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Hello, it’s me!

And it's been a long time again.  I really don't like going so long between posts and not blogging about my ventures in motherhood! It's hard to find time when my brian can slow down, think, and the type everything out.  Life is pretty crazy these days. I delivered our 7th child in August. School… Continue reading Hello, it’s me!

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Lamp & Light

I follow a lady named Kristin Schmucker on instagram. Towards the end of October she announced that she was hosting a photo challenge for the month of November & I decided to jump on that and participate. I did get days behind and then had to play catch up but I am happy to report that I… Continue reading Lamp & Light

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Rekindling friendships 

Life is funny sometimes....well all the time if we really look at things and how it all turns out.  We find people we click with and want to do life with them. Those relationships either continue or are broken for whatever reason. Usually when they are broken, they stay broken. Too many times it's over… Continue reading Rekindling friendships 

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Who am I?

Well, this can/is a hard question to answer. I had a friend on Facebook post who she was. Take her or leave her kinda thing. I imagined she felt freer after she posted it. Maybe those in her life found out things they didn't know. Loved her more for putting herself out there. I'm not… Continue reading Who am I?

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Sidekick update

Well it's been a week since I had my genius idea and I'd say it's working out pretty good! Last week was easier than this current week simply because we didn't have anywhere to be. I'm glad that I'm having to figure out how to get what I need done while it's still summer though.… Continue reading Sidekick update

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Meal planning…long overdue update

Well, I think it's been about a year (or close to) that I started posting about my meal planning routine. I don't even remember what I talked about or what that routine was.  Since starting my MP sidekick and seeing that we weren't planning our meals very well (again), I knew it was time to… Continue reading Meal planning…long overdue update

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I think I’m a genius 

*cough cough* Excuse me while I wipe away the dust that has settled on the blog! 😜 So it's true, pretty sure I just became a genius this morning!  A grabbed a notebook from the stash we have and began to meal plan (it's been months since I did that!) yesterday. This morning I wrote… Continue reading I think I’m a genius