You all know this hashtag by now, I mean it is the end of November.

I think that I always jump on this bandwagon every year. I don’t think there’s ever been a year that I actually completed 30 days. And seeing the lack of posts in my newsfeed by the end of the month, I’m not the only one. They say 21 days makes a habit but I can never make it that far into the month, ha!

So, if I don’t finish my #30daysofthanks, does that mean I’m not thankful!?

Absolutely not!

I think we should be thankful for everything, everyday. I know that more people are than aren’t. I understand why it’s more focused on in November. This time of year brings to our attention why we should be thankful for what we have and how great our lives actually are. Our focus kinda gets put on the back burner the other 95% of the year. I can totally see how and why that happens. Life happens. Life gets in the way. Our lives are our bubbles and sometimes the things that happen in our bubble are just so consuming that we forget to look outside our bubble. What happens in my bubble may not be a big deal in your bubble and vice versa. We tend to not be as merry and bright the rest of the year. We don’t put as much emphasize on giving and others the rest of the year.

Or maybe you & your family does. I know that our daily events get in the way I/we forget or choose not to focus on it. I’ve got a lot going on in my life daily that I’d rather not think of everyone else’s problems. As harsh as that may sound, it’s true and I know I’m not the only that thinks like this. It’s not meant to be mean or offensive to anyone but it is the truth.

Let me be real with you right now. My attitude, words, and thoughts have been anything but thankful these couple of days, almost a week. I see myself being thankful in certain moments or when things go a certain way. I’m seeing that I’m not so thankful when those moments aren’t going my way or something unexpectedly happens that throws a wrench in my plans. I have been spewing words of anger, hate, and just plain nasty words to my family. This is not ok. This isn’t me being the best me that I can be. This isn’t me setting a good example for my children. This isn’t me being a safe/happy place for my family to enjoy. I’m wallowing in my own self pity and getting so mad about something that won’t even matter next week. And if it will matter next week, it’s not even a big deal. I am not liking this side of me at all. I feel awful and horrible about how I’ve been treating my family and the words that have been coming out of my mouth. I am ashamed and would be embarrassed if anyone overheard me.


And so because of this, I am giving myself a challenge. You can join me if you’d like, you can help hold me accountable, you can just simply read my posts, or you can do nothing. All are acceptable and perfectly fine for you.

Starting January 1, 2015 I am going to be posting what I am thankful for every day for 365 days. It seems like a big task and. Bit overwhelming. I mean, I can’t even post for 30 days what I’m thankful for, what makes me think that I can do 365? I have no idea! But I am going to challenge myself. This is something that I am doing for myself and no one else. I’m not proving anything to anyone. The one reason I am making a public statement is, mostly, for accountability. Plus, I know someone else out there will need to check their attitude & words also. I’m not the only person out there having this negative nancy on their shoulder.

Im putting a stop to it before it gets too far out of hand. I’m the only person that can control this. I’m the only person that can make myself change. I cannot do it for anyone else but myself. I’m sure that by the end I will be a happier person.

Will I have days where I don’t want to find the good and be thankful for something? Yes. Will it be hard to come up with so many things? Sure. Will I miss a day? Or two? Probably! In the end though, it’s not about how many days in a row I did this. Or how many days in a row I missed. It’s a heart thing. It’s a happy heart thing. It’s always about the heart. Good and evil. It’s a heart and mindset kinda thing.

Let’s change our hearts & minds so that we can become the change we want to see I our spouses, kiddos, family members, friends, and communities. Sounds super cheesy, I know.

But I also know that it’s true.


41 weeks, Baby #6

Thanks again to my 8 year old professional photographer 😉

I am a day early in posting my weekly update but I figured since I had my appointment this morning & there really is no reason to wait one day.
So here is the recap from week 40 & my appointment!

