Lamp & Light

I follow a lady named Kristin Schmucker on instagram. Towards the end of October she announced that she was hosting a photo challenge for the month of November & I decided to jump on that and participate.


I did get days behind and then had to play catch up but I am happy to report that I actually did all 30 days! I usually start these things and then finish them….go me!!

I was going to share the pictures from instagram to facebook but then I thought that I would just put them all here & add the description that I wrote along with it.
I don’t really know why I choose to share this way but oh well, I did!

My tattered bible along with the current bible study I’m doing.#lampandlight #day1 #imbehind#playcatchup #novemberphotochallenge#bible @kristinschmucker#kristinschmucker

Reminds me to always know that the bad that happens is to bring Him glory!#lampandlight #novemberphotochallenge#day2 #genesis50:20 #playcatchup#imbehind #favoritebibleverse@kristinschmucker #kristinschmucker

One of my favorite mugs. Given to me by a great friend as a Christmas present. Every time I use it I think of her and all the fun we have together!#novemberphotochallenge #lampandlight#day3 #mugshot @kristinschmucker#kristinschmucker

My Bible study spot…..where I’m comfortable and snuggly & if I fall asleep while studying (which happens often), I don’t have to get up and move! 😜
#lampandlight #biblestudyspot #day4#novemberphotochallenge@kristinschmucker #kristinschmucker

I have many goals that I’d like to accomplish in my life. At the end of the day I know none of that matters if I’m still the old me. It’ll take time but I know that my ultimate goal is to be a better me than I was yesterday.
#lampandlight #day5 #playingcatchup#goals

The book of Proverbs is an instructional manual in my opinion. It can tell how you act and what to say. So much wisdom is within those pages.
#lampandlight #day6 #playingcatchup#day6 #proverbs #bookinthebible

As much as they drive me questions and even question I was given an army of mini me’s, these little people have made my world better. They have taught me so much and made me step out of my comfort zone to give them a better life. I love them and they certainly my small blessings.
#lampandlight #day7 #playingcatchup#smallblessings #mykiddos

A prayer in my bible from a few years ago. #lampandlight #day8#playingcatchup #anoteinyourbibe #prayer

This is one of my favorite quotes. My dad used to say this all the time when I was growing up and it’s so true.
#lampandlight #favoritequote#playingcatchup #day9

This has been something that’s been laid upon my heart for at least 6 months, if not more. It’s something I’m praying about and asking God to tell me where and how I should do this.
#lampandlight #onyourheart#playingcatchup #day10 #titus2:3-4

This journal is one of my favorite things. A great friend gave it to me and it’s a place where I can create and draw out the Word when it touches me.
#lampandlight #afavoritething#playingcatchup #day11 #biblejournal#create #givenbyafriend

I know that I’m given grace ever second of my day but to be able to wake up every morning and start from a clean slate is the biggest sign of grace to me.
#lampandlight #areminderofgrace#playingcatchup #day12 #sunrise #grace

There are too many to list but this seems to be one of the biggest prayer requests I have right now. A house. One that will fit us more comfortably than the one we are currently in. One that we can call home.
#lampandlight #day13 #caughtup#aprayerrequest #aplacetocallhome

“We bring the kingdom come” We Christ followers are the ones who bring the kingdom to others on a daily basis. Not only do I love this lyric but I love this song!
#lampandlight #day14 #favoritelyric#webringthekingdomcome #jasongray#witheveryactoflove

A dream would be for Mister to be a stay at home dad with me.
#lampandlight #day15 #dream#stayathomedad #stayathomeparents#freedom #timeandmoney

My memory today is my grandparents on my moms side. I miss them much and it saddens me to no end at what they are missing out on. I’d give almost anything to have them back!
#lampandlight #memory #grandparents#wishtheywerestillhere #mcgrew#missthem #lovethem

 These two things are always on my to do list. There are others but laundry & dishes take most of my time.
#lampandlight #playingcatchup #day17#todolist

 I love her story and think she is a great example of what you do doesn’t define you & anyone can change.
#lampandlight #characterinthebible #day18#rahab

Nature can give us signs of life & death but has a way of making it look so beautiful. It’s almost thanksgiving and though most trees are turning and leaves are falling, they still are so green! And that blue sky….I just love me a Texas clear blue sky!
#lampandlight #day20 #nature #texassky#fall #trees #lifeanddeath #beautiful

When I study scripture or just read my Bible, I have my purple pen, Bible, and my journal. I never know when a verse will hit me and I want to be ready to journal it.
#lampandlight #playingcatchup #day21#howistudyscripture

I have to be honest and say that I haven’t read Psalms enough to have a favorite verse from this book. Think I know what book I’ll be reading next!
#lampandlight #playingcatchup #day22#favoritepsalms #bookofpsalms

