Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth day y’all!

Did you & your family do anything to celebrate over the weekend? Are you planning on doing something?

If not, cool beans!

Me and the kiddos went to a nature center that was celebrating Earth Day where we live and spent 4 hours there Saturday morning/afternoon! It was fun & the kiddos had a blast!

They were able to look at different turtles, spiders, butterflies, a quail, fish, and fossils!
My daughter made a corn husk doll. They dug for dino bones. Had little green nets and looked for tadpoles in a pond. Made earth bead bracelets. And did some painting on a rubber fish.

We try and do things on a regular basis that help the Earth. It’s not a ton but every little bit helps.
We are now trying to recycle. Some items slip through but we are still getting used to separating our trash & recyclable.
We cloth diaper.
If a container goes by that looks like something I could reuse, then I put it in a cabinet.
We are planting flowers & veggies.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference. Do something small everyday to do your part in helping the Earth!


Happy 3, 4, & 5 Months!

I am so behind on updating on Lily! This post won’t have any pictures just because I can’t get her 5 month picture off my phone yet, so I will just make a separate post with her pictures.

She is getting so big way too fast! I so wish that we could slow down time!

She is rolling back to belly & belly to back. Still nursing like a champ. Still baby wearing. Still co-sleeping. Still cloth diapering. She rubs her eyes when she is tired and I think it’s the cutest thing ever! Over the last week or so she has started teething and she is definitely letting you know! We have given her some Tylenol. I froze my teething bling necklace but she didn’t like that at all! But I will keep trying that with her incase she starts to like it later down the road.

This past Thursday (11/08/12) it really hit her. She slept all day long except to nurse. She was only awake & interacting with us for about 90 minutes total that day. I let her sleep and didn’t mess with what her body was telling her that she needed. The next day she was almost back to normal & today she is even better!
I don’t feel any teeth poking through but she does have a bump behind her gums and I can tell that it’s moving forward. You can now feel that bump through her chin. She is drooling and putting everything in your mouth and biting down on everything!
Lily teething isn’t that bad but compared to the other 4 kiddos, she is the worst\hardest. She is so uncomfortable and miserable. Hopefully the teeth\tooth will pop through soon and stop bothering her.

She is wanting to sit up on her own all the time. She has done it a few times but always falls over in the end, haha! We are thinking about getting her a bumbo for Christmas. She reaches for people now when she sees them……makes my heart smile when she reaches for me and her Papa! She talks all the time! I have no idea what she is saying but it’s so cute! She moves around in her walker all the time! Which is a good thing because you can tell she wants to get down and get somewhere but just doesn’t know how! She isn’t a complete fan of tummy time but she is doing it more often. She turns while on her belly but hasn’t started scooting anywhere or crawling.

We have not started her on any foods and aren’t planning to just yet. When we do, I will be trying to do homemade food. I have never made my own baby food so I have no idea how time consuming this is or anything like that. But I would like to at least try and make the effort.

She has her first dentist appointment next month & her 6 month check up also. I will definitely update after those two appointments. And I think they are on the same day!

Anyway, that’s it for now & I will get a post up with her 3, 4, & 5 month pictures as soon as I can get them off my phone. Thanks for reading 🙂


BW, BF, CD, CS, Mommie

I never would of thought that I would be this kinda mother. I used to think that (some of these things) were bogus and that it didn’t make a difference if you did these things with\for\to your child. I had some of my own thoughts and opinions for these mothers & their children and it wasn’t very nice. But then I met my very good friend Samantha. She was pregnant with your first child when I met her. Once her son, B, was born she started getting into more natural things. I started to think that she was a little nutty about some of this stuff but I listened and looked at what she would show me……I could still learn something from all this! So anyway, she invited me to this yahoo group for local ‘green’ mothers, we went to a playdate, and Samantha started asking about cloth diapers. Now this caught my attention because I thought they were like the old school cloth diapers. If you don’t know what I am talking about here is a picture:

Then these mothers started pulling diapers out and showing us that todays cloth diapers were nothing like the ones previous. I mean you can still use cloth diapers that way but for me, that was definitely a turn off for me. Once I saw how cute they were & easy the maintainance was, I was hooked! I wish I had a ton of money to spend on them because the designs and fabric are endless & oh so adorable! Mister & I’s favorite diaper right now are gDiapers (thanks Nicole).

