40 weeks, Baby #6


So here we are….40 weeks & 1 day. Baby W has decided that it’s not time to come and he/she just isn’t ready to grace us with their presence.
Here is a recap of 39 weeks.

Besides just feeling pressure, there wasn’t much going on & no change in anything.
Wednesday evening me & a bestie went walking to try and get things started. We walked 2 miles. Then I came home and went to the store with Mister = more walking. Then we Googled pressure points to help induce labor & then Mister rubbed those points. Nothing came from any of those efforts.
Another bestie of mine has been out of town helping one of her family members & Mister said that this baby is probably waiting on her to come back into town. Well, she stopped by yesterday and told Baby W that it was ok to come anytime now! We’ll see how well Baby listens πŸ˜‰
And then last night happened. We had eaten dinner, our family that is in town had gone back to their hotel, and the kiddos were getting ready to have a cupcake. I was sitting on the couch & I felt a ton of pressure building up on the under part of my belly. At first I figured that it was just pressure and nothing would come from it. Well then it started to build again and I had to close my eyes and concentrate & then the discomfort/pain went down. These contractions started to be consistent & started to become more painful. Mister finally said that I needed to start timing them. He could tell by the way that I was acting & getting irritated when people talked to me that these were the real deal. At first I wasn’t sure just because of the way they felt. They weren’t what I remembered with my other 4 labors (I never labored with baby #5). I said that I would start timing them after I went to the bathroom. Went to the bathroom and decided to get my shower in at that time instead of waiting until later in the evening…just in case. Nothing happened after I got up from the couch. Everything stopped. No pain. No contractions. No nothing. I was so bummed. I really thought it was about to be go time. Since it stopped, we did the pressure points again. Nothing happened over night. This takes us to this morning (Friday). I had my appointment this morning and was ready to see what the dr would have to say & see if I had dilated more since last week.

Everything checked out just fine with me (weight & blood pressure). We talked about induction options. There is a small chance that my uterus could rupture period because of having a prior csection. My risk increases (not by much) when you put the option in of using pitocin. I would really not like to add a higher chance of my uterus rupturing if it’s not needed. My dr knows this and we are on the same page. She will allow me to go all of next week to go into labor on my own but if I don’t, then we will schedule an induction for the last week of July. She asked if I wanted to be checked and I said yes. I wanted to know if I dilated more with everything that was going on. I am still at 2cm, no biggie. I asked her if she would do a membrane sweep & she said she would. I told her to go ahead and do it. Boy was that more painful than I remember! Of course I had some spotting afterwards and have had some cramping but that’s to be expected. My next appointment is scheduled for Wednesday the 23rd if there is no baby before then.
Hopefully I can get this baby to come on his/her own! I do not want to be induced or have another csection! I will continue to try natural ways to get things moving & pray it works!
If something happens between now and my next appointment, I will definitely update πŸ™‚

40 weeks & 1 day (July 18, 2014)


34 weeks, Baby #6

Only 6 more weeks?! This is crazy!

I know that I say this every week but I cannot believe how fast this is all going & how quickly D day is coming! I was hoping that the days would go by slower….no such luck! So let’s recap week 33.

I turned 34 weeks on 06/05/14.

I was told last week that I have a waddle. I didn’t feel like I was waddling and don’t watch myself walk, so I wouldn’t really know. But I guess it is at that point in pregnancy where I would have one. No biggie to me though!
I have noticed that my belly seems to be a bit bigger but not by much.
Baby has been more active at night when I am laying down. His/her movements have become more uncomfortable also. I don’t know if this is because the baby is trying to turn (pretty sure baby hasn’t done this yet) or if it’s because baby is just running out of space. Who knows & it doesn’t really matter but it’s just something that I have noticed.
I have Baby W’s bag packed (for the most part). I will need to add things to it as it gets closer and/or if I can think of anything else to add. Knowing me, I will probably rearrange things & repack it a few more times. Usually this has been done for at least a month now….definitely been slacking!
(Yes there are clothes in there, they are just all under that fantabulous blanket that you see next to the diapers.)
Baby seems to be getting the hiccups more often or maybe I am just noticing them more. I usually only feel/notice them at night.
I have not been having any braxton hicks or even contractions.
I’ve still been walking almost everyday but if it’s too hot outside, I won’t venture out. It just gets too hot here some days.

