40 weeks, Baby #6


So here we are….40 weeks & 1 day. Baby W has decided that it’s not time to come and he/she just isn’t ready to grace us with their presence.
Here is a recap of 39 weeks.

Besides just feeling pressure, there wasn’t much going on & no change in anything.
Wednesday evening me & a bestie went walking to try and get things started. We walked 2 miles. Then I came home and went to the store with Mister = more walking. Then we Googled pressure points to help induce labor & then Mister rubbed those points. Nothing came from any of those efforts.
Another bestie of mine has been out of town helping one of her family members & Mister said that this baby is probably waiting on her to come back into town. Well, she stopped by yesterday and told Baby W that it was ok to come anytime now! We’ll see how well Baby listens 😉
And then last night happened. We had eaten dinner, our family that is in town had gone back to their hotel, and the kiddos were getting ready to have a cupcake. I was sitting on the couch & I felt a ton of pressure building up on the under part of my belly. At first I figured that it was just pressure and nothing would come from it. Well then it started to build again and I had to close my eyes and concentrate & then the discomfort/pain went down. These contractions started to be consistent & started to become more painful. Mister finally said that I needed to start timing them. He could tell by the way that I was acting & getting irritated when people talked to me that these were the real deal. At first I wasn’t sure just because of the way they felt. They weren’t what I remembered with my other 4 labors (I never labored with baby #5). I said that I would start timing them after I went to the bathroom. Went to the bathroom and decided to get my shower in at that time instead of waiting until later in the evening…just in case. Nothing happened after I got up from the couch. Everything stopped. No pain. No contractions. No nothing. I was so bummed. I really thought it was about to be go time. Since it stopped, we did the pressure points again. Nothing happened over night. This takes us to this morning (Friday). I had my appointment this morning and was ready to see what the dr would have to say & see if I had dilated more since last week.

Everything checked out just fine with me (weight & blood pressure). We talked about induction options. There is a small chance that my uterus could rupture period because of having a prior csection. My risk increases (not by much) when you put the option in of using pitocin. I would really not like to add a higher chance of my uterus rupturing if it’s not needed. My dr knows this and we are on the same page. She will allow me to go all of next week to go into labor on my own but if I don’t, then we will schedule an induction for the last week of July. She asked if I wanted to be checked and I said yes. I wanted to know if I dilated more with everything that was going on. I am still at 2cm, no biggie. I asked her if she would do a membrane sweep & she said she would. I told her to go ahead and do it. Boy was that more painful than I remember! Of course I had some spotting afterwards and have had some cramping but that’s to be expected. My next appointment is scheduled for Wednesday the 23rd if there is no baby before then.
Hopefully I can get this baby to come on his/her own! I do not want to be induced or have another csection! I will continue to try natural ways to get things moving & pray it works!
If something happens between now and my next appointment, I will definitely update 🙂

40 weeks & 1 day (July 18, 2014)


Week 28, Baby #6

I realize that I’ve been updating when my weeks change but I’m really updating the week previous. Does that make sense??
So this week I will be reviewing my 27th week since I turned 28 weeks yesterday.

The week was going well and uneventful until Monday hit. If you are friends with me on Facebook then you’ve already been through this, but if not, here’s what happened.

Monday afternoon around 3pm, after getting the kiddos from school, I started to have contractions. My first thought was that I hadn’t done anything to over do it and have my body react that way. Ok, maybe they were braxton hicks. As the evening time progressed so did the pain and frequency of these contractions. I was buckling over in pain, having to hold on to something if I was standing, having to focus on my breathing, curling up in a ball if I was laying down. I didn’t want to panic & call the Dr right away. I told myself that since I had a normal appointment on Wednesday that if they stopped through the night I wouldn’t call but if they continued I wouldn’t wait.
They continued all.night.long. I barely got any sleep. My abdomen was sore from all these contractions. I had nothing else going on (symptom wise) but these very painful contractions.

I followed through with my promise to myself and Mister & called soon after I woke up. The Dr on call asked me 1 question, was my belly tightening? My answer was yes and his reply was that I needed to be seen at l&d ASAP. Got everyone ready, took the kiddos to school, Lily to a friends house, Mister stopped by work to tell his boss, and then we were on our way.

I was nervous about what they would find and what the results would be. You just never know what your body and/or the baby will do, when, and why.

After I changed into those oh so fashionable gowns and peed in a cup, I was hooked up to the machine (the one where they listen to the baby’s heartbeat & it monitors contractions). Of course since I was there my contractions barely came. I had a few but barely even registered on the monitor.

After a few hours the Dr on call determined that I was dehydrated and had caught a 24 hour stomach bug which, all that put together, made me contract.
I didn’t even know I had a stomach bug. My appetite didn’t change, I didn’t feel different….nothing. So who really knows.

After the nurse trying to stick me in one hand & making me cry, she finally got the line in my other hand & started fluids.
Seemed to take forever for this bag to empty! But once it was, we were finally able to leave….4 hours later. But I would much rather have a stomach bug than preterm labor any day!

Wednesday morning I had my normal Dr appointment. Weighed in at 225 (up 6lbs since last month. Is that an ok amount to gain in a month??)
Had my ultrasound & Baby W looked perfect again! My placenta moved up which is good news. Not a concern at all but baby is measuring a week bigger than what I really am. This is something new and never experienced before.
Talked to my Dr about having a vbac and it’s a go! As long as baby isn’t breech then I can go ahead with one. She said that even if baby is breech that she would be ok with me having a vbac but I’m not comfortable delivering a breech baby…..hence why Lily’s birth was via csection.


*Baby W yawning with its fist at it’s mouth*

Other than all that, everything checked out great & I go back at the end of May. Then I start going every 2 weeks. It doesn’t seem like it should be time to be going back that often yet. Plus I received the registration packet for the hospital. This is just happening too fast!!!

Bought some clothes for the baby & I’ll probably share all our baby buys in a few weeks. Also I will be sharing names soon, been asked about that.

See you next week when I’m  29 weeks & review my 28th week 🙂


Week 27, Baby #6


Can’t say that much has changed over the last week. Still have heartburn, Baby W moving like crazy, and feeling a bit bigger.

I did have about an hours worth of cramping/contractions this morning. Kinda forgot what those felt like, so thanks for the reminder 😉

I have a Dr appointment on Wednesday but I’ll just give that update on my 28 week post.

See ya then 🙂