Reactions from our kiddos about adding another sibling

I couldn’t wait to tell our kiddos that we were having another baby! At some point, they’ve all asked if/when we’d have another baby. Our oldest daughter has told me many times that she would like 2 babies in my tummy.

Just a few days before we told them our oldest son came up to me, hugged me, and said “Mom, if feels like you’re having another baby.”. I had started to show at this point but not too much. I said ” Well thank you.” I knew he didn’t mean it in a bad way or anything negative. He immediately started to defend himself and say I’m not trying to be mean. I reassured him that I didn’t think it was mean and my feelings weren’t hurt in any way.

As our kiddos were eating dinner one night I held the ultrasound pictures in my hand. I held up the clearest one we had and asked them what this was a picture of. All they said a baby but who? Our oldest thought they were of him, his siblings, me, and Papa. He listed everyone’s name and we told him no to all of them. He then looked at us and said “Well someone is having a baby.” We said that he was right but who did he think it was. You could see the wheels turning in his mind as he started to realize our family was gaining another baby. As soon as we confirmed to them that we were having another baby, the volume in the room went up!
They were clapping and hollering and saying yay and expressing who wanted a sister & brother. We let them have their moment of excitement. I was so happy that they were happy. Not one of them was upset that they were gaining another sibling.

After the volume returned to a lower volume, we turned to our youngest son (5) and asked him what we should name this baby.
*Remember we don’t know the gender & told the kiddos this too*
At first he said we should name the baby dodohead and cracked himself up. We told him we didn’t think that we would go with that name. Right after we said that he turned to us and said “No, I think I like Emma.”
I was a bit shocked that he thought of a girls names instead of a boys. Even now if you ask him the baby’s name he will say Emma. Maybe he knows something we don’t….only time will tell.

The kiddos are still very excited about this baby, talk about him/her daily, and keep asking when the baby will get here. I’m so thankful they were welcoming this baby with open arms & hearts. Just go on YouTube and you can see many sibling who aren’t too thrilled to be adding to their family.

Not only has God given my husband a heart for a big family, He has also given it to our children as well.
Thank You for that 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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