Is that you God??

I don’t know about anyone else but having God speak to me or me hear Him isn’t something that I have ever experienced… least I don’t think it has. I’ve heard from friends and my husband that He’s spoken to them. I find that to be very awesome and comforting. I must admit though, it does make me jealous that they are being spoken to and I’m just chopped liver.

What am I doing wrong?
Am I not praying enough?
Praying good enough?
Am I spending time in His word?
Am I around the wrong people?

These thoughts have (and still do) cross my mind when it comes to this subject. Hearing from God is something that I have honestly longed for for awhile now.

I believe that I am being spoken to now. And to be honest, it makes me nervous. I’m not scared at all. I do find myself almost doing a double take when it hits me that He is showing me something.

I’m currently in a morning women’s bible study at my church & also in an adult class in the evening called Discover Your Ministry.
These two classes are not linked in any way and aren’t even taught by the same people, yet what I’m hearing/learning/taking away from both classes are the same thing. What is being talked about it during the morning matches up with what is talked about in my evening class.

Big deal right?

I believe that God is using these two classes/studies to show me where I’m supposed to be! I am amazed every Wednesday at how these two different classes keep lining up for me.

I am shocked, in awe, and excited about this. This is something that has never happened to me before. I am nervous because it is something new but I’m willing to go out on that limb for Him and do what He is calling me to do.

I don’t know everything He is trying to tell me. I don’t know all the details. But I know I don’t have to. I have to have the faith that all of that will (and is already) provided for me, I just need to obey Him.

I can’t wait to share more of this story as it unfolds with you! The fire I am starting to feel is unreal, new to me, and a little overwhelming!

Who else has been there?!


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