Take 2

If you didn’t read my post about having a bad day with my kiddos, please go read that one first & then come back here!

So after I typed up that post, I tried really hard to be more aware of my reactions & words. I think that compared to the day before, it was a much better improvement. I don’t think I yelled once yesterday. I did raise my voice and was still stern.

Today on the other hand isn’t going as well as yesterday went. I have yelled & said things I shouldn’t have. There is no excuse to why I am not being more aware today. The truth is though that their whining, complaining, and fighting have just worn on me more today than yesterday. Does it make it ok for me to react in this manner? Absolutely not!

I am trying and will continue to try. Imperfect progress (thanks Lysa TerKeurst!) As long I am making an effort, trying, becoming more aware, and then applying what I am learning….I am ok with that imperfect progress. I don’t want to become stagnant in my parenting & be content where I am. There is always something to change and to learn from.

The kiddos just woke up from nap time & I have a new beginning to make things better than they were earlier. No need for me to wait until tomorrow to change the direction of this day & my attitude.

I think that I am going to keep updating about this. It makes me, not only become more aware, but also more accountable. I don’t want to report something that will be embarrassing or something that I am ashamed of. We will see how it works.

Share your imperfect progress 🙂


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