Meal planning and budgeting update

So I have been such a slacker in keeping up with this!

My mother in law and her dad came to visit while I was still pregnant and I haven’t gotten back on track with this since. Shame on me!

I’ve had a few people in my real life ask me how this is going or when my next post will be. So I figured that I would start this again. Plus, I can tell that I haven’t been doing it and it’s hurting us.

I actually meal planned and went grocery shopping today but did I think to budget? That would be a big fat no! I will doit next Saturday night or Sunday….which ever day I can get to it.

Please share anything that you want in this subject. I am still new to doing both at the same time!

I do want to share that I kinda noticed (no actual numbers were done with this) but it seemed like we spent more meal planning than if we went through out the week. Now, again, I didn’t add anything up to compare. But this may be something that I do just to see if we are really saving money by meal planning or not. Anyone have anything to share between the two?

Anywho, we’ll talk more Sunday evening! Have a great week!


I`m talking to YOU!

Tomorrow is the last day to send me your stories and/or pictures! Your stories dont have to be long or fancy. Why did you choose to breastfeed? Did you have any issues? Did it come easy for you? Anything like that would be great! I am hoping to have a mix of stories and picture for all 7 days, so with my personal story added in there, I only need more stories and/or pictures!

Another thing that I wanted to put out there was about our Sister Sites. If you`ve been around awhile you know that we have quite a few but most have no one blogging for them and the ones that do, aren`t active. If you would like to blog for a Sister Site (no experince needed), please let me know!
Was thinking of adding a Daddieventures….what do you think???

Email me anytime about these things and anything else you can think of! mommieventures@gmail.com
Hope to hear from you all very soon!!!


I’m back!!!!

Hello there fans & readers! I am back!
I asked for input if anyone was interested in still reading this blog if I started up again…all I was looking for was one person to say yes & I got a few more than that. Which I am happy about!! I have said it before and I will say it again…I didn’t start and\or continue this blog for numbers. I will try to make more of an effort to post blogs about my MommieVentures! With #5 on the way and the craziness that comes along with having 4 already…there are definitely no shortages in stories that I have (& will have) to share with you all!

Before I go any further though, I would like to send out my apologizes to the winners of the Jelly Knife giveaway! I still have the knifes & I will send them out as soon as I can…..life as just been seriously way busier than I ever thought it could be! I have not forgotten about you or the prizes that you have won!

I hope that the old fans\readers come back around & that we have new ones that show up! Thanks again for all the support and love that you all have given me since day one 🙂

Thanks loves 🙂


Anon Mom

As I was thinking as a title for this post I realized that this sounded like I was talking about someone not being a mom lol! This is not what I am talking about!

So what am I talking about?
I had posted a status on my fan page wanting some opinions on if I should write about something that has been bothering me for awhile. And there were a few of my readers that had said that they would love to be able to talk with someone & get feedback from someone who wasn’t in their personal circle of friends. So it got me thinking alittle bit that maybe I should help them out.

Here is my idea….I am not sure how it will go or what people will think, but I thought that I would put it out there for everyone…..if there is something (anything) that you would feed back about or just need to vent to people that don’t know you, then email me! We will call it Anon Mom (I just shorted the word anonymous). I will not post names or dates or email address & I will never ask for any of those details or for you to tell more then you have. This has to be a judgement free zone….a safe place to vent, get advice, and just let some things off your chest! I will basically copy & paste what you send me but I will read through it to make sure that there are no names or dates or anything like that.

If this interested you or you would like me to post something for you, please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com and put ‘Anon Mom’ in the subject line.
Thanks & I hope that this ends up helping some of you out!


It’s gone!

I have posted about Simple Green & have done a giveaway with them…but that is not where my use of these product end. I actually use these products on a daily basis and have at least one cleaner in every room in my house!
If you missed it or didn’t read it, please check out my review of Simple Green here.

Ok, not to why am I talking about them again.
The other night my kids were in my daughters room watching a movie and my oldest son came in our room and said that his youngest brother made a mess. Ok-I honestly didn’t think much about it and said that I would be in there in a minute. Much to my surprise there was a big, orange, nasty stain on a cream colored carpet! Somehow he had gotten into my smoothie drink & screwed off the lid. I was so upset because I was thinking that the carpet was going to be stained and that she was going have an orange spot in her room. So I called my husband and asked for his help & he grabbed a rag and got some of it up. Then I came in with my Simple Green carpet cleaner. I spray the stain and let it sit there for a few minutes and started to dab and rub the stain. At first I didn’t see anything working. I thought to myself ‘Oh crap….this isn’t working!’. But I kept working at it for a few minutes….here is the before picture & after picture.

I know this looks like puke but it’s not…my son had some toilet paper….I think that he was trying to clean it up.

I swear that this is a picture that is taken right after I stood up from cleaning up the orange mess!

If you weren’t convinced that this cleaner is awesome with my first post about them…..this will definitely get you to believe!

Are you ready to get your clean on with these awesome products? Click here to get their website!


A Challenge-Day 3

Yes I know that I forgot to post this last night but we were Skyping with my brother in law and his fiance.

Yesterday was a struggle for me with the challenge. I started off really good in the morning, started the dishwasher right after breakfast & the laundry. Was on top of laundry & got all 4 kids’ clothes washed & dried before noon! Then I came back home from picking up my oldest son from school and my attitude just sucked. I was feeling like doing anything with those clothes. So I am sad to say that the clean clothes are sitting in their laundry baskets. But I will get that put away today!

