Embrace the belly

This is something I’ve not always done. I am a bigger girl to begin with and then add on the weight and curves of being pregnant…. boy, am I self conscious!

I totally understand and get that these changes are normal and just apart of pregnancy but that doesn’t always mean I’m ok/comfortable with it.

I’ve never embraced my belly until I was pregnant with Lily. It took awhile but I liked my belly and the way I looked in clothes. I thought that was my last pregnancy so I needed to enjoy it….every part of it. I feel like I did. I enjoyed my bump and curves.
This time around seems different. I’m wearing clothes that I would never think to put on. Like a dress. I’m not a dress person at all. Skirts are pushing it and very rarely do I wear those. But when we were at Wal-Mart a few months back, I was looking for things that I could wear this summer without having to buy new clothes every so often. I came upon a rack with dresses on them and thought they were cute but didn’t think that they would look good on me. I showed Mister what I found and asked him what he thought about them. He wanted me to try them on and so I did. I wasn’t thrilled with how they looked on me but Misters face lit up when I walked out of the dressing room told me everything. I went back to the rack and picked up a few more of the dress, just in different colors. I figured that these dresses would be perfect for summer, I could grow in them, and they would be perfect for after having the baby also.
These dresses are a bit form fitting and definitely show off whatever curve you may have. That is the part that made me question whether or not I would like them. I am not (never have been) a smaller girl. I have curves and am not always comfortable in my clothes because of this. As my belly started to pop out more and everything else on my body seemed to take a back seat (much welcomed), I began to really enjoy these dresses. Of course, the further along, no matter what you wear becomes tighter and shows everything off. I am at this point right now. No worries though. I don’t feel uncomfortable wearing much of anything. Weeks ago I decided that I was going to embrace this belly and the body that comes along with it. There is only so much I can do about the size that I get and because of that, I shouldn’t beat myself up about  it. I should instead enjoy it. I honestly don’t know if this is our last baby and I would hate to waste it complaining about the way that I look when this is something that is apart of carrying a child.

I cannot say that I will feel the same way after I have the baby. I am sure that those same insecurities will creep back up and rear their ugly head. But I will try and reassure myself that this ‘after’ body is because I just had a baby. There is only so much that I can do about the shape that it takes. I do plan on getting back into my running that I started almost a year ago. That will help. My eating habits will need to change also. But again, no matter the effort I put into feeling my best, doesn’t always mean that my body will look the way that I would like it to. Therefore, I need to embrace what my body looks like even after all that work. I will have had 6 kiddos by then and that alone takes a toll on ones body.

These are things that I need to keep in mind postpartum and not make them excuses.

I hope that those of you who are pregnant (no matter how far along you are) will embrace the shape your body is taking.
If you are postpartum, do what you can to make yourself feel better. Don’t worry about your pant size or what the numbers on the scale say. What you need to focus on is how you feel in your own skin. If you feel awesome in the skin you have then no one else’s opinion matters & you won’t even care what they have to say. Take time to take care of yourself. You will thank yourself later on down the road…believe me!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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