $75,000 worth of eco-friendly, money saving, healthy products including appliances, organic foods, skincare, water filters, toys, home decor, cleaning products and more.

Does this sound good to you!? I know it sounds good to me! I am definitely going to enter this giveaway!

If you want to enter this giveaway, click on the link that I am putting on the right hand side at the very top! If you do enter this giveaway let me know!
I am so excited about this giveaway! I hope that either I (duh) or one of my readers win! So, go enter and cross your fingers 🙂



When I came across the website eConsciousMarket I was still fairly new to the eco-friendly world (still am but I am a work in progress). I was excited to come across this site because it offers a wide range of things to wear & for your household! They also offer fair trade items! One more awesome thing is they donate a portion of the total from your order & you get to choose a charity from the drop down menu! How cool is that!? They have a ton of different companies that they work with & I am sure that if you were to take a look, you would find something that you will like!

When I was told to pick something from their inventory I came across this shirt that I thought would be perfect for my husband! So I left them know which shirt I wanted and the size. I was so excited for it come in the mail so I could show my husband. He loves to bike & on the shirt was a biker…perfect fit for him!
There was one down fall when it came in the mail and we looked at it……..the shirt was made for a woman! lol! I felt bad because my husband did like the shirt..but it definitely didn’t look good on him lol! I tried it on and it would look good expect the fact that I need to lose more weight before I wear it out in public. (Sorry there is no picture of my wearing it to you in this review). The shirt is light weight and is form fitting. I would say that it is the perfect shirt to wear when working out. I really like the color and I honestly cannot wait until I can fit in it! This shirt is made by a company called Atayne.
Here is some information about this shirt:
Product Details
•100% Recycled Polyester
•Moisture wicking, temperature regulating, odor controlling
•Raglan Sleeves
•Anti-chafe flatlock construction
•Contrast Stitching
•Back neck locker loop promotes hang drying, helping to
reduce the impact of consumer care
•Made in Canada from US manufactured fabrics

If you would like more information or would like to purchase something from eConsciousMarket, please visit there website!
They also have a Facebook page!
Atayne also has a website & Facebook page! Check all these great companies out!

*I received this product at charge to me & all opinions expressed are my own*



What am I talking about are you asking yourself? I thought that too when I saw a review/giveaway about this company when Journey ti “Green” posted about it!
When I was reading the entries to the giveaway & one was that you had to visit the site and tell her which Cangle you wanted if you won, and as I was looking on their site, I noticed that Cangles is much more then just upcycled jewelry. Yes upcycling is helpful for the environment and cuts down on waste BUT, what they are doing inside their community is just has fantastic!

In addition to Save the Earth Foundation, Cangles LLC donates all aluminum tabs to the Ronald McDonald House in
Detroit, Michigan, in memory of Nicole Emily Briggs, who lived her life from August 16, 1986 to March 12, 1990.  To date we have donated 6800 tabs.
Our family, through Cangles LLC, additionally donates $1 from the sale of every bracelet made from a Vernors can to the Angel Food Ministries. $1 from each of our military tribute bracelets is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, tor a total to date of $200.  Finally, we offer for sale two special Cangles “Cure” bracelets.  Cangles, LLC made a donation of $25 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure ® on 9-6-2010, $1 for each sale.

How great is it to see a community come together and do something to help others!

Not only does Cangles make bracelet’s & cuffs, but they make earrings, hair clips, for men, teens, & military! There is something for everyone!
So I am sure you are asking yourself what are they made out of…..Aluminum Cans! The really cool thing is that you can pick from 11 brands of soda drinks when choosing which design you want on your jewelry!

So are you wondering which ones I choose to review? Well even if you aren’t I am going to tell you anyway ;p

I really enjoy wearing these out! They don’t get in the way of what I am doing, they go on and off easily! They only thing is when I get hot doing something they tend to stick but other then that there are no issues (and I wouldn’t even call this an issue). I absolutely love my Cangles & I hope that you take time out of your day to check Cangles out! Not only are you helping this company be green, but you are also helping out a community!

Here are the different ways that you can connect with Cangles!
*Canlges on Facebook
*Cangles Military Facebook
*Cangles Website
*Cangles Store
*Be a friend of Cangles on Facebook

~Are you interested in one of these? Stay tuned because in the future there will be a giveaway from Cangles!~

*I received this product at no charge to me & all opinions express are my own*


Ecozip Baggies

Besides the fact that these baggies are eco-friendly, I just loved the way that this company made a bag that you could do double duty too! It was like a moment like “Oh duh! I could have done that” or “Why didn’t I think of that?”

How are they eco-friendly!?
Well by having two bags in one-you are automatically reducing the amount of bags you are using but Ecozip also uses 20% less plastic!

At first the thought never crossed my mind to use these bags with anything other then food, but when we found out that we were definitely moving and I needed something to put my items in but didn’t need/want a box, these bags popped in my head! I also used these bags for when I was going to the park with snacks for my kids and mints for me! Although I don’t have pictures, I have made my husbands and oldest son’s lunches and, usually, only need one bag. And when I unzipped the middle ziplock, you can fix two full size sandwiches in there! (Which is good because of my also hungry guys!)

They are just as tough as the regular brands baggies and still come in the sizes that we have come to know and love (snack/sandwich, gallon, & quart) I am running low on the ones that I have and I am already planning to make a purchase to get the snack/sandwich size and the other ones as well! I can tell you that I prefer these baggies over the ones that you can buy at the store…..double duty won me over!
Check out their website where you can purchase your own Ecozip baggies & their Facebook page for updates and other things they post!

*I received these products at no charge to me and all opinions expressed are my own*



Do you remember that show on Nickelodeon ‘Rugrats’ with Chuckie, Tommy, the twins……..well I’m not talking about that show here! lol!

But I am talking about a safe, ecofriendly way for your kids to play with toys and still use their imagination! I can’t remember how I came across her site but I am glad that I did! Not only are these felt toys ecofriendly but the material that she makes these out of are ecofriendly!
All play foods are made from Eco Fi Felt that is made from 100% recycled plastics. All play foods are made to be “real life” in size for great imagination play time. Each Royal Rugrats Yummy is made to be both safe and realistic. Each product is made in America by hand in the Royal Rugrats studio. Each piece is packaged in biodegradable clear bags that also lends itself to less waste for our Royal Chefs world.

Brooke makes her felt food so well! It is so clean cut & simple looking that it looks like an instant classic! With bright colors and details….these felt foods look good enough to eat! I cannot wait to get my hands on these! They will definitely be on my children’s Christmas list this year!

Take a look at some of the foods that she has ‘baked’ up already!

Check out Royal Rugrats here & also on Facebook!\

I also just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Brooke for helping me with my buttons on the right side of my blog! Thanks so much and if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know!