Breastfeeding was never my friend. I have tried with all of my children &, for whatever reason, never worked out. I was disappointed but I didn’t have support or anyone to talk to about this. When I found out I was pregnant with baby #5 I told myself that I would breastfeed if it killed me & it felt like it was going to in the beginning. I don’t know if it’s the times or the place but there is definitely more support out there for those mothers who are wanting to breastfeed. I thank every single one of you for the support that was given to me! Lily is almost 10 weeks old & breastfeeding is going strong! First time it’s ever worked out for me & I am so thankful!

Now baby wearing is something that I thought only skinny mothers could do. I was given a baby carrier after my second son was born and after I put it on, it was tight & uncomfortable. I never used it and thought they were all like that. Here comes Samantha again! She wanted to wear B. So she ended up buying enough fabric for two wraps. She asked if I wanted the other half and I said sure. I wasn’t sure what to do with it or how to wrap it or wear it. At this time my youngest was over a year and I had never worn him at all. A lady came over and showed me how to wrap it around me and then put my son in it. Yea that didn’t work at all! My son wanted nothing to do with it & I didn’t have the patience to even try to make it work. But again, when Lily came around I wanted to try it out. We all know how babies wake up as soon as you put them down & you can’t seem to get anything done because they just want to be in your arms. So I asked Samantha if she had an extra one that she wouldn’t mind if I borrowed. She did & sent it to me. I tried it out and it wasn’t a fit for Lily or I. I belong to a large family group on FB & they have made another group where if you need\want something, post it, and then if someone has it you just pay shipping. I saw that one mom was looking for another wrap other than her Moby. I then asked her if I could use her Moby if she wasn looking at using something else. She said sure & asked for my address. Not too long after that I received a package of a Moby wrap but it wasn’t her name or even the state she lived in. I sent her a message asking if this was from her and she said yes & that she had bought a wrap for me on Amazon! How awesome is she!? It took me awhile to get the hang of it & to wear it correctly. I finally got the hang of it & absolutely love it! I use it almost daily and even put it in my diaper bag when going out. It’s definitely been a life saver. If you are interested in one or just want more information, I will point you to Moby’s website.

Now co-sleeping I thought was a joke. What is the point in sleeping with your baby? I couldn’t imagine getting any sort of sleep that way. Or having any time with my husband. This just wasn’t my thing. That is until I was breastfeeding Lily. There was no way that I was going to want to get up everytime she woke up, sit up, and then walk her back over to her bed. Yes I had done that with my other 4 but I am older now 😉 Anyway, I also started laying down to nurse her at night. Holy moly that is way easier! She didn’t even sleep in her bed until just recently and that’s just for the beginning of the night. Once she wakes up for her first night feeding, she stays in the bed with me. It’s working out great and neither Mister or I are loosing sleep. And no we haven’t rolled on her or anything like that.

So if you would have told me 10 years ago that this is what I would be doing with my baby, I probably would have laughed at you and called you crazy! I love this wear of parenting with my baby & wish I would have known and started sooner. But I am older and wiser (I think) now so I am more open with things. If you have a newborn or are pregnant, I hope that you consider doing some of these. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and for help. If you parent differently than this, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Like I said before, I never would have thought that I would be doing any of this but glad that I am!

Some resources for you:
All About Cloth Diapers
LLLI-Baby Wearing


My favorite WAHMs

Let me say something first….
These are work at home moms that I have bought from & have used their product. There are many MANY more WAHMs out there that make wonderful products as well…..these are ones that I personally trust and would definitely buy from again!

Since being introduced to WAHMs (about 1 1\2 years ago) I have always wanted to support them more than the big name businesses. I still have my loves that are big businesses but there is something about having a product made for you by hands….not a machine! And from my experience, when I have had questions about what I bought (usually how to wash the product) I am talking to the person that knows best…not a representative of the person who made it.
Ok, now that I have rambled on…it’s time to spot light my favorites!!!
(*In no particular order I must say*)

Bouncing Woolies:
I have been using my Bouncing Woolies dryer ball for over a year now & love it! I have even bought the rescenting kits to try other scents out….though I am not sure I did those right, haha! Anyway, I love the fact that I don’t have to go out and keep buying dryer sheets & plus everything seems to dry faster and fluffier! I have not had one problem with the material of the ball coming apart or tearing…nothing! I would highly recommend Bouncing Woolies if you are looking for a dryer ball!
Facebook Fan Page

Crazy Leggies:
You can get more than one item at this WAHM’s shop! I have a pair of baby shoes & a few pairs of baby legs. Coming soon to my mailbox are going to be two friendship bracelets as well! I happen to know this WAHM on a personal level and know all the hard work that she puts in. She absolutely loves what she does & makes a great, very well made product. I have to be honest and say that I was nervous washing the shoes for the first time….thinking that maybe stitching would come apart or something along those lines. Nothing happened to the shoes! They came out just like they went in….perfect! I cannot wait to put these WAHM product on Baby L once he\she gets here! If you are looking for baby shoes, baby legs, and other homemade baby products then I would highly suggest Crazy Leggies!
Facebook Fan Page

