30 weeks, Baby #6

(I just realized I never did a 29 week post, oops!)



30 weeks today!? My mind is a tad blown right now. I just found out 10 weeks ago that I was even pregnant & now I have 10 weeks until I meet Baby W! This is crazy!!!!

I’m feeling huge these days but what else should I expect at this point?!
Heartburn isn’t nearly as bad as it has been the last few weeks.
I’m getting full faster. Which sucks when I’m eating something really tasty!
My allergies are kicking my butt!
My body doesn’t want to move as fast as I would like it to.
I can’t do what I used to do or, if I am able to, not for as long. Having to take more breaks.
Some days I don’t even look pregnant when I sit. What’s up with that!?
I’m hardly sleeping. Lots of tossing & turning every night.
So hot during the day. These temps are making me drip sweat and it’s so gross!

Wow, that’s a lot of complaining. But even with all this stuff happening to me that males me feel tired, weak, worthless, moody, and like complete crap most days….I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. This baby is here for a reason. This baby has a purpose. I will go through whatever is thrown my way for my pregnancies to end with healthy babies. I’ve done it 5 times so far, #6 isn’t going to kill me.

I don’t have another Dr appointment until the 30th of this month. But after that I start going bi weekly. This doesn’t seem possible that it’s coming to an end so quickly. Trying to cherish every moment.

Baby W is active and always letting me know he/she is there……even at o’dark thirty when I would rather be sleeping. Just another sign of a healthy baby growing in there.

Want to mention 2 things.
#1- the friend that I mentioned a few posts back asking for prayers, has finally announced her pregnancy! Baby Z is doing good and so is Momma! Just keep them in your prayers that everything continues to stay good.

#2- a dear friend of mine gave birth to rainbow twins today!!!! No pain meds at all….what a champ! So happy for Nicole and her family!!

That’s it for now, see ya next week 🙂

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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