34 weeks, Baby #6

Only 6 more weeks?! This is crazy!

I know that I say this every week but I cannot believe how fast this is all going & how quickly D day is coming! I was hoping that the days would go by slower….no such luck! So let’s recap week 33.

I turned 34 weeks on 06/05/14.

I was told last week that I have a waddle. I didn’t feel like I was waddling and don’t watch myself walk, so I wouldn’t really know. But I guess it is at that point in pregnancy where I would have one. No biggie to me though!
I have noticed that my belly seems to be a bit bigger but not by much.
Baby has been more active at night when I am laying down. His/her movements have become more uncomfortable also. I don’t know if this is because the baby is trying to turn (pretty sure baby hasn’t done this yet) or if it’s because baby is just running out of space. Who knows & it doesn’t really matter but it’s just something that I have noticed.
I have Baby W’s bag packed (for the most part). I will need to add things to it as it gets closer and/or if I can think of anything else to add. Knowing me, I will probably rearrange things & repack it a few more times. Usually this has been done for at least a month now….definitely been slacking!
(Yes there are clothes in there, they are just all under that fantabulous blanket that you see next to the diapers.)
Baby seems to be getting the hiccups more often or maybe I am just noticing them more. I usually only feel/notice them at night.
I have not been having any braxton hicks or even contractions.
I’ve still been walking almost everyday but if it’s too hot outside, I won’t venture out. It just gets too hot here some days.

I have a few friends who don’t think that I will make it into July at all! This makes me nervous! I have never had a baby more than a few days before their due date. Having a baby at least 2 weeks before their due date isn’t something that I would like to happen. But believe me, no matter when this baby gets here, it will surely be loved by many 🙂

My next doctors appointment is this Friday the 13th. I will be having an ultrasound at this appointment as well as getting checked. I am hoping that with the ultrasound it will show that the baby has turned. I really don’t want to have to worry about this again. I know that I have at least a month to get baby turned if need be but having tried during my last pregnancy and nothing worked….it’s just not something that I would like to go through again. We shall see on Friday though!

One of my best friends has pretty much taken care of all the details for me. She already has plans for our other kiddos. Which is very helpful for us! She is also going to come up to the hospital after baby is born and take some pictures. Which I am totally excited about because we have never had pictures like that before.
I also have all 5 kiddos bags packed for ‘go time’. They aren’t allowed to go into these bags now that they are packed. It’s all set, they would just need to put shoes on. I still need to start on my bag but I will probably do that in the next week or 2. Whatever Mister will be bringing will probably be thrown into my bag when it’s time. That’s just how he rolls. No biggie to me though since he’s low maintenance and doesn’t want a ton of stuff anyway while we are there.

I think this is all I have to update you on. I will do my 35 week update (recapping 34 weeks & my appointment) on Friday or that weekend.
See you then 🙂


*34 Weeks*

Good Thursday morning everyone!

I turned 34 weeks on Tuesday but had my drs appt yesterday and I wanted to wait until after that appt to update on how things were going. So here is the weekly update!

Things are going good! I feel huge but doesn’t most ladies at this point!? Baby L is still very active and making Mommie uncomfortable most times. Would much rather all that though than being concerned! I am sore onthe under part of my belly most nights…some days I forget to sit down! Still tired most of the time but I think that’s a combo of being 34 weeks and then my daily life. The bugs are eating me alive lately! Need to remember bug spray!!! Lately when we go to the store or walk around some place, I feel a ton of pressure! To the point where I have to stop walking and squeeze my muscles together (like when you have to pee) because it feels like the baby will just fall out! I know that Baby L won’t, but that’s the amount of pressure I am feeling. Also, when I stand up Baby L insists on pushing hisher head against my belly. If you put your hand in the right spot, you can feel hisher head. If my skin were any thinner, you could probably put your hand around the head!

As for what happened at my appt…here are those details.
I gained a pound but I had eaten right before my appt…either way, I am pretty happy with what I weight for being almost to the finish line, not going to complain about that! Baby L is still breech. I am not concerned about that considering that I still have 6 weeks left. My dr gave me two options….#1-I could have him manually turn the baby. Which would be done on the labor & delivery floor because there is a chance of all that kicking me into labor or #2-delivery a breech baby. Now option #1 is not an option for me….I do not want to do that. And I am not really worried about option #2 because, like I said, I still have 6 weeks left. I am not sure why I am being given these options when there is still plently of time for Baby L to turn. I would understand if I were 39 weeks but even then a baby could turn. I go back next Wednesday and need to give him my choice then. I think that I am just going to wait it out and see what Baby L decides to do. I do not want to make my baby turn if heshe isn’t ready & risk going into labor when baby isn’t ready and neither is my body. I do not have a history of early labor andor having a breech baby. And I will not do something just because the dr feels better about it. So, again, I am waiting it out to see what Baby L does over the next 6 weeks. I am, however, looking into natural ways  (my friend gave me this site) to turn the baby. But I probably won’t even be doing those until my due date gets closer and if Baby L still isn’t turned. Other than all that, everything with Mommmie and Baby are just fine!

I have my bag ready to go! Bailea helped me pack it the other week. The only things that I need to add to it are my things….but I won’t do that until my due date gets closer. The truck is also all cleaned out and now I just have to get Mister to get the car seat in there. I am not allowed to get the car seat as it is under a few totes. So I am hoping that Mister will get that out this weekend. I also need to print out my birthing plan so that is ready to go also. Baby L’s bed is also ready to go…would just need to take all the stuffed animals out or move them to the end of the bed. All clothes, blankets, & everything else has been washed & put away! I picked up a few bottles yesterday & washed those as well. Those are just in case breast feeding doesn’t work out again.
I think that they only thing that I would like to have before “it’s time” is a small batch of disposable diapers. I just want those for the beginning with the tar poop. I have heard that that poop is really hard to get out of cloth. Other than that I think we are ready!

Speaking of ready….
I am so ready to meet Baby L! I cannot wait to see if this is Lily or Landon! But as much as I can’t wait…I kinda would like this pregnancy to last alittle longer. I know most women say the opposite, but I have enjoyed this pregnancy and, for all I know, this could be my last. I would hate to wish it to go faster and then never be able to experince this again. I know that my day will come when there will be no more Welker Babies. Just wanting to enjoy these last few weeks while I can and maybe Baby L will be late so I can have a few extra weeks.

Well I think that’s all the updates I can think of right now.
Until next week 🙂