Week long camp

Our oldest son has been gone since Monday morning.
This is the first time that he has been gone for this long this far away from home.

When we signed him up for this camp months ago he was very excited about going! We’ve heard nothing but great things about kids going to this camp and wanted him to experience it as well.
Feelings changed over this past weekend when it came time to actually pack his bag. He did not want anything to do with packing or going to this camp. He felt like he would get too homesick and miss us too much. Completely understandable, I mean he is only 10 year old. We reassured him that he would probably miss us but that was ok & he would be having too much fun anyway! He didn’t like that answer and just knew that we were wrong.
We were packing his suitcase Sunday evening & checking items off the list that was provided for us. As he was packing more and more, he slowly started to become more excited about camp. Towards the end of him packing up, he tried one more time to get us to let him stay home. He promised that he would pay all the money back that we spent signing him up for camp. I had to explain to him a few times that it wasn’t about the money, even if it was free to attend. This was about him going somewhere that would impact his life & he would, hopefully & prayerfully, come back with a different heart than when he left.

{Disclaimer: He doesn’t have a bad heart to begin with. What I mean is him beginning changed by this experience and coming out with more knowledge about God and himself.}

Monday morning rolled around and, again, he was excited as we were putting his things in the truck and on the drive to our church. We had to be there before the bus arrived so that we could get him all signed in & all that good stuff. I think the wait & the fact that he had time to think started to upset him again. He was fine loading his items on the bus but when it came time to get a group picture & actually get on the bus is when he started to cry. We let him know that he was going with kids & adults that he knew, he would have so much fun (they were able to pick the activities they wanted to do when we signed him up), and that there would be so much going on that he wouldn’t have time to miss us. Again, that didn’t work.
As much as we love our son and don’t want him to be scared or anything, we knew that we had to push him into this. We knew that he would have fun. We knew that he would get so much out of attending this camp. We knew that he had to go. We kissed & hugged him, said we loved him, and let him know that he’d be back before he knew it, & sent him on his way. We stayed until the bus pulled away in case he was watching out the window….we couldn’t figure out where he was sitting.

A friend of ours had to end up driving her son down to the camp & her daughter texted me to let me know that they saw him and he was having fun…..shocker!!! Plus one of the leaders have been tagging me in pictures on Facebook of him. Here are some 🙂

Looks like he’s having a great time to me 🙂

He comes back this Friday & I can’t wait to see him and hear all about his week 🙂


Thankful Tuesday 06/11/13

I may have said this before but I am so thankful for a great pastor at our church. I love that he’s honest and doesn’t sugar coat. He teaches from the Bible and teaches the real stuff. He doesn’t just teach what people want to hear….he teaches on what we need to hear.

Thank you so much Pastor Jim for doing what you’re doing. I am learning so much from your teachings.


Day 18 – 08/25/12

Hey kiddos,
Well during the day we all played outside, shocker I know! But then Papa came home from work and asked if we were still going to that back to school party at a church here in town…totally forgot about it! Thank goodness Papa remembered, we loaded everyone up and drove to the church. We had a great time! They had food and games and free books! All 4 of you bigger kiddos won something. You all got your faces painted and Bailea got her nails painted. We had a great time! Came home and went right to bed…we were tired!

Until tomorrow,
Mommie 🙂
Love you 5!


Clothing swap

Now I know that there are consignment stores and events out there, but this is different.

This whole idea started with me asking a friend if she wanted to swap her daughters clothes for some of my daughters clothes. Then I posted on my personal FB page that if any local mommas wanted to swap then to let me know. The first friend said that we should just have a big swap….and that’s what we are doing!

I am super excited and nervous about this though. We are holding it at my church and word is getting around town about the event, which is a great thing, just nerve racking!

This is a free event and there is no need to tag any clothing like there is with consignment events. We are asking for a non perishable food donation to be donated to the churchs food pantry.

It’s going to be in September & I will let you all know how it goes! We already have plans in the making for the next one if this one is a hit!


John Waller • As for Me and My House

John Waller • As for Me and My House.

My family had the pleasure of seeing him in concert last weekend when he came to our church to help celebrate the birthday of our local Christian radio station. He is a great singer but also shared some stories with us. This song has become a song that my family sings all the time!

I signed this…will you?!


End of a season

Well I wouldn’t say end…more like a pause.

2 out of 4 of our children are playing spring soccer right now. Their last game is next Saturday. I am sad for them that the season is ending but oh so glad because that means that I don’t have to sit out in 100* weather for 2 hours out of the day. Oh and I will be able to actually sleep in on Saturdays now too!
Our 6 year old will actually start soccer camp the first week of June. I really hope he enjoys that!
All 4 are wanting to play in the fall, so Saturdays will be extra busy then!

Another pause to a season is coming for me. I have been working in the 2 year old room at our church every Sunday for the past few months. I have really been enjoying it..both the kids & the lead teacher. I have told the director that this Sunday (tomorrow) will be my last day until August when school starts up again. As much as I am enjoying it..I end up hurting so much afterwards. I am not wanting to go into labor early because I don’t know when to say ‘when’. Much rather be safe than sorry.

