A new do

Between my best friend and my husband, I was peer pressured into going a bit drastic with my hair.
Now most people may not think it was very drastic at all but for me it was a risk!

I very rarely get my hair cut let alone done. Usually when I need my haircut I just ask Mister to cut it for me. My hair is usually in a bun type thing anyway. I don’t have the time nor want to blow dry and then straighten my hair. There’s a lot of it and it’s thick and naturally wavey. It’s a bit time consuming and my arms get tired!
When I have gone somewhere to get color/highlights on my hair one of two things happen….#1- you can’t tell anything was done or #2- I don’t think it. Big waste o’ time to me!

When I mentioned that I wanted to get my hair done, my best friend took no time at all to text me a picture what cut she thought I should go with.

Loved the cut but wasn’t sure it would look good on me (I have a chunky face) and I didn’t think I wanted to go that short. I showed Mister the picture & he agreed with BF.
Then we started talking about color. They both said that I needed to go blonde. That part made me more nervous than anything! After talking with both of them I, nervously, jumped on board & made the appointment.

*A not so great before picture*

When I arrived at my appointment, sat in the chair, & showed the picture to the stylist she wasted no time in getting to work.

*I look like I belong in Whoville!*

*Foils are going on with blonde painted on my hair*

image *Took 2 to blow dry my hair & straighten because we were running out of time*

My appointment was at 12:45….I didn’t walk out of there until 3pm! I have too much hair!

Called Mister to come pick me up & his eyes lit up when he saw me! I love my new cut & color! I had to come home and change my clothes from frumpy to “made an effort” look. I cannot dress frumpy right now with this new do. It just doesn’t look right. It’s forced me to pay attention to what I’m going to put on.


The new do šŸ™‚

I want to encourage any of you that are thinking about going for a change, DO IT! The risk was worth the outcome for me & I hope it turns out that way for you too!


My feeling on baby #6

Terrified to be completely honest with you!
I was very content with having 5 kiddos and being 30 years old. My husband has always I wanted 6 but I hadn’t jumped on that bandwagon yet. I have always told him that I’m done having babies at 30. Not pregnant at 30 or delivering a baby at 30…done at 30.

Well it seems to me that God has a different plan for us than I had. Doesn’t seem to be that way all the time though!? You plan things out and then God comes along & says, nice try but let’s do it my way. Which I know deep down in my heart, is not only the right way but the only way I need to live my life….for Him and His plan/glory/kingdom.

Not only am/was I terrified but as soon as I saw the blue lines I knew what kind of feedback/reactions I was going to get from certain people. I knew who wasn’t going to be happy/excited & who would be. I didn’t want to tell anyone & just wanted to cry.
I promised I would send a picture of the test to one of my best friends as soon as I found out. I’m so thankful for her and how she was excited & made me laugh when I didn’t want to. Isn’t that what besties are for!?

I love babies, my babies, other people having babies, being pregnant, and watching others along their pregnancy journey. This is the way life works.

Went to my weekly bible study lesson & it was a smaller group than normal (in the end I was thankful for that). We were talking about what our homework was and the leader looked at me & said “What?” I hadn’t said anything. She said it looks like God is telling me to say something & I’m telling Him no.
Ok, this woman! She knows something every time! I love her to death and think it’s truly amazing how God speaks to her and she listens. So thankful for her.
I start to cry and tell them I’m pregnant. They are all so excited & happy for our family. God knew I needed that! It was encouraging to hear them speak truth to me when all I wanted to do was mope & feel sorry for myself. I should be confident in what God has given me (this new life/baby) and not be weary of what other people think. Who cares!? I perform for an audience of 1. If I am pleasing Him, then nothing, absolutely nothing else matters in this world. How dare I allow others to steal my joy & excitement for this new life I have growing inside me!?

I must say that it’s much easier for me to type this all out than to have this confidence 100% of the time. I’m not saying I don’t 100% believe it because I absolutely do! I am human and I still question things and will fall back some times/days. That is 100% ok! Just know that I won’t stay in that place of fear/worry. I will get back up and know that He has equipped me/my family with what we need for this baby already…. even if I can’t see it yet.

Don’t be afraid of others with what God has given you. Go forward and know that He is with you every step of the way.


Announcement time

Well, I obviously have something I want to share and, hopefully, the title caught your attention enough to want to stop & read šŸ™‚

We recently found out that we are expecting baby #6!
As of right now I have no details on this pregnancy except that the only reason I felt the need to take a test was because I was awakened one morning (at about 4am I might add!) with what felt like kicking. Sure enough, 2 blue lines showed up on the stick.
Waiting on insurance and then I’ll be getting my bootay to the dr.

I’m not sure when I’ll actually be publishing this post but it’ll be after our parents know.

Hope you will want to join me on this next ride!


Comfort zones

These are places we all like to stay in. We know these places. We like these places. We feel safe in these places.

But are we growing in these places?

The honest answer would be no.

How can we grow if we stay safe?

Everyone’s comfort zone is different. Mine is a place that I have stayed in for quite some time. It’s nice and cozy there. I know the surroundings and when an intruder comes in, my walls go up.

I have also come to find that when I stay too long in my comfort zone, I get bored or in a rut. I feel the new for change. But a change of/from what? How do I know where my line ends and a new one begins?

