Comfort zones

These are places we all like to stay in. We know these places. We like these places. We feel safe in these places.

But are we growing in these places?

The honest answer would be no.

How can we grow if we stay safe?

Everyone’s comfort zone is different. Mine is a place that I have stayed in for quite some time. It’s nice and cozy there. I know the surroundings and when an intruder comes in, my walls go up.

I have also come to find that when I stay too long in my comfort zone, I get bored or in a rut. I feel the new for change. But a change of/from what? How do I know where my line ends and a new one begins?

I’ve mentioned that I’m in a morning women’s bible study, have been for a few months now & am currently on our 3rd bible study. (Love this group of ladies by the way!) I started to feel a nudge that I needed to go further when sharing. Go further during our small group time there. I don’t know if the lady heading the study was clued in on what I was feeling or God spoke to her about or she just followed my cues but she has been a great supporter of me since I crossed into a new comfort zone.

Was I nervous, scared, overwhelmed, and any other emotion you can think of? Heck yea!!
The feeling inside of me (and it literally felt like I was going o jump out of my skin if I didn’t cross out of my comfort zone) was so much stronger than my fears that I couldn’t say no.
I believe that because of me doing these things that my family has been blessed like no other.

This isn’t a “Look at me” kinda thing either. It’s a “Look what God can do” kinda thing.

I am feeling another nudge coming my way and I’m nervous about it again but I know that I will obey Him. Whatever path He wants me on won’t be easy or pretty (probably the exact opposite at first) but I know it’ll be worth it.

If I can’t trust God in directing me in my life, then who can I!?


2 thoughts on “Comfort zones

  1. Alissa can do that to a person eh? Glad that you are stepping out of your comfort zone — and into His Comfort Zone. This is going to be a fun adventure — hang on tight:-)

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