Meal planning and budgeting update

So I have been such a slacker in keeping up with this!

My mother in law and her dad came to visit while I was still pregnant and I haven’t gotten back on track with this since. Shame on me!

I’ve had a few people in my real life ask me how this is going or when my next post will be. So I figured that I would start this again. Plus, I can tell that I haven’t been doing it and it’s hurting us.

I actually meal planned and went grocery shopping today but did I think to budget? That would be a big fat no! I will doit next Saturday night or Sunday….which ever day I can get to it.

Please share anything that you want in this subject. I am still new to doing both at the same time!

I do want to share that I kinda noticed (no actual numbers were done with this) but it seemed like we spent more meal planning than if we went through out the week. Now, again, I didn’t add anything up to compare. But this may be something that I do just to see if we are really saving money by meal planning or not. Anyone have anything to share between the two?

Anywho, we’ll talk more Sunday evening! Have a great week!

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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