Wanna play a game!?

She has asked me to help manage her page during the day, which I feel so honored that she asked me, and I want to help her out with sales as much as I can.
So I asked her & ran an idea by her last night about what I had in mind. She said she thought it was a good idea, so now we just have to start the details.

I wanted to help spread the word about the game & share with you all too so if you were interested or know someone who might be you could tell them about it.

We do know that we will be giving away discounts, bogo, and gift certificates as prizes!
We will do trivia questions. With each question there will be an equal prize.

Easy answers get smaller prizes & harder questions get bigger prizes.
I am hoping that maybe we can do this monthly to keep fans coming back & sales up on her end.
Plus this is going to be fun!!!!

So if you want to play, please follow this link to join in! Spread the word too ūüôā


Car seat cover + more giveaway *CLOSED*

I haven’t done a review/giveaway for FluffyRumps is too long but I am here with another one!

Most of us, if not all of us, use a blanket to cover our babies when it’s cold outside when they are in their car seats. It is so annoying to me that I can’t keep it tucked under Lily without it moving, falling off, or her pulling it out from underneath herself. I wouldn’t have to check so much to make sure the blanket was still in place and/or fix it when it did!

Thank goodness I don’t have to do any of that anymore! Rhonda as come up with a great idea! I was so excited for it to get cold so I could use this with Lily! I have to admit though, for whatever reason, I had trouble figuring out how it went on. I couldn’t picture it. I felt silly when I looked at the pictures Rhonda has posted on her FB page of these covers. It was definitely a slap-the-forehead kinda moment!

I love the fabric that she uses…..so soft! She has many different in stock covers that y’all can choose from!
I use this cover on Lily every time we go out & it’s cold…even chilly. It beats having to worry about a blanket & keeping it on!

I also found out that it makes for a great cart cover also. Stores are usually cold no matter the time of year anyway, so using this car seat cover as a cart cover in the summer will work out great! I have never used a cart cover before but it just looks bulky. This isn’t! You can just take your baby from the carseat to the cart and not have to take anything off or add anything.

jan7 060 jan7 061 jan7 062


I will definitely be using this next winter also! I don’t think that Lily will have out grown the leg part by then. Please check them out & get one!

Now for the fun part…giveaway time!
All you have to do is follow these simple entries & you will be entered to win one of these covers for your baby!
I will use random.org to choose a winner.
This giveaway will end in one week….02/16/13

*The winner will receive 1 carseat cover of their choice from the ‘Ready to Ship’ album on the fan page*

Entry #1 – ‘like’ Mommieventures on Facebook
Entry #2 – ‘like’ FluffyRumps on Facebook
Entry #3 – Which fabric pattern do you like best from her page? (Can be on an item)
Entry #4 – ‘like’ this post on WordPress
Entry#5 – Post on her page that I sent you.

*Please comment in a separate post for each entry*

Good luck & see you next week!

*I received this product at no charge to me. All opinions are my own*


My favorite WAHMs

Let me say something first….
These are work at home moms that I have bought from & have used their product. There are many MANY more WAHMs out there that make wonderful products as well…..these are ones that I personally trust and would definitely buy from again!

Since being introduced to WAHMs (about 1 1\2 years ago) I have always wanted to support them more than the big name businesses. I still have my loves that are big businesses but there is something about having a product made for you by hands….not a machine! And from my experience, when I have had questions about what I bought (usually how to wash the product) I am talking to the person that knows best…not a representative of the person who made it.
Ok, now that I have rambled on…it’s time to spot light my favorites!!!
(*In no particular order I must say*)

Bouncing Woolies:
I have been using¬†my Bouncing Woolies¬†dryer ball for over a year now & love it! I have even bought the rescenting¬†kits to try other scents¬†out….though I am not sure I did those right, haha! Anyway, I love the fact that¬†I don’t have to go out and keep buying dryer sheets & plus everything seems to dry faster and fluffier! I have not had one problem with the material of the ball coming apart or tearing…nothing! I would highly recommend¬†Bouncing Woolies if you are looking for a dryer ball!
Facebook Fan Page

