40 weeks, Baby #6


So here we are….40 weeks & 1 day. Baby W has decided that it’s not time to come and he/she just isn’t ready to grace us with their presence.
Here is a recap of 39 weeks.

Besides just feeling pressure, there wasn’t much going on & no change in anything.
Wednesday evening me & a bestie went walking to try and get things started. We walked 2 miles. Then I came home and went to the store with Mister = more walking. Then we Googled pressure points to help induce labor & then Mister rubbed those points. Nothing came from any of those efforts.
Another bestie of mine has been out of town helping one of her family members & Mister said that this baby is probably waiting on her to come back into town. Well, she stopped by yesterday and told Baby W that it was ok to come anytime now! We’ll see how well Baby listens 😉
And then last night happened. We had eaten dinner, our family that is in town had gone back to their hotel, and the kiddos were getting ready to have a cupcake. I was sitting on the couch & I felt a ton of pressure building up on the under part of my belly. At first I figured that it was just pressure and nothing would come from it. Well then it started to build again and I had to close my eyes and concentrate & then the discomfort/pain went down. These contractions started to be consistent & started to become more painful. Mister finally said that I needed to start timing them. He could tell by the way that I was acting & getting irritated when people talked to me that these were the real deal. At first I wasn’t sure just because of the way they felt. They weren’t what I remembered with my other 4 labors (I never labored with baby #5). I said that I would start timing them after I went to the bathroom. Went to the bathroom and decided to get my shower in at that time instead of waiting until later in the evening…just in case. Nothing happened after I got up from the couch. Everything stopped. No pain. No contractions. No nothing. I was so bummed. I really thought it was about to be go time. Since it stopped, we did the pressure points again. Nothing happened over night. This takes us to this morning (Friday). I had my appointment this morning and was ready to see what the dr would have to say & see if I had dilated more since last week.

Everything checked out just fine with me (weight & blood pressure). We talked about induction options. There is a small chance that my uterus could rupture period because of having a prior csection. My risk increases (not by much) when you put the option in of using pitocin. I would really not like to add a higher chance of my uterus rupturing if it’s not needed. My dr knows this and we are on the same page. She will allow me to go all of next week to go into labor on my own but if I don’t, then we will schedule an induction for the last week of July. She asked if I wanted to be checked and I said yes. I wanted to know if I dilated more with everything that was going on. I am still at 2cm, no biggie. I asked her if she would do a membrane sweep & she said she would. I told her to go ahead and do it. Boy was that more painful than I remember! Of course I had some spotting afterwards and have had some cramping but that’s to be expected. My next appointment is scheduled for Wednesday the 23rd if there is no baby before then.
Hopefully I can get this baby to come on his/her own! I do not want to be induced or have another csection! I will continue to try natural ways to get things moving & pray it works!
If something happens between now and my next appointment, I will definitely update 🙂

40 weeks & 1 day (July 18, 2014)


Weigh in #14

Nothing special to report from the previous week.

Still not exercising.

The scale said 214.3 this morning.

Hoping to get out of this funk that I am in and then get my bootay in gear! I have a dress fitting in August for one of my very best friends wedding & I need/want to loose this extra weight by then!


Some good news

If you haven’t read my ‘c word’ post, you might wanna take a look. But if you don’t want to, you wot be out o the loop on anything.

I wanted to share an update on my best friend that I mentioned in this post. I am so happy and thankful to report that all her tests came back negative!!!! Praise God! She has to go back in 6 months for a check up.

I am so happy for her! I was so nervous and scared for her when I knew she was going to the Dr o find out. I knew she was by herself and that’s the part that I didn’t like the most. No matter what the outcome was of these tests, I so didn’t like knowing so was alone.

I love you lady! Prayers are still going for you that there is nothing in 6 months.


And the scale said….

I was finally able to weigh myself last night thanks to my friend! I must be honest (as I always am) and say that I was pleasantly surprised by the red number that showed up! Before I tell you what that red number was, let me recap you on what the last numbers were.

Right before we moved to TX from NC I was 250ish, I don’t remember the exact number but give or take about 5 pounds. This was the summer of 2011.
When I was pregnant with my daughter Lily I lost a ton of weight. I think I was 213 the day that I had her. This was June 2012.
It is now January 2013 and I weigh 228…even!

Not bad! I could have sworn it was going to be more than that! I am honestly very shocked it wasn’t considering the way I was eating before all this change happened. Thankful but still shocked! I am not sure what I want my goal weight to be, haven’t really thought about that. All I know is that I would love a 1 as my starting weight number. That would just make me cry I am sure!

I also wanted to say that today wasn’t a good food day for me. I suddenly became stressed and overwhelmed that I started just eating cookie dough like it was going out of style. I started to beat myself up about it but thought, what good is that going to do? Probably just force myself into eating more crap! So I stopped and said, no worries, I can start fresh tomorrow and just remember that morning bring new beginnings.

Also, I was texting with my best friend today & talking about how we were both done making excuses about exercising. And then she saw a quote on Pinterest tonight and sent it to me. I wanted to share with yall because what it says couldn’t be anymore truer. Thanks LQ for sending it to me! Think I am going to print it off and tape it to my wall so it’s a daily reminder!

If you are on myfitnesspal.com, then please add me! I would love to go on this journey with you & to support each other!