I have still had a lot of pressure going on. One morning this week (I cannot remember the exact date right now) I woke up at 5am to contractions and they were anywhere from 10-20 minutes apart. They kept going for 2 hours and then completely stopped. I thought maybe if I walked then things would get moving again. I got the girls ready (2 boys were still sleeping & 1 boy was at summer school) and I figured I would just walk around our house for a bit. I ended up walking for 30 minutes. Nothing. Been eating jalapenos with at least one meal a day. Nothing. I have been doing pressure points in my feet. Nothing. Eating pineapple also. Nothing. I know that a lot of people have been suggesting sex but because of a work related accident, as a precaution, we have been using protection when we have sex. So the theory that his sperm will do anything to start labor, just won’t work this time around. Not saying we haven’t tried this time around but not sure how well it will work. I have also had my bloody show for days now….nothing is coming from this sign either!
This child must be too cozy to even think about coming.
I had two days worth of a headache plus swelling in my feet that went along with it. I called my dr to make sure there wasn’t any cause for concern. The temps have been higher this week & I wasn’t sure if that was causing the swelling or it was connected to the headaches somehow. She told me what my blood pressure should be. Told me that when I took whatever medicine I was taking for the headache to have a soda with it. I did what she said & my headache went away within 30-60 minutes. I will have to remember this & do it every time I have a headache!

Everything checked out for me and Baby W this morning. Nothing to be concerned about.
Only gained a pound or 2 since last week. Blood pressure was fine. Baby’s heartbeat was 147.
Last week I was dilated 2cm, this week I am 3cm. I am 50% effaced and at a -2. She didn’t strip my membranes this time because she said there wasn’t much to strip. I’m taking that as a good thing?!
We talked about scheduling an induction & what she wanted to do for that. She wants to start me out using a bulb that they fill up with saline water. After checking me she said she wasn’t sure how much it would help since I am dilating on my own & contracting on my own. She wants to do this before using Pitocin. If she needs to use Pitocin with me, then she will use a slower drip compared to her patients that aren’t having a vbac.

My induction is scheduled for 5:30am on Sunday morning. I have to call the hospital at 4:45am to make sure that there is a bed available for me. That is going to be an early morning!!

I am hoping & praying that I can get things going on my own between now and then. I would much rather not be induced! Will try everything I can over these next few days to get contractions going on my own. Prayers about/for this would be much appreciated!

The next update will have a picture of Baby W in it!!!! 🙂


When will this baby come!?

I don’t have this answer.

What I do know is that I am trying my hardest to relish what time I have left of this pregnancy. This could be the last time I feel one of my children from the inside. The last time that I carry around a belly that sparks conversation no matter where I go. The last time that I feel little hiccups that make my belly jump.
I have been pregnant more than I haven’t. I’ve never gone very long without carrying a baby inside me. The thought that this could be my last time, throws me back a bit. To not experience any of this again is a little mind blowing.

As my days are numbered with this little one growing inside my belly, I’ve been thinking about all this. I’ve become a bit emotional about it. Half of me wants to stay pregnant as long as I possibly can and the other half wants to get this show on the road so I can meet this baby!
I’m not sure what to do with or how to process all these emotions at one time and in such a short amount of time.

I know this baby will come on His terms. No matter what I do, this baby’s birthday is completely out of my hands. Again, part of me is completely fine with that and part of me is not.

I want to hold this baby. I want to smell that newborn smell. I want to experience labor & delivery one more time. I want to meet our 6th child.

I don’t normally blog this late but my thoughts aren’t letting me relax and I needed to get this out. My mind is going rapidly and a crazy these last few days because this pregnancy is coming to an end…..and very soon.

All I want is a healthy baby and a successful vbac delivery.

Oh and to hold Landon or Emma 🙂


40 weeks, Baby #6


So here we are….40 weeks & 1 day. Baby W has decided that it’s not time to come and he/she just isn’t ready to grace us with their presence.
Here is a recap of 39 weeks.

Besides just feeling pressure, there wasn’t much going on & no change in anything.
Wednesday evening me & a bestie went walking to try and get things started. We walked 2 miles. Then I came home and went to the store with Mister = more walking. Then we Googled pressure points to help induce labor & then Mister rubbed those points. Nothing came from any of those efforts.
Another bestie of mine has been out of town helping one of her family members & Mister said that this baby is probably waiting on her to come back into town. Well, she stopped by yesterday and told Baby W that it was ok to come anytime now! We’ll see how well Baby listens 😉
And then last night happened. We had eaten dinner, our family that is in town had gone back to their hotel, and the kiddos were getting ready to have a cupcake. I was sitting on the couch & I felt a ton of pressure building up on the under part of my belly. At first I figured that it was just pressure and nothing would come from it. Well then it started to build again and I had to close my eyes and concentrate & then the discomfort/pain went down. These contractions started to be consistent & started to become more painful. Mister finally said that I needed to start timing them. He could tell by the way that I was acting & getting irritated when people talked to me that these were the real deal. At first I wasn’t sure just because of the way they felt. They weren’t what I remembered with my other 4 labors (I never labored with baby #5). I said that I would start timing them after I went to the bathroom. Went to the bathroom and decided to get my shower in at that time instead of waiting until later in the evening…just in case. Nothing happened after I got up from the couch. Everything stopped. No pain. No contractions. No nothing. I was so bummed. I really thought it was about to be go time. Since it stopped, we did the pressure points again. Nothing happened over night. This takes us to this morning (Friday). I had my appointment this morning and was ready to see what the dr would have to say & see if I had dilated more since last week.

