Mom guilt

Wow! Just had a rush of mom guilt rush over me from something that happened almost a month ago.
I don’t know why it struck me this morning as hard as it did. I sat here crying about it bit telling myself it was ok.
My son wasn’t hurt by anything and it didn’t even matter that it happened a week after the incident. I know that next time something like that happens, I will be sure to confront that parent (same or different parent) and not let it slide by. Nothing was said inappropriately or hurtful, just unnecessary.

Though my son wasn’t bothered at all by these events, I (obviously) am. Next time, no matter how silly it may seem to others, I will be sure to stand with my child & to also figure why the attitude was there from the other parent. I can’t just sit back and watch/know something is going on and not say anything.

Again, it wasn’t anything major at all but if I can’t confront small things, how am I going to confront the bigger things….the things that will matter?!

I’m not saying to make a big scene or blow it up but I am saying that I need to figure things out before I just let it be or tell my kids that it’s ok & not to worry about it. It may not be a big deal in my eyes, but maybe it is to them. I don’t want my kids thinking that I don’t care just because it isn’t a big issue. The small issues matter too. I can’t, and won’t, let them think I only care about their big issues/problems.

I have forgiven myself for not saying anything and I know God has too. My son wasn’t even bothered by what happened.

I guess I’ll just need to remember my big girl panties & make sure I confront issues with a good intention, not confront with the intent to be right or defensive.

I made a mistake and have guilt. That’s ok. Learn and move on. I promise, there will be a next time.

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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