I have finally posted my challenge schedule at my house! I took pictures yesterday and will posting them in this post. But as I was writing down what I was doing on what day, I noticed that I skipped something that I was supposed to do on Tuesday. I thought that Tuesday was just mop floors but I also put down to clean bathrooms….opps! But I have it all posted now and don’t have to remember or think that I forgot something.

This is the cork board with each day being a big index card.

This is a close up of the days.

So is this.

I am not sure how many of you are actually keeping up with this with me or not, but for those of you who are, thank you!


Motherhood with Attitude

No matter your attitude, we all have one….good, bad, ugly, indifferent, whatever you want to call it!
This company is making light of Motherhood! They have cards, mugs, notepads, and more with real life kids (with pictures that their parents have submitted) and add the funniest captions!

I received two of each card + envelopes

This was my favorite card!

The outside saying.

The inside saying.

When I received my package from them and I opened up the box and started reading the cards, I just started busted out laughing! I can honestly say that most, if not all, of the captions on the cards I could relate to! Then I went on their website and started looking at all the other sayings that they had….it was like they had followed me around and took notes on what I was experiencing lol! And the pictures they use are just as funny, if not funnier, then the captions!

Jannalee & Tiffany are both mothers & both have a love for what they do….Jannalee is the writer & Tiffany is the artist for the cards.
Here is what each one has to say about what they do:
Jannalee-I hope that my writing shares the real experience. If we can’t be honest about this, then our kids have won!
Tiffany-Since I became a mother, I have been disappointed by the lack of creative and supportive products for moms. I can’t take one more fluffy duck or teddy bear! My goal is to create something that moms can relate to — something that feels fun and slightly messy. Because, let’s face it, through all the joy and frustration, motherhood is wonderfully messy.

I haven’t been able to send out any of the actual cards that I received…yet, but as I was looking around on their site again, I completely forgot that you can send e-cards! I jumped on that and sent out a few to some friends in hopes that it brighten their day, let them know they aren’t alone, and just made them laugh. I have received some great feed back from these!
Friend 1- You made my day!
Friend 2-I did get it and it really made my day! Lol With {insert husbands name} being injured and really lazy 😉 this was the pick me up I needed. I giggled at where this card should be filed
(Will add more feedback as I get it & All these e-cards that where sent out can be found on their site)

All kidding aside though – they also support a great cause! A portion of all profits made by MA! go to ‘A Mother’s Wings,’ a nonprofit organization for women facing post-partum depression. Which I think is great because I have (and probably to some point) still suffer from. I think that it’s awesome that they do this because it seems like people just glide through this topic…you have heard of it but not many people talk about it. Glad to see a company is bringing light to this topic and helping to raise awareness & donating to this! Way to go MA!

Like what you see? Want to purchase some of their items? Want to send an e-card? You can even submit a funny, crazy, or interesting picture to them & have a chance to have your picture used in the future! I submitted one of my youngest child (fingers crossed).  They always have a great link of their page called ‘Diaper Hunt’….you could win a great grand prize! Click here to learn more about this!
Whatever you are interested in, please head over to their website and check everything out! I hope you enjoy looking & reading what these two Mother’s have thought of…I just simply love it!!!!

*I received this product at no charge to me & all opinions expressed are my own*


SocialVibe Cause

I love spreading the word about great people, companies, and non profits! I wish that I had a ton of money so I could donate to everyone that I wanted to & do more then I am. I always feel like what I do isn’t enough, so when I find a way that I can help more, I jump on it! You can help too & it’s free & takes no time at all!

How can you help? Scroll to the top of my blog and look on the right hand side, you will see a button that looks like this:

Click where it says too & follow the few instructions that you are given. It takes no more then 5 minutes (I have done this) & each time you complete this it people the American Red Cross help others who are in need! It’s really easy & free and best of all, you are helping people who need it!

Write a blog and want to help out too?
Well you can! If you have WordPress, go to your Widgets & look for the SocialVibe button, drap it to the right side and then you are able to pick a cause to help! There are many to choose from & I am sure that you will find one that you would like to support!

If you would like information on SocialVibe click here!
If you would like information on American Red Cross click here!


Giveaway helper needed!

Hope that you all are having a wonderful, lazy Sunday! I am so glad that I am not starting my challenge today because I would have let myself down lol!

Anyway, on to the point of this post!
I was talking with my husband last night about how I need more subscribers to my blog so I can do more giveaways with certain companies & I was telling him that I wasn’t sure how to get more of you to subscribe. Because, let’s be honest, if I have over 200 fans on Facebook-I should have at least that many email subscribers….but I don’t 😦
So, because my husband is so smart, he come up with an idea! He thought that I should have a giveaway for those of you who have subscribed & then with this giveaway have more people subscribe to enter the giveaway.

With all that said, I need someone to help sponser a giveaway! The prize does not have to be something huge but just something big/good enough for people to want to win it & then in turn will subscribe to my blog!
So if you would be willing to donate something to this giveaway, please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com & put giveaway helper in the subject line!

Thanks & I hope to have this giveaway going on soon!


Feel good song

You know the songs that I am talking about….the ones where you turn it up as loud as you can & just start jamming out to it! I so love those songs! They just give you a little ‘pick me up’ that I usually need!

This is latest pick me up song! I heard it on the radio one day and fell in love with it! The lyrics reminded me of me and my husband….even though he hates country music!
Sugarland-Stuck Like Glue

Tonight was the first night that I actually saw the video…..not what I was expecting at all! If you haven’t seen or heard the song, go listen/watch and then come back here and tell me what you think.
I wasn’t expecting the video to be that she is a stalker and that she kidnaps him. That is NOT like my husband and I lol! Anyway, go check it out! Enjoy!
Leave your feel good songs here so we can go add them to our lists!