Throwback Thursday 07/04/13

My, how much they grow in a year.

“In youth the days are short and the years are long. In old age the years are short and the days are long”
-Pope Paul VI



9 month pt.2

Since Lily had her 9 month check with her Dr and dentist, I figured I’d share how those went. Dr – she is growing just fine. She was cleared to eat table food. We have been giving her table food here and there. I do not want to mess up her breast feeding and totally not ready to give that up. She had shots this time around because we somehow got behind on shots even though we’ve never missed an appointment. No reaction from those at all. Dentist- she has no teeth yet but they say she will have a bottom one soon. I had no idea but then when I felt her bottom gums, I could feel that her gums felt different. So we shall see when the tooth pops through. She goes back in June to see both again. I can’t believe that when she goes back for these check ups that she will be 1!!!! Thanks Dr. Johnson and Dr. Lee for being great with Lily & all my kiddos! Very thankful for a happy and healthy baby girl!


Mommie update!

And now for an update on me, the Mommie!

I have been doing well! I have not experienced any postpartum depression this time, thank God! I don’t know if I have been too busy to notice it or what, haha! Just glad that I haven’t had to deal with that. Still breastfeeding and sorta co-sleeping.

I have started a journey to loose the baby weight. I am not dieting or cutting foods out in anyway, just watching how much I am eating. The only thing that I have reduced is the sweets. I haven’t been eating as much of those as I have been before.

But other than that, I am not sure what else to report about what’s been going on with me in the last 7ish months! I think that I won’t update again on me until Lily is 1 year old!