Crazy Leggies:
You can get more than one item at this WAHM’s¬†shop! I have a pair of baby shoes & a few pairs of baby legs. Coming soon to my mailbox are going to be¬†two friendship bracelets as well! I happen to know this WAHM on a personal level and know all the hard work that she puts in. She absolutely loves what she does & makes a great, very well made product. I have to be honest and say that I was nervous washing the shoes for the first time….thinking that maybe stitching would come apart or something along those lines. Nothing happened to the shoes! They came out just like they went in….perfect! I cannot wait to put these WAHM product on Baby L once he\she gets here! If you are looking for baby shoes, baby legs, and other homemade baby products then I would highly suggest Crazy Leggies!
Facebook Fan Page

Daffe Designs:
Now I have had a wet bag from Daffe Designs for right around 2 years now. I have stuffed that thing full & am still amazed at the amount of diapers + clothes that this little bag will hold! Click here¬†to read my review of the wet bag when I first received it. I love this bag and will use it until it’s falling apart! I received another product from Daffe Designs not too long ago also. It’s a plain oneie with a “Hello my name is” label on it…..this is how we will be introducing Baby L to everyone! I love love¬†love this oneie! Again with being nervous to wash it and afraid the label would fall off….nothing happened! Love the oneie and, once again, cannot wait to put it on Baby L! There is so much that I want to buy from Daffe Design….I would need to win the lotto in order to get everything that I wanted!
Facebook Fan Page

Isaac & Rebekah:
I came across this WAHM through a giveaway on Youtube¬†& fall in love with her earrings! I started to buy some and wanted more! She is currently¬†on maternity leave until the middle of summer and so some of the items that I wanted would have to until she returned….needs to hurry up by the way ūüėČ Her earrings are so simple and clean yet they can be¬†worn with just about any outfit for any occasion. I don’t get dressed up hardly ever but I love the feeling that I get when I put her earrings on! I also need to state that these are the first pair of earrings that I have been able to put on that didn’t make my ear lobes itch like crazy! I have 4 pairs of her earrings and cannot wait to get more! Definitely check her out!
Facebook Fan Page

Lara’s Homesewn Goods:
I actually went to high school with this WAHM! When I found out that I was expecting this time around I wanted a nursing cover…I didn’t want to use a blanket because I just didn’t like the way they laid on the baby’s face while they were nursing. So I was looking around her shop & saw that she made nursing covers & fall in love with the pattern that I ended up buying! Now with the nursing cover going through the wash, I wasn’t nervous about stitching….I was nervous that the ring that brings the cover away from the baby’s face would end up bent in some way. I am happy to report that nothing happened to the ring! It is still the same shape & in the same spot that it was in before going through the wash. I love it and cannot wait to put it to use!
Facebook Fan Page

Lucky Girl Design Studio:
This WAHM isn’t a mom to humans bu she doesn’t have the cutest furry children! Her products aren’t something that you can put your hands on! She does web designs! She made my blog banner at the top of the page! I was trying to do it myself and it just wasn’t working for me….I am not talented in this area. And I am happy to announce that she will be adding Baby L once he\she gets here! I would love to have her redesign my whole blog…..but I need to brainstorm more on what I want it to look like and all those lovely details first! If you are wanting to redesign your blog or just get a banner, definitely check out LGDS!
Facebook Fan Page

Miss Lily’s Washing Powder:
I absolutely love this washing powder for my diapers! You can also use it for your normal laundry as well, but I use this just for diapers. I have been using¬†this washing powder for well over a year and would highly recommend¬†it to anyone who cloth diapers! I haven’t been using it for about 4 months now only because my youngest is now potty trained & am now waiting for Baby L to get here to use it! I love the smell of the powder….so many yummy¬†scents¬†to choose from! I cannot wait until I run out of the bag that I have so¬†I can purchase a new scent! Even if you love the washing powder you have for your diapers…..just buy one bag & tell me you don’t love it!!!
Facebook Fan Page
(I cannot find my bag of washing powder anywhere!!! But when I do I will include it in another post about WAHMs)

Those are it for now! There are some WAHM products I am waiting to either receive in the mail and\or haven’t ordered from them yet. I want to ony write about the ones that I have used so I can give my honest opinion about their handy work ūüôā So if you are reading this, are a WAHM, and know that I have something coming from you….don’t worry! I will make another post and include you on that one! I want to give fair and honest opinions about things & I just don’t think it would be either of those for me to say something about a product that I haven’t received yet.

