Week 26, Baby #6



This week has kinda kicked my butt in the pregnancy department. By the end of the day I’m feeling very loaded down and big. My abdomen area is definitely being stretched. Baby W is kicking & moving like crazy! So much so that he/she is waking me up a few times a night. I have this nasty, awful, disgusting heartburn. I have it randomly throughout the day but this stuff that wakes me up is horrid. It happens maybe one a week. I have vomit just sitting in my throat and I can’t get it to go away. I have to sit straight up….and I usually fall asleep like that. I have to be very careful when I clear my throat & sniff. I can taste it every time I swallow. Ugh, just gross! A friend recommended heartburn tea that she is currently drinking. If I can find it at a local store I’m willing to at least try it. I mean, it’s gotta taste better than vomit!

I’m feeling good though. I’m enjoying this since it could be our last baby. It’s still surreal to me to think that we are going to have 6 kiddos. It feels weird to say. I love this baby though & know God has big plans for this baby!

My next appointment isn’t until the 23rd. I’m pretty sure that I’m having another ultrasound done to see if my placenta has moved. The same thing happened during my pregnancy with Lily. I’m confident that it’ll move this time as well & won’t be an issue.

Something exciting though that has nothing to do with me that I found out today is I have a very good friend that just told me she’s pregnant! She’s about 8 weeks along! I’ve never been pregnant with a friend that lived in the same town. I’m super excited for her & her family! Her due date is exactly 4 months after mine. Aaahhhh! I’m just over the moon happy for them! If you could just her and baby in your prayers, I would appreciate it!

Nothing else that I can think to report on, see ya next week 🙂

Written on 04/10/14


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