I have a few friends who don’t think that I will make it into July at all! This makes me nervous! I have never had a baby more than a few days before their due date. Having a baby at least 2 weeks before their due date isn’t something that I would like to happen. But believe me, no matter when this baby gets here, it will surely be loved by many πŸ™‚

My next doctors appointment is this Friday the 13th. I will be having an ultrasound at this appointment as well as getting checked. I am hoping that with the ultrasound it will show that the baby has turned. I really don’t want to have to worry about this again. I know that I have at least a month to get baby turned if need be but having tried during my last pregnancy and nothing worked….it’s just not something that I would like to go through again. We shall see on Friday though!

One of my best friends has pretty much taken care of all the details for me. She already has plans for our other kiddos. Which is very helpful for us! She is also going to come up to the hospital after baby is born and take some pictures. Which I am totally excited about because we have never had pictures like that before.
I also have all 5 kiddos bags packed for ‘go time’. They aren’t allowed to go into these bags now that they are packed. It’s all set, they would just need to put shoes on. I still need to start on my bag but I will probably do that in the next week or 2. Whatever Mister will be bringing will probably be thrown into my bag when it’s time. That’s just how he rolls. No biggie to me though since he’s low maintenance and doesn’t want a ton of stuff anyway while we are there.

I think this is all I have to update you on. I will do my 35 week update (recapping 34 weeks & my appointment) on Friday or that weekend.
See you then πŸ™‚


33 weeks, Baby #6

I haven’t posted this because I have been waiting to remember to take a picture, so hopefully by the time this is posted I will have remembered before I turn 34 weeks πŸ˜‰

So I’m going to recap 32 weeks.

Nothing eventful to report from this past week.
Still loosing my mucus plug. Pressure when I walk sometimes. The baby tends to push towards the front of my belly when I walk. I have no idea what this is about or why it happens. Doesn’t bother me or hurt, I just don’t remember this happening with any other pregnancies. I sometimes feel pressure going on down there but at this point, I am expecting that. Getting more tired as I’m doing things. I have to take more breaks throughout whatever it is that I am doing where as I used to be able to do more in the same period of time. That part is still frustrating for me but there’s nothing that I can do about it at this point. I can definitely feel nesting kicking in! If my body would let me, I would be doing something around this house all day long. There just seems to be something that I want to get done all the time. I am going to work on getting these things done but pacing myself so I don’t over do it or throw myself into labor before it’s actually time. (This is where my lists will come in handy πŸ™‚ )
It has also been brought to my attention that I haven’t even started packing any bags for when it’s go time! What!? Once I realized this I was a little shocked with myself. Usually I am on top of things like this & have already rearranged the bags a few times. 1 reason why I think this is is because of all the other things that I want to get done & have just been pushing bag packing to the side. I also blame the fact that I am so scatter brained this pregnancy on why it’s not done. I’m pretty sure that I’ve said it before but I have never been this scattered brained, ever! I truly have pregnancy brain this time around & it’s driving me a bit crazy!

This week I am going to focus on finishing up my nesting list & bag packing.

I had my appointment this past Friday.
I gained less than 10 pounds since my appointment last month. According to the dr & nurse, I am still dehydrated some. I don’t know how I can drink any more water than I already am! But I know that since I have been walking and the heat, I am sure that has something to do that all that. I will just keep drinking my water and, hopefully, I won’t need to have an IV hooked up to me. Everything else checked out just fine. I go back on 06/13. My dr said she wanted to get an ultrasound done & then check me to see if anything is going on. I am so hoping that this baby turns (hasn’t as of yet) because I do not want another csection if I don’t have to!

Alright readers, see you next Thursday for my next update πŸ™‚


Session #1

Last week Dom had his first therapy session. Mister was able to go because he was on a week long vacation (it’s over now :() and we think that it went well. Mister & Dom went first with the Dr. and they talked about things and he asked questions. Then they came back downstairs (the building is beautiful & I am pretty sure it’s an old home) and then the Dr. and I went into a room and talked.
So I think it was more of a get to know you meeting and see where things are and what our concerns are. Apparently the Dr. told Mister that he thinks he knows what the problem is but I guess he is waiting to tell us. I don’t really know.

We have another appointment next week, so we will see what happens during that appointment.

I was in therapy more than 10 years ago & I honestly don’t even remember any of it. I am not really sure what to expect during these appointments. I am so hoping that we get some coping skills and tips on how to handle things. We don’t want Dom to be dependent on meds his entire life but because it’s so hard to talk with him during his episodes, it makes it really difficult to teach him skills to deal with his emotions. So if we learn something that can help us help him, then hopefully things will get better!