I hope that all you readers out there will check out all these WAHMs and share some of your favorites as well!!!


The Lucky Butterfly

The Lucky butterfly is our first ad!!!!

She has also offered all you MommieVentures readers out there a 20% discount through the entire month of September! How awesome is that?! {Use coupon code MOMMIEVENTURES}

Check out her website & fan page! Her ad will run until 09\30\11 & will be located in the upper right hand side of the blog!

The Lucky Butterfly offers reuseable snack & sandwich bags for both boys & girls!


New opportunities for you!

I have 3 amazing opportunities¬†for you all out there! Some of you may have seen me post about these over the weekend on the fan page, but not everyone is connected¬†that way! I want to make sure everyone has a chance to read this because you never know how is out there looking for something just like this! So without further ado…..

Advertising: This is a great time to advertise for your business! Please read below for more information!

If you would like to have your business advertised for a cheap price, this is a great opportunity for you!
Your ad will run for 1 month at a time. It will be displayed¬†at the top on the right hand column. If you would like to run your ad for more than a month, I can do that too! After your month is finished, I will place you at the bottom of the list. This way it gives other businesses to have their ad displayed as well as having your ad ran again. It will only cost you $20 a month! I will only accept¬†paypal as payment. Your ad will not be¬†displayed until your payment as been cleared. You will receive an invoice from me 1 month prior to¬†ensure¬†that your payment is cleared. Please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com & put ‚ÄėAdvertisement‚Äô in the subject line.

Feature Friday: This is great for any WAHM and\or WAHD (Work At Home Mom\Dad) who is just wanting to get the word out about their small business!

This is for WAHMs who want to spread the word & promote their business! This is at NO cost to you & you don‚Äôt have to send me a product to be apart of this! This is a first come – first serve basis! Please EMAIL me at mommieventures@gmail.com & put ‚ÄėFeature Friday‚Äô in the subject line! Remember to include all the information you want posted along with any pictures that you would like to be included! Hurry because these slots fill up fast!

Non-profit Organizations: I love spreading the word about organizations that are doing things for a great cause!

If you run a non-profit organization & would like to have the word spread about it‚ĶI would love to help you with this! This is at NO cost to you! Please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com & put ‚ÄėNon profit‚Äô in the subject line. I will post a new one every Tuesday! This is be on a serve come ‚Äď first serve basis. Hurry these slots will fill up soon! Please include all the information & any pictures that you would like to be added to this also!

If any one of these opportunities sound like a door opening for you, then please walk through it! Feel free to email me anytime & I will get back with you ASAP! Again, my email is mommieventures@gmail.com! Can’t wait to hear from you!


Bubberboo & Abby Too!

Bubberboo & Abby Too! was started in July of 2010. We named the company after our son and daughter. We started out with a page on Facebook and have expanded to a web page and also an Etsy store. Our Facebook page has mostly handmade items such as our little hanging owls, infant safe snuggle owls, clippies, and headbands. Our Facebook page gives us the opportunity to interact with our customers.

We have a monthly $1 Comment Game and every item is just $1 with $2 shipping on the entire order. Our website features items one would find in a boutique. We have clothing, gifts, diaper bags, tutu sets, and much more. Our Etsy¬†store is in the early stages right now. There you will find our handmade owls. Our owls are our favorite as each one has it’s own “personality” based on the customers choice of colors/embellishments. Feel free to stop by any of our pages! ūüôā

***Comment game tonight- Starts at 7pm Central time!***



Fan Giveaway

It’s that time again!
The first fan giveaway I did was a HUGE hit! Thank you to all of you who suggested my fan page to your friends and thank you to those who ‘like’d¬†me and have suck with me! SO i¬†decided that since the first one went so well to have another one! We are currently at 337 fans and I will draw a winner when we are at 450 fans! I know that seems like a lot but it really isn’t. I am hoping that this giveaway will bring in more readers, not only to my blog and fan page, but for all of my sister sites as well. Most of them are just starting out on this journey and I know they would love more fans…I mean who doesn’t?!