Everything checked out just fine with me (weight & blood pressure). We talked about induction options. There is a small chance that my uterus could rupture period because of having a prior csection. My risk increases (not by much) when you put the option in of using pitocin. I would really not like to add a higher chance of my uterus rupturing if it’s not needed. My dr knows this and we are on the same page. She will allow me to go all of next week to go into labor on my own but if I don’t, then we will schedule an induction for the last week of July. She asked if I wanted to be checked and I said yes. I wanted to know if I dilated more with everything that was going on. I am still at 2cm, no biggie. I asked her if she would do a membrane sweep & she said she would. I told her to go ahead and do it. Boy was that more painful than I remember! Of course I had some spotting afterwards and have had some cramping but that’s to be expected. My next appointment is scheduled for Wednesday the 23rd if there is no baby before then.
Hopefully I can get this baby to come on his/her own! I do not want to be induced or have another csection! I will continue to try natural ways to get things moving & pray it works!
If something happens between now and my next appointment, I will definitely update 🙂

40 weeks & 1 day (July 18, 2014)


38 Weeks, Baby #6


Only a couple of weeks left!
Let’s recap week 37!

Nothing much as changed over this last week. Lots of pressure going on. Mucus plug is still coming out but no bloody show. No contractions. Baby is always moving. It feels like there is never a time that the baby isn’t moving! Some nights I can feel & see that my feet are swelling. Nothing concerning about it, just think that it’s that point in the pregnancy. When I stand up/walk, usually at night, I feel like if my belly were to push out anymore, it would pop! I am trying to stand up straight when I walk but man, there is a lot of weight going on in the front!

I was supposed to have a dr appointment this morning but some scheduling issues came up & it had to get rescheduled for Monday morning. I will do a little update after my appointment. I am anxious to see if I am dilated anymore!

I finally have my bag packed! Two gold stars for that one….took me long enough! There are just some last minute items that will be added when it’s actually time to go. I am getting excited to see when my body will start contractions & when this little ones birthday will be. I have had so much fun seeing when people think I will go into labor with this fun game! I’m excited to see who will get the date right or at least close!
I almost have the house to where I would be ok if I went into labor right now. I want it to look a certain way so that when I come back from the hospital, I don’t walk in & get stressed just by looking at the mess that was left or see something that I wanted to put away before it was go time. I know that it won’t be exactly the way that I want but close enough is good enough at this point.

I forgot a picture this time but I will get one taken on Monday for my update 🙂


36 & 37 weeks, Baby #6








Since I am turning 37 weeks tomorrow (What?!) I figured I would just combine the two weeks. I was supposed to have an appointment last but life got in the way (anyone else know what I’m talking about!?) and so I had to reschedule my appointment for Monday. Plus I had an appointment scheduled for Friday but since I was in Monday, my dr just said to cancel that one & she’ll just see me next week. Sounds good to me!

For the past 2 weeks I have been feeling lots of pressure and cramping in my lower back & on the under side of my belly. Sunday was the day that this happened the most. Mister kept asking me if I was ok. He’s getting on his toes about all this too! Nothing to the point that I feel the need to call my dr or go to labor & delivery but can definitely tell my body is getting ready to have this baby. I’ve been drinking my water still but it never seems to be enough (I’ll explain when I talk about my appointment). The belly is definitely getting the way of doing things. Sometimes I have to hold my breath to tie my shoes, haha! Getting up off the floor is a challenge all in itself. Oh to be a fly on the wall to watch me sometimes…I am sure that I would be laughing at myself most of the time! Something that I keep forgetting to say is that I have noticed no new stretch marks! Which totally awesome to me since I always seem to get new ones with each baby. I am definitely waddling when I walk. I am sitting here trying to think of anything else that I need to update on but I don’t think so…or at least I can’t remember 😉
So onto the dr appointment update!