I will update y’all next week after his next appointment & let ya know how that went!


Lily update!

I know it has been like 2 months since I updated on her….I am not very good at this, haha!

Lily is a little over 7 months old now! I cannot believe that she is getting so big so fast! I don’t think that I have noticed time going by so quickly before. I mean it seems that as the older I get the years go by faster, but it just seems different this time. Maybe it’s because we are doing more things than we have ever done before. I don’t know, but I do know all you parents out there know what I am talking about!

Anyway, onto the baby!

Like I said Lily is 7 months old. She is crawling all over the place! Having to tell the older kiddos to make sure their things are off the floor is a daily (multiple times a day) task. She is pulling herself up on everything! She is gnawing on everything in sight! She has been doing that for a few months now but no teeth have popped through…yet! She is taking an interest in food. I have been giving her sweet potatoes (homemade not jarred) but she is having a hard time with those. I don’t want to give her too much too soon. I give her the smallest bite and she always seems to gag on it. I just think that it’s so different that she is having a hard time. I will keep giving it to her though and hopefully can get some ‘real’ food in her! I was told by her ped that it’s no biggie right now if she doesn’t eat it. She is still nursing which I am SUPER happy about! She is however sleeping in her own bed but it’s right next to my side of the bed. Well, for the most part she is sleeping in her own bed. Sometime during the night (I am not sure when) she must wake up and I put her in bed with me to nurse her & then I wake up in the morning and she’s next to me. Which I am not complaining about, I absolutely love it! I am still wearing her too! I love that! I so wish that I would have been doing this with my 4 other kiddos!!! She is smiling, giggling, and talking up a storm! I am loving the interaction that she is getting into!

Let me see how much I can remember from her 6 month appointment πŸ˜‰
All of her measurements are average. I am happy about that & glad that my body is doing what it should be! She had her shots and didn’t have any problems with that. He said that I can start her on baby food but not to worry if she doesn’t take off with it, which she hasn’t. He said that she should be an excellent sitter upper by 9 months but he didn’t think she would wait that long….and she didn’t. We talked about some other things but I don’t remember, ha! She will be going back for her 9 month appointment in March.

We also went to the dentist this same day as her dr appointment. I wasn’t sure how she would do, but she did awesome! They don’t really do much at this age (from what I have seen) but he said that she looks good! I did bring up one concern that I had with something that I had been feeling in her mouth. Keep in mind that she has no teeth right now. She has had this bump behind her bottom gums for months. I had no idea what it was, how it got there, or why it was there. The dentist felt it and said that it was a tooth bud. I have never heard of that before or had any other of my kiddos have this. He said that it would move it’s way forward and then her teeth would come in. Still nothing and the bump is still there. She goes back in March and we will see if it’s still there.

I am hoping that I covered everything that has been going on. If not, I will add it to her 8 month update! Now I am hoping that I can remember to make the update, haha!

I have an idea for her monthly pictures, so I will try to get that posted this weekend!

See ya next month πŸ™‚


* Week 37 *

Ahhhh!!! Getting so close! It has begun to hit me that I am so close to my due date and close to meeting Baby L!

This past week was not fun….at least not the end of the week.
I have been feeling more pressure in that area & where my belly sticks out the most. For whatever reason this baby likes to push himherself up against my belly. You can feel the baby when heshe does this! Makes it alittle awkward to walk sometimes. My back is still taking a beating but thanks to Mister, I am getting (almost) daily back rubs. Although I am not sure if this is really happening but at the end of most days, my feet & ankles feel like they are so swollen. Mister noticed it once but I don’t think anyone is really paying attention. The reason why the end of my week wasn’t so great was because I ended up getting a 24 hour stomach bug. That was definitely not fun being 3637 weeks pregnant and hugging the toilet! I hope that never happens again! And for you ladies that it does happen to….I am so sorry & feel your pain!