So once we reach 450 fans, I will make another blog and then draw a winner from there through random.org. I am posting all of the¬†information about the sponsors here and one the next blog I make about this along with a few pictures. If you are reading this and would like to donate something and have a link set up for people to ‘like’ your fan page for your business, please feel free to email me at mommieventures@gmail.com, it’s not too late to donate!

So far we have 2 sponsors giving out 3 prizes! Thank you to our sponsors for donating and wanting to be apart of this giveaway! I will also be donating something from my Cafepress store and will add those items once I received them in the mail.

But for now here are the pictures of the items\services being donated along with their fan page and\or website. Please check them out so you know what you want if you are the winner!

First up Mama Made USA-Products Made By WAHM’s
She has donated this beautiful pink blanket! Perfect for the little, or not so little, princess in your life. It is really big and it would be perfect as a blanket on a bed as big as a twin! If you would like to take a look at some other products that are available, please check them out!
Here is the beautiful blanket (my camera do NOT do it justice!)

Jennifer has offered 2 (!) items to donate! One is a book from her Usborne business.
¬†Gobble Gobble¬†Moo! It’s a book valued at 15.99! While Farmer Dougal¬†sleeps, Sheep and his friends board the tractor and take turns making engine sounds. But what if their loud honks, moos¬†and squeaks wake the farmer? Children will love copying noises in this joyful story from the internationally renowned author, Jez¬†Alborough.
Here is the cover of this very cute sounding book!

Jennifer is also offering¬†¬†10% off any of my services. She is¬†willing to travel so it doesn’t have to be just in the Pitt County (NC) area.

We are now adding another sponsor to the fan giveaway! Crystal is a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. She has donated this wonderful gift set!

NEW limited-edition* Mary Kay¬ģ Coconut Lime Gift Set includes invigorating shower gel, luxurious body lotion and delightful body mist all in a travel-friendly bag.¬† A $26 value!!!

Here are the links to either their fan page or website to check out more of their products! I will also be adding these links actually blog where the giveaway will be held!
Mama Made USA-Products Made By WAHM’s
Usborne Books

Usborne Books Fan Page
JC Productions

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant- Crystal Booker

*Remember this is NOT the post where you need to comment in order to win. I will post that blog once we reach 450 fans!*


Initials, Inc. (Erinn Giblin)

Hi! I’m Erinn Giblin, and I’m proud to say that I am a Creative Partner with a fabulous company called Initials, Inc.¬† Initials, Inc. is a national Home Party Plan company offering only the best in personalized products.¬† As a result, Initials Inc. has blossomed into a personalization company like no other. Through parties, catalogs, and more you will discover a wide array of super cute, sassy, and durable bags, totes, towels, purses, and organizational tools among a ton of other items. We seek to blend quality products with unique creative opportunities. Every item in our catalog comes with free personalization which includes over 40 different ribbon trim options, limitless combinations of embroidery colors and fonts, and a collection of personality icons to boot!
Right now, I am having a Spring/Summer Celebration to celebrate the early release of 10 Brand New spring catalog items! (See Attached Flyers!) Visit my facebook fan page to learn how you can win $100 worth of beautiful products!

As a creative partner, I am always looking to inspire women daily. Initials, Inc. has created a wonderful opportunity for me to gain some independence by earning extra income, meeting new women, and truly enjoying what I do. We believe in dreaming big and making those dreams reality. I encourage other women out there to consider joining my Initials, Inc. team so they may experience the same rewarding opportunities Initials, Inc. has made possible for me. There’s only one you, and there’s only one now! Here are some of the amazing reasons I joined Initials, Inc.
Outstanding Career Plan
Fun Business Opportunity
Free Personalization‚ÄĒalways!
25% commission on everything you sell
Incredible bonus opportunities
Online ordering through your replicated website
Electronic customer Newsletter
Amazing incentive trips and rewards
For a limited time, you can join Initials, Inc. for just $11! (See Attached Flyer) Visit my website below or contact me for additional information. I would love to tell you more about this exciting opportunity!

