Ultrasound/Doctor results

My ultrasound went great!

When the tech put the wand on my belly, what showed up on the screen made my heart skip a beat. There were (what looked like) two perfectly round heads.

“Umm, is that two heads!?” ~me
“No, that’s the head & abdomen”~tech

Phew! Sigh of relief there!

Anyway, Baby W is measuring very well & absolutely nothing to be concerned about.
I am 24 weeks & my weeks turn over on Thursdays. According to the measurements my due date is 07/17! Just around the corner but a better time frame than Coleman’s pregnancy 😉

As far as my stats go, everything looks good with me. I’ve barely gained any weight & my blood pressure is just fine. Since I am 24 weeks my dr wanted me to take my glucose test today. I’m sure the results will be just fine, they always have been.


24 weeks 0 days 03/27/14


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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