My appointment this week happened to fall on the day that my weeks change over! My appointment over all went well. Baby & Mommie are doing just fine. I lost about 5lbs since last week, but I am pretty sure that’s because I was sick & didn’t eat for over 24 hours. Blood pressure & baby’s heartbeat is just fine. I had some labs done last week & it came back that my iron count was alittle low. So they want me to take iron pills 2x daily. I don’t do pills. It’s all in my head as to why, but I just don’t swallow them. So I am going to try and find some foods that I can eat instead of taking the pills. Hopefully that will help. My dr says that Baby L is still breech but as also said that he wants to do an ultrasound soon to make sure. There have been a few appointments where he wasn’t sure if the baby turned or not. Either way, I am not going to worry about it right now. There is still time for Baby L to turn. If Baby L doesn’t turn, then I will look at my options then. Although I know the options that I have, I am just not going to worry over it. I go back next Wednesday for my 38 week appointment!

37 Weeks
Taken on 051512


* 35 Weeks * Part 2

Well there are only about 5ish weeks left of this pregnancy! I cannot believe how fast it has gone but on the other hand it feels like it has taken forever! Either way, I have enjoyed it!

Not much has changed with the symptoms that I was feeling last week. I am feeling the baby push against my belly whenever I stand or walk. It’s a weird feeling that I haven’t felt before…definitely a weird feeling. When I lay down at an angle or pull my pants up, my belly sticks out some and you can see the outline of the baby. That hasn’t happen to me before and it is kinda freaky looking.
Nesting has definitely set in over the last couple of days! I am really trying to take advantage of all that while I can but without over doing it. Not so good at that last part though. I have gotten a few things done that I wanted to get done and am hoping that I can do more today!
I have 3 craft projects that I would like to get done within the next 5 weeks. Two should be no big deal. My big project though will be giving a dresser some love that we just picked upΒ yesterday. It’s definitely not in bad shape but just needs some love. I will be sanding, staining, and adding new knobs to the dresser. Don’t think I want to paint it but thinking about adding some stencils to the top. Mister suggested adding maybe a branding to it….he said to make it more Texas…love that man! We will see what we come up with. I will post progress to if any of you are interested in that!

Now, on to what happened at my drs appointment. My appts are usually in the morning & I don’t eat much at that point in the day, but this time it was in the afternoon. I figured my weight would be alittle higher than usual because of the time of day I was going. Much to my surprise I had lost 3 lbs in a week! Aren’t I supposed to be doing the opposite at this point!? Everything sounded great & I am measuring just fine. He did an internal exam to see if I was dialted or anything (nothing going on in that department yet) but he did feel some pressure down there and is pretty sure that Baby L has turned! I am so happy that I don’t have to worry anymore about that. I wasn’t really worried about it but with my dr bringing it up these last three appts, it’s been on my mind more than usual. I go back Wednesday for my 36 week appointment.

Until next week πŸ™‚


Week 20 Appointment Update

Well we had our 20 week ultrasound & dr appointment today.
I had a different tech than I normally do & I have never met her before….and to be honest, I don’t want her again. Not very personable & talked to me like I was a child and didn’t know anything. She was angry with me because I didn’t drink enough water before my appointment. Well I am sorry but it felt like my bladder was going to explode, so I stopped drinking. Everytime she couldn’t see a part of Baby L clearly – she blamed it on me. I will try and make a point to not have her again (they only have two techs so hopefully I can get the other lady). But anyway on to how Baby L is doing!

Baby L is growing & developing just fine. Weighing in at around 12oz! Heartbeat is 147! We didn’t get to tell the tech that we didn’t want to find out the gender until she said “I don’t see any boy parts”. We didn’t know she was looking in that area until after she said that. And then when Mark said “Oh we didn’t want to find out” – she then said “Well I really can’t see any parts because her bladder isn’t full enough” (again, my fault). So we are no closer to finding out what Baby L is then we were yesterday. But like I have said many times….if this baby is a boy I would be VERY surprised!

I have lost another 2 lbs, making it a total of 15lbs that I have lost since I start going to the dr in November at 8 weeks. My dr said that he isn’t worried about it right now since the baby is growing right on track. He said that if it continues then he will look into it. I am eating, so no worries there. I figure because I was on the heavier side to begin with…it’s not really a big deal. They are alittle concerned with my placenta being so low. I have never ran into this issue before, so this is definitely something new for me. It’s not covering my cervix but they want to keep an eye on it just in case it moves further down. The tech said that they wouldn’t call it placenta previa yet, but if my placenta continues to go further down, then they will. If it continues to go closer to my cervix & covers it….then I will have to have a c-section. Not something that I want to happen, but it will get checked again 28 weeks and we will go from there. They said it’s still alittle too early to have a final answer but it’s something they want to keep an eye on.