I’ve mentioned that I’m in a morning women’s bible study, have been for a few months now & am currently on our 3rd bible study. (Love this group of ladies by the way!) I started to feel a nudge that I needed to go further when sharing. Go further during our small group time there. I don’t know if the lady heading the study was clued in on what I was feeling or God spoke to her about or she just followed my cues but she has been a great supporter of me since I crossed into a new comfort zone.

Was I nervous, scared, overwhelmed, and any other emotion you can think of? Heck yea!!
The feeling inside of me (and it literally felt like I was going o jump out of my skin if I didn’t cross out of my comfort zone) was so much stronger than my fears that I couldn’t say no.
I believe that because of me doing these things that my family has been blessed like no other.

This isn’t a “Look at me” kinda thing either. It’s a “Look what God can do” kinda thing.

I am feeling another nudge coming my way and I’m nervous about it again but I know that I will obey Him. Whatever path He wants me on won’t be easy or pretty (probably the exact opposite at first) but I know it’ll be worth it.

If I can’t trust God in directing me in my life, then who can I!?


21 day fast

Mister and I are starting our 21 day Daniels fast tomorrow. I’ve never done this before but Mister did a 10 day fast last year. Well I did a fb fast earlier this year but I’ve never done a food fast before.

**Don’t worry, I’m not putting my milk supply in harms way **

A Daniels fast isn’t about detoxing your body or a way to loose weight, though I’m sure most do. This fast is a spiritual fast.

To be honest, I’m a little nervous. Not sure what to expect but I’m sure the devil and his friends will be trying to discourage me or Mister or both.

I am going to dig deep and pray more and open myself up to & for God during these next 21 days. I don’t know if there is a wrong or right way to do all this during this specific fast, but my heart will be in it and I pray He knows that.

To be very honest and open with y’all, I’ve been having a really hard time with God and my faith. I’m not loosing my faith and I still stand strong on my beliefs, but I’m just having a very hard time. I have no idea why this is happening but I’m praying to get answers and direction from Him during this time.

The main reason why I’m sharing this journey with y’all is to ask that you keep us in your prayers over the next few weeks. I’m ready for a break through and change that only He can bring and make possible. I’ll be sharing with y’all how it’s goin cause I’m sure it’s not gonna be easy.

Here is a link if you would like more information about he Daniels fast. I would love to hear your experience if you have done this before.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what I learn and gain from this experience and seeing what God has to tell me.

More tomorrow!


Weigh in #6

I’m still not really eating meals but that mostly has to do with the fact that I’m busy and just grabbing something. Dinner still seems to be my biggest meal. Again, I’m not eating junk food or crap food, just mostly snacking.

The past two mornings I had forgotten to get on the scale first thing in the morning, so I hadn’t had a chance to weigh myself until this morning. I was nervous about what number would show up…either the same number or a higher number. Almost didn’t even check because I most certainly didn’t want to see s higher number than the previous week!

So what red numbers flashed at me this time?!
That means I lost about 3ish pounds since last week?! Not sure how that happened but I’ll definitely take it!

I think that’s definitely the motivation I needed to see to get back on track! I will remember this number and do better than the week before so next week I can see a lower number!

Also wanted to add something. Was going to make this a seperate post but figured I would just keep the good news all rolled into one great post!

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about those jeans? ( big girl pants)
Yesterday my son had a school program and I just didn’t want to wear my black elastic pants that have become my ‘everyday’ look. I wanted something different. I wanted something that didn’t scream fat chick. So I decided to get those jeans back out and pray the bigger size fit. So I pulled the size 20 jeans from the shelf and put em on. They fit so much better than when I made that post! I was so excited! Couldn’t wait to see Mister so I could show him. I was actually hoping that he would notice before I said something about it. He actually did! I didn’t say or point anything out. Was shocked!

Needless to say I am super happy about he results I’ve gotten this week! Both things are just the motivation IĀ  needed to get my butt back in gear!
Spring/summer is coming and I want to not only look good but feel good!

Thought I would include a picture of me wearing the jeans last night.


Hard to see as I wasn’t taking this picture for the jeans but you can still see that I’m not wearing black pants!!

Until next week!

*Disclaimer: I just want to let people know that me calling myself the fat chick is something that doesn’t offend me. These are my words and I don’t want anyone bent outta shape because I was those words to describe myself. Both words are true: I’m fat & I’m a chick. Working on the fat part so that I’m just chick. Thanks šŸ™‚


Time is flying!

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! It honestly feels like yesterday that we were packing up the trailor….but it’s been nearly 3 weeks!

As our last day in NC is nearing there are a ton of emotions that I am feeling….sad, excited, nervous, happy, anxious, and of course alittle doubt. I think those are all normal with something that is changing in such a huge way. I am trying to push all of the things that could happen out of my mind. I know that those things are a possibility but I would rather focus on all the positive that will be happening.

I am excited to get this last leg of our new chapter going! I have been waiting about 18 months to move to Texas & I can’t believe it’s actually happening. It’s still one of those things that I won’t believe it until I see it kinda thing, but there is no backing out now. Especially since all of our things are in Wichita Falls & have been since the 4th of July.

I have joined a mom group on Facebook that is in Wichita Falls. I am hoping to meet them & build friendships with them. I don’t know how I willwon’t get along with but I am hoping for at least one good friend out of it. It will be nice for my kids to make friends as well.

I still can’t believe that this is our last Tuesday living in NC! We have been living in NC since 096 & now we are picking up & moving half way across the country! This is so weird! But I am excited & ready for our new chapter. I believe that this move is the right move & that nothing but goodness can come from it.

I will probably do one last update this weekend before we are hitting the road!