Throwback Thursday 07/04/13

My, how much they grow in a year.

“In youth the days are short and the years are long. In old age the years are short and the days are long”
-Pope Paul VI



Throwback Thrusday 05/30/13

So I decided that I wouldn’t share a picture for this TBT plus there are no rules that say that it has to be a picture. I thought that I would post one of my first blog posts for this blog. I will share the link but also just copy & paste too! Hope you enjoy this TBT 🙂
This was published on 05/18/10!

Is it just my kids that eat things that shouldn’t be eaten!? No, can’t be! We are a pretty cool family, but we aren’t that cool to be the first family ever to have this happen!

First let me say that I have had her tested to make sure she isn’t missing something in her diet and her blood work is fine.

Now-what is the big tada about eating crayons!? Did they make crayons to have a flavor that us parents aren’t privy to? Did they put something secret in there that gives kids special powers!? I bet that’s it, the makers of crayons all over the world put something secret in all their crayons that helps our kids drive us nuts! Now, if I could only prove this and then make $$$$ off of my new found wonder!

Mmmmmm, ok back to the real world…..seriously though, what’s so special about crayons? I don’t think that there has been a day that hasn’t gone by that I don’t find my daughter and youngest son with crayon bits around their face and bits of crayon in their teeth. I take them away and put them where they cannot get to them and somehow they keep finding more! It’s probably the same people who are putting that ‘something secret’ in the crayons that keeps supplying them with the crayons to eat! I haven’t gathered up the gull to actually take a bite out of one myself yet, but if this continues I may have to find out for myself what’s so special about eating crayons!

If I do-I’ll be sure to pass along any info I get to help counter-act them driving us nuts!