I will have to show this to jess, i pick on her all the time because she "waddles" i ask her if she has any grapes lol

My appointment was Monday afternoon. These last few appointments that I have, I always get excited about them. I love to see what my body is doing and how it’s progressing this far along. According to the scale, I have lost a pound since last week. I was not expecting that since #1, it was an afternoon appointment & #2, the amount of food I have been shoving in my face. I asked my nurse what my total weight gain had been up until now, which isn’t all that accurate since I didn’t start going to the dr until I was 24 weeks but I can’t imagine that I have gained too much since I didn’t look pregnant until even after I found out. Anyway, she said that as of Monday, I have only gained a total of 15 pounds! I was not expecting that number at all! I am pretty proud of myself for that. I know that I usually gain more than that.
I was hoping that she would check me since I told her that I was having a lot of pressure but she didn’t, hopefully next week I will get checked. When she was measuring my belly she doubled checked that I had always been measuring a week bigger than what I actually am &, yes, I have. So still on that track. No my due date hasn’t changed. She was checking the heart rate of the baby & started to get a bit concerned. She checked my heart rate and said that mine was a bit fast. Usually the baby’s heart rate is in the 140s-150s and it was only registering at 110-117 she said. She wanted me to get an ultrasound done to make sure that everything was ok with the baby. Baby is very active and always moving. Better to be safe than sorry. Once I was able to get squeezed into the ultrasound room, everything checked out just fine. The baby’s heart rate was back up to it’s normal. We got a few more pictures again! Mostly a squished face but we also got a picture of the baby’s hair! Thought that was so cool because I have never seen hair on an ultrasound before. I would scan these pictures but I cannot get the printer installed onto our computer for whatever reason. Mister is still looking into that.

Anyway, that’s it for right now.
Oh! If you would like to join in on the fun & make a prediction on when I will have this baby and then gender, please click here! We are getting close to some of these dates! I am excited to see who gets the closest!!! Today is actually the day of one of the guesses…..we will see!!!


Taken at 36 weeks and 4 days!

See you next week 🙂



35 weeks, Baby #6

I turned 35 weeks yesterday so let’s recap 34 weeks.

I can’t say that anything exciting happened. I am starting to feel like my belly cannot stretch any more & I have no more room to breathe by the end of the day. Baby W is moving around like crazy and, I am sure, running out of space!
Nothing has changed in the eating department. There aren’t any foods that I am getting sick off of or smells. I can’t really eat what would be a normal size meal for me. I am drinking water like crazy but still having some DP every now and then. It’s just too good to give up 😉
Still walking but not as often. My lower body starts to hurt after awhile and I don’t want to over do it at all.
I have been nesting recently. I am pacing myself but that’s just because my body won’t allow me to get as much done as I would like. I am just glad that I am able to still get things done. Slowly but they are getting done.
This happened at least 2/3 weeks ago but I keep forgetting to mention it. Lily (our 2 year old) when asked if Mommie was having a baby would always say ‘no’. She would put her hand on my belly or point to it and say no. Now she points to my belly and says ‘baby’! Yay! She may not fully understand what is going to happen within the next month but she knows what a baby is & she knows there’s one in my belly. Glad she is not in denial anymore 😉

On Wednesday, the kiddos & I went to the library for a snake show. Once we got back home, I sat for awhile so that I could rest & didn’t get up until I needed to make dinner. Baby was moving during this time but nothing felt out of the ordinary. I stood up to walk into the kitchen & noticed that my belly looked different. I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me at first but it looked like my belly had dropped. Once Mister got home I told him about it & he said it didn’t look like my belly was out there like it had been. I figured if he could tell a difference then I was going completely crazy!