This is a book that helped me to be involved where I feel led/called to be involved in. I’ve cut out the ‘extras’ and just concentrating on my calling.
#lampandlight #playingcatchup #day23#abook #calling #thebestyes#lysaterkeurst

  This word is one that I’ve taken to heart over these last few months to a year & a half. My joy cannot and will it be stolen by anyone or any situation that life throws me. I choose joy. Bad things can happen but my joy still remains.
#lampandlight #playingcatchup #day24#joy #cantstealmyjoy #ichoosejoy

This will always be home to me. I’ve lived in many places but Virginia will always have a special place in my heart.
#lampandlight #day25 #myhome #virginia#specialplaceinmyheart

Me! You! We are all attributes of God. We are made in His image!
#lampandlight #playingcatchup #day27#anattributeofgod #me #you#madeinhisimage
  This is so true and definitely something I’m thankful for!
#lampandlight #playingcatchup #day26#whatimthankfulfor #friends #family

   We are mixed up, crazy, tired, annoying, real, and all of this equals a beautiful mess.
#lampandlight #playingcatchup #day28#abeautifulmess #welkerfamily #family#welkerkiddos #welker

  It took awhile to figure out how we were going to announce that we were expecting baby number 6 but I love how this turned out. Things can change with one step (literally & figuratively) and our step was adding two more feet to our family.
#lampandlight #playingcatchup #day29#aphotoilove
PS- just want to say that I am NOT pregnant. I tried to word it so it explained a previous pregnancy announcement but it didn’t come across that way.
I’ve been saying this for as long as I can remember & it’s so true.
#lampandlight #day30 #wordstoliveby


There is my 30 day photo challenge! Hope you enjoyed it…..let me know if you did this one too! Now onto my December challange!!!<<<<Let me know if you will do this one with me!


Supermom or Real mom?

Motherhood is hard. We all struggle together. That is truth. But are you trying to be “Supermom” or “Real Mom”?

–Supermom says “I can do it myself”. Internally, she struggles with loneliness, but tells herself she doesn’t have time for friends. –“REAL MOM” recognizes she can’t do it by herself. She faces her fear of rejection (that so many of us struggle with) and says “Hello” and strikes up a conversation with another mom.

–Supermom is all about her “to do” list. She’s focused on her tasks, not connecting with the people around her. Her worth is based on her comparison to other moms. She fears reaching out and asking for help, for fear of being seen as “too needy”. –“REALMOM” realizes people and relationships are more important than her to do list. She craves connection, not competition. Her self worth is based on her relationships, most importantly her relationship with God. She recognizes that asking for help is an opportunity to connect with another mom.

–Supermom is focused on her weaknesses. She is stuck in the “I can’t”. –“REALMOM” thrives in her strengths and realizes with “I CAN” there is real life change. She doesn’t focus on her weaknesses but instead on who God IS!!! She knows that…”I CAN do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13

I don’t know about you, but in my striving to be everything to everyone, I don’t want to miss out on the joy of being my kids mom. Let’s make a decision today to embrace being REAL MOM together, shall we?

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another-and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” Heb 10:25.

This is what our speaker read to us mommas on our first moms group at the beginning of this month. I love it and am trying my best to be real instead of super.


Weigh in #13

I weighed myself Monday (I need to get better about posting on the day, haha!) morning after I drank some coffee, but I am sure that it didn’t change my weight that much.

The scale said 213.9. I am ok with that number this time around.

I know that I keep saying it, and it’s because it’s true, but I need to make an exercise schedule. I have an idea about when I can do it and no worry about the kiddos being with me or having someone watch them for me.
My plan is to get up at 6am every morning and go for a walk and then get up to a run. I set my alarm last night for 6 but quickly turned it off when it went off. It’s just going to take some getting used to.

Plus I found this cool app (thanks Sara!) on Pinterest that donates to your favorite charity while you exercise! That is an awesome motivator for me to get off my bootay!

Hopefully this time next week I will be able to report on a week of exercise, how much I have been able to get donated, and less pounds!

How are you doing with your weight-loss journey? Share so that we can encourage & support you!


Wanna play a game!?

She has asked me to help manage her page during the day, which I feel so honored that she asked me, and I want to help her out with sales as much as I can.
So I asked her & ran an idea by her last night about what I had in mind. She said she thought it was a good idea, so now we just have to start the details.

I wanted to help spread the word about the game & share with you all too so if you were interested or know someone who might be you could tell them about it.

We do know that we will be giving away discounts, bogo, and gift certificates as prizes!
We will do trivia questions. With each question there will be an equal prize.