Website: www.myinitials-inc.com/erinngiblin
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/initialsincerinng


JC Productions

Here it is again, Friday, and¬† that only means it’s Feature Friday time!
(Yes I realize that it’s Friday night, but hey, it’s still Friday)

If you live in the Pitt County or surrounding areas you are in the right area to have a great videographer!

JC Productions is able to provide a variety of services for whatever needs you may have. The following is an example of the various types of services I can provide:

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Reunions
  • Slide shows
  • Training videos
  • Video editing
  • Transfer services (VHS to DVD, HI-8 to DVD, etc.)
  • Legal videography (‚ÄúDay in the life‚ÄĚ videos, depositions, trials, etc.)

And that is just a sampling of what she offers! (You can send her an email to find out what else she does)

JC Productions is a company that specializes in the editing and production of many types of video products. For weddings, please click the ‚ÄúWedding Packages‚ÄĚ link. For other types of projects, please see the ‚ÄúRates‚ÄĚ link for general rates and pricing. Whether it is a training video for your company, editing services for your own videos, or other special occasion, I can design a set of services to suit you.

I use a variety of professional equipment to record and edit your event. Camera, Video camera, FCP, etc.

Jennifer Coile holds a B.S. degree in Communication with a concentration in Video Production from East Carolina University. She has over 10 years of experience with various groups and organizations and will be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.

Sounds pretty impressive to me!!!!!
Her rates aren’t bad either! She has lots of ways to get your event into a package that you can enjoy for years to come!
So if you are interested in her services, please check out her website! She has all her contactinformation there along with more information and samples!

Courtney’s Alphabet Review & Giveaway

I was approached by Courtney asking me if I could help promote her products and get her name out there…..of course I said yes!

I wasn’t really told what exactly I would be getting from her, which is perfectly ok with me because I LOVE surprises, so when I received her package and saw what she had made for me-¬†I instantly fell in love with it!
It was right before Christmas that I received this and it fit perfectly in with the holidays, but it also works very well with any other day of the year. I will not be packing my ‘JOY’ away with all the other Christmas decorations!

I haven’t found the perfect spot for it yet, or maybe I have and just haven’t realized it yet, but it hangs in my kitchen near the backdoor and pantry. You can’t help but see it when you walk in there. And since we spend most of our time in the kitchen, eating and cooking, it does remind you to remember the joy in our lives!

I love the texture of the letters and even the small detail of garland that she added to it. It would have been just as beautiful without, but that little extra touch that she added really made it beautiful!¬†Courtney does hand make her letters so you know that each one is made¬†just for you, even if someone happens to get the same thing as you ordered. I personally like handmade things better then¬†knowing that it came off the assembly line, just because I know (and can see) the love that was put¬†into your final product. Yes you may receive your items faster when you order from a bigger company…but faster doesn’t always mean better.

I love my ‘JOY’ letters and will always have it hanging in my house and always remember that she made it just for me and my family ūüôā

Are you wanting some letters of your own made by Courtney!? I don’t see how you can say no after seeing the pictures of her work! If you are, you are in luck!
Courtney’s Alphabet is giving one lucky winner a chance to win an 8 inch custom made letter!
Follow these directions and the lucky winner could be you!

If you like what I am I doing with my blog, please take 2 clicks to vote for me on TopMommyBlogs!
Each entry=1 comment! Please leave your email address in your mandatory entry!
Each comment/entry will show up once it is approved.

Mandatory Entry

*Visit Courtney’s Alphabet & tell me what you would want made for you!

Extra Entires

*’like’ MommieVentures on Facebook
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*‚Äôlike‚Äô¬†Courtney’s¬† Alphabet on Facebook & let them know that I sent you
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This giveaway will end on Monday January 24, 2011 at 9.30pm Eastern! The winner will be picked by Random.org!
*The winner must email me to claim their prize!*