Daffe Designs:
Now I have had a wet bag from Daffe Designs for right around 2 years now. I have stuffed that thing full & am still amazed at the amount of diapers + clothes that this little bag will hold! Click here to read my review of the wet bag when I first received it. I love this bag and will use it until it’s falling apart! I received another product from Daffe Designs not too long ago also. It’s a plain oneie with a “Hello my name is” label on it…..this is how we will be introducing Baby L to everyone! I love love love this oneie! Again with being nervous to wash it and afraid the label would fall off….nothing happened! Love the oneie and, once again, cannot wait to put it on Baby L! There is so much that I want to buy from Daffe Design….I would need to win the lotto in order to get everything that I wanted!
Facebook Fan Page

Isaac & Rebekah:
I came across this WAHM through a giveaway on Youtube & fall in love with her earrings! I started to buy some and wanted more! She is currently on maternity leave until the middle of summer and so some of the items that I wanted would have to until she returned….needs to hurry up by the way 😉 Her earrings are so simple and clean yet they can be worn with just about any outfit for any occasion. I don’t get dressed up hardly ever but I love the feeling that I get when I put her earrings on! I also need to state that these are the first pair of earrings that I have been able to put on that didn’t make my ear lobes itch like crazy! I have 4 pairs of her earrings and cannot wait to get more! Definitely check her out!
Facebook Fan Page

Lara’s Homesewn Goods:
I actually went to high school with this WAHM! When I found out that I was expecting this time around I wanted a nursing cover…I didn’t want to use a blanket because I just didn’t like the way they laid on the baby’s face while they were nursing. So I was looking around her shop & saw that she made nursing covers & fall in love with the pattern that I ended up buying! Now with the nursing cover going through the wash, I wasn’t nervous about stitching….I was nervous that the ring that brings the cover away from the baby’s face would end up bent in some way. I am happy to report that nothing happened to the ring! It is still the same shape & in the same spot that it was in before going through the wash. I love it and cannot wait to put it to use!
Facebook Fan Page

Lucky Girl Design Studio:
This WAHM isn’t a mom to humans bu she doesn’t have the cutest furry children! Her products aren’t something that you can put your hands on! She does web designs! She made my blog banner at the top of the page! I was trying to do it myself and it just wasn’t working for me….I am not talented in this area. And I am happy to announce that she will be adding Baby L once he\she gets here! I would love to have her redesign my whole blog…..but I need to brainstorm more on what I want it to look like and all those lovely details first! If you are wanting to redesign your blog or just get a banner, definitely check out LGDS!
Facebook Fan Page

Miss Lily’s Washing Powder:
I absolutely love this washing powder for my diapers! You can also use it for your normal laundry as well, but I use this just for diapers. I have been using this washing powder for well over a year and would highly recommend it to anyone who cloth diapers! I haven’t been using it for about 4 months now only because my youngest is now potty trained & am now waiting for Baby L to get here to use it! I love the smell of the powder….so many yummy scents to choose from! I cannot wait until I run out of the bag that I have so I can purchase a new scent! Even if you love the washing powder you have for your diapers…..just buy one bag & tell me you don’t love it!!!
Facebook Fan Page
(I cannot find my bag of washing powder anywhere!!! But when I do I will include it in another post about WAHMs)

Those are it for now! There are some WAHM products I am waiting to either receive in the mail and\or haven’t ordered from them yet. I want to ony write about the ones that I have used so I can give my honest opinion about their handy work 🙂 So if you are reading this, are a WAHM, and know that I have something coming from you….don’t worry! I will make another post and include you on that one! I want to give fair and honest opinions about things & I just don’t think it would be either of those for me to say something about a product that I haven’t received yet.

I hope that all you readers out there will check out all these WAHMs and share some of your favorites as well!!!



As many of you know, we have a lot of sister sites! Many aren’t active (no one to blog for those sites) and\or life is happening to the ones that are blogging! I completely understand & I am not here to talk about those people and their reasons.

I am here in search of women who are wanting to join our sister sites! There are some topics already in place but we welcome any & all topics! I have changed a few things behind the scenes, so it is more in your hands to design & name the blog! You write for\about it….you should be in charge of it!