Thursday morning I woke up about 3:30 am to horrible heartburn again. Finally about 4 something it went away. Was ready to crawl back into bed but then had the feeling I needed to go to the bathroom. As I was sitting there, I had that feeling in my stomach that I was going to get sick. The feeling was getting stronger so I figured that I needed to change my positions. Sure enough, I threw up. Yuck! I don’t know what made me sick. Mister thinks that it was my heartburn but it was gone by the time I got sick. So who knows. Went back to bed, sitting up, and didn’t get much sleep after that. When I did get up, I felt so crappy. I was nauseous and felt like I was in my first trimester. Food smelled gross to me & I was getting waves of nausea all day. By evening time I felt so much better, just tired. Thankful for the bestie taking the kiddos to the park for awhile that afternoon. Also thankful for the other bestie on bringing dinner over so it was one less thing for me to worry about.
Sidenote, I had seen her Wednesday afternoon so before she stopped by with dinner, I told her she would have to tell me if my belly looked different. I opened the door & she immediately said that it looked like it dropped. Again, must be going crazy if two people see a difference!

I have all 6 kiddos bags are packed & ready for go time! I just need to work on mine and we’ll be all set! Hopefully I’ll get that done before my next update 😉


My drs appointment was this morning so I will share what happened!

I had my ultrasound first, so I’ll start there.
Baby W is head down! I was so relieved in see that head down! I don’t have to worry about a csection this time!!! Thank you baby!
Everything is looking just fine with the baby. Baby is weighing about 6lbs 2oz right now & she expects the baby to weigh 8 something when he/she is born. It’s head & femur are measuring 2 weeks ahead, 37 weeks 1 day. But the average of all the numbers is measuring 36 weeks. So nothing to be concerned about there. Baby did not want to move to get good measurements or good pictures. So the tech had me empty my bladder & then used a buzzer to try and wake him up. Boy, did that baby jump! That was so funny & weird feeling. Baby still didn’t move too much after that though. Oh well. When she first took the heart rate it was at 124. After the buzzer it was 145. Healthy baby all around & nothing to be concerned about. We could tell/see some chubby cheeks on this baby! I’ve never seen chubby cheeks on any of my babies on an ultrasound. I thought that was too cute!

I only gained a pound in the last two weeks, which the nurse was happy about. I asked her how much I’ve gained so far but I forgot about it once we got in the room. Blood pressure was good. I had my Group B strep test. I also had a vaginal check. I am measuring 1 centimeter dilated but baby is still high. My dr is going out of the country next week & told me not to go into labor then 😉 Still on track to have a vbac which makes me so happy that I cannot even express! Had to get some routine labs done.
From here on out, if I go into labor they won’t try and stop it but the baby will be considered a preemie until 37 weeks. Though I don’t want to go into labor early, I’m glad to know that they are confident that baby will be fine from here on out.


That’s my update for this week. Next week I’ll recap after my appointment since I’m going weekly now, crazy! See you at 36 weeks 🙂


33 weeks, Baby #6

I haven’t posted this because I have been waiting to remember to take a picture, so hopefully by the time this is posted I will have remembered before I turn 34 weeks 😉

So I’m going to recap 32 weeks.

Nothing eventful to report from this past week.
Still loosing my mucus plug. Pressure when I walk sometimes. The baby tends to push towards the front of my belly when I walk. I have no idea what this is about or why it happens. Doesn’t bother me or hurt, I just don’t remember this happening with any other pregnancies. I sometimes feel pressure going on down there but at this point, I am expecting that. Getting more tired as I’m doing things. I have to take more breaks throughout whatever it is that I am doing where as I used to be able to do more in the same period of time. That part is still frustrating for me but there’s nothing that I can do about it at this point. I can definitely feel nesting kicking in! If my body would let me, I would be doing something around this house all day long. There just seems to be something that I want to get done all the time. I am going to work on getting these things done but pacing myself so I don’t over do it or throw myself into labor before it’s actually time. (This is where my lists will come in handy 🙂 )
It has also been brought to my attention that I haven’t even started packing any bags for when it’s go time! What!? Once I realized this I was a little shocked with myself. Usually I am on top of things like this & have already rearranged the bags a few times. 1 reason why I think this is is because of all the other things that I want to get done & have just been pushing bag packing to the side. I also blame the fact that I am so scatter brained this pregnancy on why it’s not done. I’m pretty sure that I’ve said it before but I have never been this scattered brained, ever! I truly have pregnancy brain this time around & it’s driving me a bit crazy!

This week I am going to focus on finishing up my nesting list & bag packing.

