32 weeks, Baby #6

Is it just me or do the weeks go by faster the closer you get to your due date!? This whole pregnancy seems to have gone quickly but that’s probably because I only found out at 20 weeks & went to the dr for the first time at 24 weeks.

So let’s recap how 31 weeks treated me!

Not too much has changed.
I’ve been walking almost everyday and even though my body does hurt a bit afterwards, I do feel better after doing it. The heat can be a bit much sometimes but it’s not too bad. I do bring plenty of water with me on these walks, so no worries there.
Baby is still moving around like crazy! I have no idea if Baby W has turned yet or not. I’ll out next week at my appointment.
I still don’t think I look 32 weeks. Mister and I were talking about it and we both say that this is the smallest that I’ve ever been pregnant. Which is fine with me since baby is doing just fine. Less to worry take off after baby comes.
My allergies are much better! I’m not coughing as much and my nose isn’t running/stuffy like it has been the last few weeks. Thank goodness!

I ordered Baby W’s diaper bag on March 30th and I finally got a shipping notice yesterday that it’s being shipped out! Finally! I cannot wait to get it & see what it looks like in person. It’s yellow and chevron and oh so pretty! Once I get that in the mail I can post all the baby buys that we have done so far if y’all would like!

This part is TMI, so if you don’t want to keep reading that’s fine with me. But you have been warned!!

Yesterday (the day that I turned 32 weeks) I was going to the bathroom and I noticed that it looked like some of my mucus plug was on the tissue. It didn’t dawn on me that that’s what I saw until I put the tissue in the toilet already. So I’ve been keeping my eye out every time I go to the bathroom.
I know that it can start coming out weeks before you go into labor. Nothing else has been happening to go along with that. No Braxton hicks or consistent contractions. No bloody show or anything like that. I haven’t seen it since that just one time yesterday. We will see what this week brings.

Like I said, my appointment is next Friday so I’ll have more information from that end on my next update. See you next week when I am 33 weeks and talking about what 32 weeks brought me 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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