Here are the topics that are already in place:
Special Needs

We are always looking to add to these topics & always looking to add topics! We know that there are so many mothers out there that are going through something…..good, bad, ugly, and indifferent! Come to us to talk & share about it. We are a very welcoming group of mothers! If you would like to become apart of the sister sites, please feel free to email me at mommieventures@gmail.com! I look forward to hearing from you very soon!


Green Mommies

Hello all you Mommies out there! I am on another search for a mommie who would like to write for me as a sister site.
This time around I am looking for a mommie who is a green\natural mommie! Here is some information about writing as a sister site!

*This is not a paid position
*This is just for fun
*No deadlines
*Write whenever you want

You must want to share your lifestyle, recipes, tips, and much more! This blog wouldn’t be for debate with other who don’t agree with you….we would make this known on the blog. If you are a green\natural mommie & interested in doing this, please email me at mommieventures@gmail.com. Hope to find a few of you mommies out there that are interested in being apart of this!


Cloth back to Disposable

I have been cloth diapering for almost a year now and I love it! There are a few reasons why I choose to cloth diaper but I must be honest with you and tell you that my number one reason is because the diapers are so cute!

My husband and recently purchased a used vehicle that would hold all of us (6) and still have trunk space. When looking at it we found that there were little compartments under the middle row seats. So I keep extra things in there (wipes, baby powder, sippy cups, etc.) just incase we need it while we are out and I don’t have to load all this stuff in the diaper bag. I always pack 2-3 cloth diapers in my sons diaper bag because, well, you just never know. But I recently bought a small cheap pack of disposable just incase we are out and he happens to use all of his cloth diapers. Wasn’t planning on using them on a daily basis until…

My daughter’s birthday was Saturday and we went out to lunch at a place that is fairly new to the area, Five Guys. (Very yummy burgers might I add) Anyway, the atmosphere there is very laid back. They provide you with peanuts and you can eat them and throw the shells on the floor. So We were all eating them and not thinking anything of it. Sunday rolls around and my son has skin colored bumps around his mouth and a rash. He has a habit of pinching his face, so that’s what we thought he had been doing. Monday morning rolls around and he has the same little on his little tush. I call my step dad (he owns a pedi office and has been in that field for awhile now) and tell him what is going on. He tells me to take a picture of my sons face the next morning and send it to him, so that’s what I did. Later that day (Tuesday) I receive a phone call from him and he tells me that it’s definitely a nut allergy and gives me instructions to help clear up his face and tush. So I have been following them and it is definitely working!

But during this time he has told me to NOT use cloth wipes because I put mine in Tea Tree Oil + water…..this isn’t going to help my sons tush heal from the bumps cause by the allergy. So I have been having to use, both, disposable wipes and diapers during this time. I miss using my cloth diapers but I know that once he is healed up-we can go back to the cute little tushies! I am not against disposable because I have been using them since my first child was born in 2004 up until last year, 2010. I just prefer cloth now. Here, again, I have to be honest that I am enjoying not having to wash the diapers and just being able to throw them away after I change him….been a nice break!

Anyway, just wanted to share this with you! Thanks for listening! 🙂

 <<<<<< From this, to this >>>>>>


Ecover US Review & Giveaway

Ecover stands for careful enterprise.  This means that we produce our washing and cleaning products in an ecological, economic and socially responsible way in a unique ecological factory.  Honest and open, we respect people and the environment.  In our view, this is the only way to guarantee a sustainable future.

With 4 kids and 2 adults + cloth diapering, I am always on the look out for a good laundry detergent. One that can take out stains, clean the clothes & diapers without leaving ‘crap’ on them, and one that can do both the clothes & diapers without having to buy two different detergents.
EcoverUS detergent did just that! I don’t know how I forgot to take a picture of the actual detergent but it’s white with little bit specks all in it.

When I first received the box and opened it you first impression is ‘They really do believe in recycling!’ Instead of using bubble wrap and packing paper, the stuff around the detergent was shredded paper! What a great way to repurpose they scraps! They also included a reuseable bag! The box of laundry detergent is made out of 95% recycled cardboard!

Personal benefits:

  • suitable for all white and colorfast laundry
  • ideal for baby clothes

Environmental benefits:

  • plant based ingredients
  • quick and complete biodegradability
  • no optical brighteners
  • minimum impact on aquatic life
  • no animal testing
  • septic tank safe

Complete ingredients list:

  • Sodium carbonate
  • Zeolite
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Ethoxylates
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Sodium Sulfate
  • Sodium Carbonate Peroxide
  • Sodium Poly Asparaginate
  • Sodium Disilicate
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate
  • Subtilisin

I really loved the scoop that came in the box! It was made out of the same material as the box and on the inside of the scoop were the markings for how big of a load you need! EcoverUS really did make everything enviornmently friendly when it comes to their products & what goes into their products!