I go back to the dr on 022012 & I will be around 24 weeks. I will have another ultrasound around 28 weeks to look at a few things they couldn’t get on Baby L this time & to check on my placenta.

Here are some pictures from today:

Side profile of Baby L

Hello world! See you soon!

Enjoy πŸ™‚


* Week 20 *

Baby’s digestive system is busy creating meconium (a tarry black substance made of swallowed amniotic fluid, digestive secretion and dead cells), which will fill the first diaper after birth. And, speaking of the diaper situation… baby’s genitals are now fully formed!

We are half way through this journey! Of course we never know when baby’s are coming but there are at least 20 more weeks left until we meet Baby L! How exciting!

Definitely feeling more movement but it’s only when sittinglouging. It will be cool to feel Baby L when I am standing and everything else. I am all belly this time around (same as I was with my daughter). I don’t thinkfeel that I am gaining weight anywhere else, my husband says the same thing. And I must mention that he is very honest with me about this kinda of thing & if he thought I was, then he would tell me. (One of the many reasons I love him!)
You know when you eat too much and you unzip your pants just alittle to feel better?! Well by the end of the day…that’s what I would like to do with my belly area! It is just so tight and uncomfortable!
I possted on my personal Facebook page that we should take stock in milk! This heartburn is killing me! The majority of the time it’s at night right as I am trying to go to sleep, but I do get it during the day. And I wish it was something that I could pinpoint and then stay away from….but it that were the case I wouldn’t be eating or drinking the rest of this pregnancy! It doesn’t matter what I ingest…it’s a promise that I will get heartburn. Doesn’t that mean the baby will have a full head of hair!?
I am getting more uncomfortable at night. When I fall asleep at night I am fine. It’s when I wake up to go to the bathroom or one of my kids wake up during the night or my husband wakes me up because he is snoring so loud! Anyway, it’s when I wake up in the middle of the night when it’s hard for me to go back to sleep & get comfortable.
Smells still get to me but not as bad as it used to. There isn’t anything specific…just depends on how the smell hits me.
Pretty much the same thing with food….nothing specific, just depends on how I am feeling at that moment. Which can suck because I will crave something, start making it, and then all of the sudden it makes me feel so ill!
Last week we got some more baby stuff! I will post some in a different post if anyone wants to see!

2 more days (Thursday 011912) until my next dr appointment! I am so excited about this appointment. As you all know we aren’t finding out the gender of Baby L until heshe makes their grand entrance…..BUT that doesn’t mean I am not going to looking & trying to figure out what is or isn’t there! You would think that with this being my 5th child, I would be able to tell the difference when looking at the ultrasound…..but I am not! I have had several dreams about this appointment and the gender never changes. Now I will say that I don’t know if it’s because I really think & want this baby to be a girl or if my dreams are the truth. Good thing we will eventually find it out! I will make a post & video once I get back home from this appointment to let you all know how it went & to say if I got a sneak peak at anything. Fingers crossed!!!!

Ok, I have some giveawaysreviews to write up and post for you all! There will be one posted starting tomorrow until Friday! So be on the look out for those. I have had friends ask me if I would be doing weekly videos like I started out doing & I said yes. So follow this link to my Youtube channel if you would like to hear me talk about my pregnancy!

Tune in next week for week 21 & see how things are going with me & Baby L!

Enjoy πŸ™‚


* Week 19 *

Vernix caseosa, a greasy white substance made of lanugo, oil and dead skin cells (yum) now coats baby’s skin, shielding it from the amniotic fluid. (Picture yourself after a nine-month bath, and the need for protection makes sense.) You might actually get to see the vernix at birth, especially if baby is premature.

There is nothing new to report from this past week. Still feeling some movement but nothing huge and definitely not consistant. I feel like my belly is getting bigger & my shirts are getting shorter πŸ˜‰ Still not being able to eat a lot but I am pretty sure me & Baby L are getting enough. I need to get back to drinking my water because I can feel it when I am not. Other than all that there is nothing exciting going on in my pregnancy world.

I have a dr appointment on the 19th of this month & there will be an ultrasound. This ultrasound is to find out the gender of Baby L, but as you read in my last post, we will not be finding out. But I will try and sneak a peak and see if I can’t tell the difference. I will definitely update after this appointment.

So until next weeks update which will be 20 weeks (!)….that’s right for right now!

Enjoy πŸ™‚