Money speaks

This statement is so true!

When I wanted to catch my kiddos attention with their chores, I knew I had to grab it with the first few words when I spoke to them. I needed something that they would be excited about & that I could keep up with. I have tried different things in the past and it stuck… long as I could remember & that is part of the problem!
So of course I went to my handy dandy Pinterest board (where else would I look!?) to find something that I could use that would be effective & easy.
I found a few things that I wanted to try and wanted to share them with Mister. Well I kept putting it off/forgetting to bring it up to him. So I figured that I would just do what I thought would work and fill him in on my plan (most of the time, that’s what he’s ok with anyway.). I also couldn’t get my printer to work with our laptop which kept setting me back. I finally remembered to take the colored paper that I wanted to use to the library so that I could print off what I needed.

Here is what I just started this past Sunday!

I’ve had this board up for a few weeks now but it didn’t look like this. I had everything going across and then would cross out the chore that they completed. This wasn’t working for me. I can’t really pinpoint why but it just irritated me to have it up on the board like that. I finally got around to changing it to the way (at least for now) that I want it. I don’t plan on erasing their chores, just the dollar amount.

(Click image to be taken to the website that I printed these from)
I printed out the money that I want to use. I only did one sheet of each amount to show the kiddos and will need to print off more. Haven’t figured out what, if at all, I will use the bigger dollar amounts for. I am definitely using the $1 & $5! I would like to get them laminated so they last a lot longer than they would if I just left them like this.

Ok, so here is what I have set into place & have let the kiddos know what the plan is.
*Each chore they complete is worth $1.
*Taking trash out w/out being told is $5 (this only applies to our 2 oldest as the trash is their chore)
*Doing something w/out being told is $5 (this means that we will need to become more aware of what they are doing, not a bad thing)
*Doing something when told w/out whining/crying is $5 (this is a huge problem in our household. Everything turns into a dramatic event when they are told to do something)
*Their birthday they automatically get money, right now I am thinking $50 but that might change
*Washing dishes (when needed) by hand is $2 (this applies to all the kiddos but the dishwasher is the oldest 2 boys chore)

What are they going to use this money for!?
We are going to be opening up a family store! Not sure how big the basket/bucket will be but that is something that can change as we get more into this.
We want to put things in the store that appeal to them and will make all this worth it. If it doesn’t spark their interest then all this is pointless. Mister and I briefly talked about what we would add but here are a few ideas!

*$1 items from the Dollar Store & Target
*Ice cream date
*Staying up later
*Screen time without having to read first

That’s about it so far. I know it doesn’t seem like much but we are just starting and, honestly, they don’t need a Chuck E Cheese counter of items to choose from. The less items = the better Mommie & Papa will be able to keep up/remember!

The kiddos are excited about all this and did really well doing their weekly chores yesterday. It’s simple enough for me to remember what they earn because I can just write it down on the board next to their chore. Will update as we go so that you can see how well (or not so well) this is working.

I am also going to start going around after they are in bed & have had the chance to pick up after themselves and do have them earn their things back that I find on the floor. And to make sure they are putting their things where it goes, I am thinking that I will do this every night in their room also. I am hoping this makes them more aware of how much they are leaving out & then wonder why they lose their things or they end up broken. I just need to empty out the container that I will use & print off everything.

(Click on image to be taken to the website where I got this idea from)

Please share what you do in your house. What worked? Didn’t work? What other items would your kiddos what to ‘buy’ with their money?


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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