EocoverUS doesn’t only have laundry detergent! They have everything for your house! Everything that you need for your home, personal care, and even car products!
They even have a store locator for you to see if a store around you carries them!

Ecover US isn’t new to the ‘green’ business either, they have been around since 1980!
Since 1980 Ecover has been devoted to developing and producing effective and ecological washing and cleaning products made from plant-based and mineral ingredients. Ecover’s aim is to provide effective, sustainable washing and cleaning solutions that can be used daily by people all around the world.

Interested in trying out this product? Here is your chance to enter a giveaway and get some for yourself!
The winner will receive a box of powder detergent!

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*I received this product at no charge to me and all opinions expressed are my own.*


Bummas Review & Giveaway

First off, I love the name! I don’t really know why but I do!

Second, these wipes are awesome! Not only do they come in fun colors but they are just the right size for your hand. It covers my entire hand!

This wipe is laying on top of a DVD case!                   This wipe is covering my entire hand!

And, to me, they are way better then disposable ones because I don’t have to worry about them tearing when I am wiping up those messy butts and they are better for the environment! No need to wash them separately from your diapers, just toss in them with them! And no need for a special container, I just use an old wipe container that I had around!

Colorful, better for the environment, and doesn’t rip…what more could you ask for?!

#1-Inside of my wipe container. #2-Front of the packaging. #3-The Boys set that I was given to review. #4-The Tropical Set that I won in a giveaway.

Bummas are small soft, luxurious baby-sized cloths made especially for drying baby bottoms, as well as blocking those surprise squirts. And with a little douse of water, they can also replace wet wipes for clean up of sensitive bums.   They are small enough to conveniently carry on the go and durable enough to wash over and over again and won’t pill shrink or fade. 

*Eliminates the use of talcum powder. 
*100% Cotton – Woven Velour Terry Cloth milled in the USA.  
*Variety of color combinations for nursery themes.
*Handy 5” x 7” size. Won’t pill, shrink, or fade.
*Wash in like colors before use. See Warranty here.
*Durable. Just throw them in the wash and use again. 
*They will last until your little one is out of diapers and beyond!     
*Made in the USA

They have 5 different color schemes that you can pick from and each pack comes with 10 wipes! And for $16.99 each, that is not bad at all!

Our Story
The creation of Bummas came about when we had our first baby boy. When your first arrives, you are given all kinds of advice:
     “Use the wet commercial wipes, don’t use the wet commercial wipes, use gauze; use whatever is handy to block the pee; use another diaper to block the pee; don’t use that, use this; use powder to dry them off, don’t use powder-it contains talc and studies have linked talc to cancer.”
     The one thing that was never mentioned was how to dry our little guy’s “stuff” off after the clean up. Our baby’s bum was just way too wet to put a diaper back on–and blowing down there until you’re blue in the face just wasn’t working. Thus Bummas were born. A soft absorbent, luxurious baby cloth to soak up all the wetness.

The Routine
Grab a Bumma cloth wipe before opening the diaper. Sneak “attacks” are frequent and will happen the second you open the diaper!  Place the Bumma over the privates while tending to the other parts. 
     One Bumma will soak up an entire pee. Clean up baby with a regular wipe or wet a Bumma and clean up sensitive skin. Use another Bumma to thoroughly dry baby off.  Re-diaper.  If the cover Bumma gets soaked rinse it off and throw it in the wash. The payoff- a dry bum, no diaper rash, and no surprise squirts.  Save money on diapers, and save by not having to buy powder, and ointment. 

I have really enjoyed using my Bummas wipes. They are effective, soft, durable, colorful, and reuseable! I would definitely suggest buying these if you are cloth diapering or aren’t but are tired of spending so much money on disposable wipes!

What would you say to winning a 10 pack of your own? Well now is your chance! Just follow these instructions and you will entered to win! Simple, easy, and fun!

The winner will receive a 10 of wipes in their choice of colors!

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Hot Topics – Rules

Ok, so I don’t want to give you a lot of rules because I want each and every one of you to freely express you feel about any topics that might come our way, but I just want to lay down some points that certain things will not accepted no matter what!

Like I said in the Intro post, I will add more as I think of them or if something happens and it needs to be addressed.



*No name calling
*Do not use names outside of this blog (ie: talking to someone about a topic, you cannot use other people’s names that are mentioned in any Hot Topics post)
*No bashing of another person’s feelings/ideas/or stand on a topic
*Everyone has their own opinion and views and you must remember that they are just that, opinions