So those are things that are ending over the next 2 weeks. And school will be following very shortly!
Hope that you all are having a great weekend! 🙂


Thankful Thursday 08\18\11

This week I am thankful for the following things:

*My husband giving me a few bucks to go buy a book
*My kids for putting up with being a hotel for so long
*My mother & step father for still helping out the hotel
*My husbands boss for giving him a job
*Our church that has been nothing but awesome since we walked through the doors
*Of course, God for being right by our side this whole time.


A new leaf

Before we left NC I told myself that I would do something different once we moved….be a better me, be involved, stick my hand out there and say hello to people I don’t know. Well I am on the right track!

I didn’t have a lot of friends in Greenville. I had a few here and there, and mostly it was just people that I would say hello to if we happened to be at the same event….nothing deeper than that. I wasn’t happy about it but I also didn’t have any motivation to get out there and do anything about it. I have met a few people here in the hotel that are moving here, met a mom from the playgroup here in Wichita Falls, and am planning on meeting more. I don’t need a lot of friends to be happy or feel whole….it’s the process for me that I am wanting to change. I won’t be afraid to say hello, exchange a smile, and introduce myself. I am not perfect & I might screw up….but I don’t care anymore.

We belonged to a great church in Greenville. We went to service almost every Sunday and even attended some events outside of those Sunday mornings…..but that’s about as far as it went. No small group, no meeting new people…nothing. We have a found a great church here in WF & we absolutely love it! It reminds us of our church in Greenville. I have signed up to volunteer in the office, registered my husband and I for small group, and much more planned! I am wanting to get our kids involved in the church more, as well as my husband and I. I can’t really call it my church if I am not doing something other than going every Sunday..I am not growing by only doing that.

I participated in one charity event in Greenville, March for Babies in 2010. I planned on going to the one in 2011, but it slipped my mind with everything else that was going on. Not this time! I am writing all the events down that I want to attend….I am speaking up and saying, ‘Yes I want to be apart of this’ or ‘Hey, I am doing this, anyone else want to join me?’. I am finding things that I enjoy doing and\or interested in doing! This is a first for me. I don’t care who doubts me in my ability to do these things….I am not doing them for you & I will just end up proving you wrong. I am excited to get out there and do something that I like….me time!

There were community events too that I wanted to go to and bring the kids along but just really never had the motivation to do so. Again, not this time! I have ‘like’d a few places and organizations here in WF and plan on taking the kids to as much as I can. Whether it be something at the library, sports, or whatever….I will make the effort to be apart of it. This part isn’t about me..it’s about my kids & letting them have fun!

Now with all that said….I will have to train myself to do things when I don’t want to. Remember to write things down on the calendar & plan for things. All these things I will have to work on. I know in the end if will be for the better and not just for me, but all 6 of us! I am excited to get out there and be involved! I cannot wait to let you all know how things are going & share pictures of us doing these things!


Birth Control & Kids

I forgot to mention in the Bras & Panties post to add this because it came up in the status that people were going back and forth with.  So please click here to read the Bras & Panties post.

Ok, so the status was about bras, panties, & teenagers but someone brought up birth control and when this woman wanted to put her daughter on it.
I will tell you the basics of what she was saying about this topic and then I will tell my personal feelings on this.
So here is what this lady was saying (not exact but close):

She was saying that once her daughter (I’m not sure how old her daughter currently is) turns 11 she is putting her on BC no matter what. She was saying that her mother did it to her and so she wanted to do the same with her daughter. She was also saying that she wasn’t going to be too strict with her daughter because when you are strict your child will rebel more, so she wanted her daughter to be safe when she turns 11.
It went on a little more, but I can’t really remember. But you get the jist of what her thought process was.

So here is my take on kids & BC:

I know that some girls & women need to be put on BC to help them during their period because of pain, headaches, and all the good stuff. I understand that reason to put a child (17 and younger) on BC. In my opinion if you put a child on BC you are giving them the ‘ok’ to have sex because they are protected. Even if you tell them to wait and explain everything that could happen, it is still an ‘ok’. If you have taught your daughter (boys too, but not the topic) to wait until she is married to have sex and really had a heart to heart with her about it and told her that the TV shows and everything that contain teen pregnancy aren’t all flowers and butterflies, and have been 100% honest with her, then there is a lesser chance of her wanting to have a baby and wanting to have sex. Yes I know that in the end it doesn’t matter how you raise your children because they will grow up and makes thier own choices. BUT that doesn’t mean that you should teach the right way. I think it is so wrong to put a child on BC just because you want to protect your daughter…..if she isn’t having sex there is no need to protect her! I understand that kids/teens are having sex & doing things at a younger age then when I was in school, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok and that you should go along with it. I also understand how hard those school years can be…believe I know! But instead of looking for the school, church, or their friends to educate them on sex, you as the parent need to take the step to talk to your children about sex. That is your responsibility-no one elses’. I just cannot see the reasoning behind putting a child on BC!

Please share your thoughts and feelings on this topic!