I had my appointment this past Friday.
I gained less than 10 pounds since my appointment last month. According to the dr & nurse, I am still dehydrated some. I don’t know how I can drink any more water than I already am! But I know that since I have been walking and the heat, I am sure that has something to do that all that. I will just keep drinking my water and, hopefully, I won’t need to have an IV hooked up to me. Everything else checked out just fine. I go back on 06/13. My dr said she wanted to get an ultrasound done & then check me to see if anything is going on. I am so hoping that this baby turns (hasn’t as of yet) because I do not want another csection if I don’t have to!

Alright readers, see you next Thursday for my next update 🙂


32 weeks, Baby #6

Is it just me or do the weeks go by faster the closer you get to your due date!? This whole pregnancy seems to have gone quickly but that’s probably because I only found out at 20 weeks & went to the dr for the first time at 24 weeks.

So let’s recap how 31 weeks treated me!

Not too much has changed.
I’ve been walking almost everyday and even though my body does hurt a bit afterwards, I do feel better after doing it. The heat can be a bit much sometimes but it’s not too bad. I do bring plenty of water with me on these walks, so no worries there.
Baby is still moving around like crazy! I have no idea if Baby W has turned yet or not. I’ll out next week at my appointment.
I still don’t think I look 32 weeks. Mister and I were talking about it and we both say that this is the smallest that I’ve ever been pregnant. Which is fine with me since baby is doing just fine. Less to worry take off after baby comes.
My allergies are much better! I’m not coughing as much and my nose isn’t running/stuffy like it has been the last few weeks. Thank goodness!

I ordered Baby W’s diaper bag on March 30th and I finally got a shipping notice yesterday that it’s being shipped out! Finally! I cannot wait to get it & see what it looks like in person. It’s yellow and chevron and oh so pretty! Once I get that in the mail I can post all the baby buys that we have done so far if y’all would like!

This part is TMI, so if you don’t want to keep reading that’s fine with me. But you have been warned!!

Yesterday (the day that I turned 32 weeks) I was going to the bathroom and I noticed that it looked like some of my mucus plug was on the tissue. It didn’t dawn on me that that’s what I saw until I put the tissue in the toilet already. So I’ve been keeping my eye out every time I go to the bathroom.
I know that it can start coming out weeks before you go into labor. Nothing else has been happening to go along with that. No Braxton hicks or consistent contractions. No bloody show or anything like that. I haven’t seen it since that just one time yesterday. We will see what this week brings.

Like I said, my appointment is next Friday so I’ll have more information from that end on my next update. See you next week when I am 33 weeks and talking about what 32 weeks brought me 🙂


31 weeks, Baby #6

I turned 31 weeks this past Thursday.

I keep saying that I don’t think that I look 31 weeks at all. I feel like I should be bigger based on my last 5 pregnancies. I usually am bigger by now. I feel huge by the end of the day but I think I have said that every week.
I am hungry more often but cannot eat a ton at every meal. Just trying to keep snacks on me so when I do get hungry I have something but it’s not crap either.
Been drinking a ton of water. It’s super easy to get dehydrated in this Texas heat. I haven’t been craving much of anything but water anyway. I do get cravings for some Dr. Pepper and I do drink it but not like I used to.
It’s getting harder for me to get a lot done in one sitting. I have to take more breaks. Which is definitely frustrating for me and I don’t like it at all. When I want to get something done, I want to do it all at one time. It’s taking me twice (or longer) to get simple things finished. My to do lists isn’t getting crossed off as quickly as I would like them to.
We are still looking at car seats & haven’t made a choice yet. Which we are cutting it close considering we are in the single digits of how many weeks we have left!
My lower back is about the only thing that is really bothering me lately. Not all the time but if I sit down & then get back up again, I can definitely feel it. Thank goodness Mister is willing to rub my back almost nightly…..that is if I don’t fall asleep before I ask for it!
I have been walking daily. I don’t find an increase of energy but I know that it’s good for me.

My food cravings have been pineapple and mac & cheese (which is cooking as I am typing up this post 🙂 ) Oh and a Lemonberry slush from Sonic. I don’t get them often. Super yummy though! I would definitely suggest getting one if you have a Sonic by you!
I can’t think of any food aversions right now. It’s more or less a mood thing rather than something that I can’t stomach.

Lots of movement from the baby. No swelling.
There’s nothing else that I can think of to report.

2 more weeks until my next appointment.

Taken on 05/15/14 by my wonderful in home professional photographer 8 year old son 😉
31 Weeks along with Baby W!

That’s it until next Thursday…give or take a few days 😉