Easy answers get smaller prizes & harder questions get bigger prizes.
I am hoping that maybe we can do this monthly to keep fans coming back & sales up on her end.
Plus this is going to be fun!!!!

So if you want to play, please follow this link to join in! Spread the word too 🙂


Someone always has it worse than you

This statement is true.
This statement will always be true.

A friend of mine on fb posted a status the other day talking about how the next time you want to whine/complain about something, think about those who are going through something serious.

Welp I am officially tired of Dr. offices! And with the scare I am dealing with I am amazed at people on facebook that complain over the tiniest little things! “I have a headache”, “I cant sleep”, “I’m tired of the cold.” I’m not calling myself perfect but I am DEFANTLY not going to complain about anything that is small just to get pity ever again! This seriously saddens me, especially when most o…f the things you complain about YOU CAN FIX!! It’s time for you to LIVE not complain. Live for yourself, your babies, your family, your friends, and your future! Sometimes people have life altering experiences and life changing experiences and those people don’t give a DAMN about your headache they are just happy to see the next day when they wake up! Next time you complain think about someone who has it way way worse then you! *END OF RANT*
I absolutely agree with her. No matter what you are going through someone is always going through something worse. Some people would gladly take your situation over the one they are in, in a heart beat!
With that being said, it’s not always easy to remember this in those moments. I think we all want a pity party about what we are going through. I think it’s almost normal. I think that we need to take time to have a pity party…it’s part of the process.
What I don’t think we need to do is always air it for the world to see/hear. Sometimes it does some good, but you know what I am talking when people cross that line.
I know that for myself I need to have a pity party, feel sorry for myself, and then deal with whatever is going on. When I don’t do this I sometimes end up stuffing inside and then every little thing makes me 100x madder than it normally would.
I also know that we all live in our own bubbles. We feel for people and have empathy for others going through things/hard times. But I think it’s hard to put ourselves in their shoes especially if it’s not something that they have been through before. We don’t always think about others & their problems during our day to day shuffle. We don’t always think of others problems until we are actually sitting and not doing anything or when they bring it back up to you. It’s not that we don’t care about what’s going on in your bubble, it’s just that our bubble is crazy too….just with different crazy things.
We also shouldn’t compare our bubble with other peoples’ bubble. They will never be the same & it’s a waste of time to compare. Not that we shouldn’t have empathy towards others, but it’s absolutely pointless to compare.
Someone will always have it worse than you.
Someone will always have it better than you.
Someone will always have a pity party.
Someone will always step over that line.
Be thankful for what you have.
Be thankful for the problems that you are going through. They make you stronger. They teach you things you wouldn’t have learned without going through this problem.
Be thankful for people in your life that allow you to complain to them.
Be thankful in knowing that you are never alone.
Be thankful that you have 1st world problems.
Be thankful you are alive so that you can complain about what is going on in your bubble.

A sweet idea!

I have been wanting to do something like this for awhile but had actually forgotten about it until I saw it again on Pinterest today!

Her version is a cupcake every day for a month. That is just too much and my new eating habits would go out the window in no time! Plus, that’s just too much for me to take on right now, life is crazy enough! So what I was thinking that I could make 1 cupcake a month! That’s 31 months of cupcakes!!!

I was also thinking that I would post the recipe and directions on the first of every month, then if anyone wanted to make it with me they could! We could try them ‘together’ and then give our feedback!

Is anyone interested in this? If not, that’s ok because I am going to do it on my end. Just thought it would be fun to do something like this with a few people! You could pick and choose which ones you wanted to make!

I think that I will start next month, February, and see how it goes!

Let me know 🙂


John Waller • As for Me and My House

John Waller • As for Me and My House.

My family had the pleasure of seeing him in concert last weekend when he came to our church to help celebrate the birthday of our local Christian radio station. He is a great singer but also shared some stories with us. This song has become a song that my family sings all the time!

I signed this…will you?!


World Breastfeeding Week

This is only a few weeks away! I wasn’t aware it was around the corner……doesn’t help that my computer crapped out on me either :/

Anyway, if you would like to share pictures of you breastfeeding, your story (or stories) about your breastfeeding journey, or both please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com & put ‘Breastfeeding’ in the subject line.
I want to share as many pictures and stories as I can about this! I will finally be able to contribute this year!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone in advance who will helping out with this & spreading awareness!


“Pictures for Patriots Contest” — Take Two!

“Pictures for Patriots Contest” — Take Two!.

I love our troops & supporting them! If you have school age kiddos, then definitely see if they would like to join in on this! I know that I am going to see if M & D want to since they love drawing & coloring! Plus, it’s a great teaching moment for them…..gotta let our kiddos know that we have what we have because of these men & women! Thank you for all you do & God bless! And thank you Operation Gratitude for everything that you all have done!