Weigh in #22

It’s Monday again and that means that it’s time to see if my efforts continue to pay off or did I set myself back!?

Well I’ve talked about it a few times last week but I do need/want to update about my knees in this instead of making it’s own post.

Anyway, I weighed myself this morning and the numbers said 211. What!? I haven’t exercised all week last week!
I was actually surprised that I continued to loose even though I wasn’t active. I’ll take it though!
I am also going to start to track my food again. I wasn’t doing it while I wasn’t active, I should have but I didn’t.

Ok now onto my knees.
They hurt so bad last week that one night I was just in tears from the pain. I was icing them, elevating them, and trying to do as little as possible around my house (and it showed!) I know that I said that I was going to work through the pain but I was not able to at all!

My family went camping this weekend with our cub scout pack that our boys are in & I wasn’t looking forward to it only because of the pain that I was feeling. I couldn’t imagine that I would sleep well or walk around too much.
The great outdoors (and the good Lord) did wonders for my knees! The pain went away and I was able to walk and sit and just plain move without being in pain all weekend! I was so happy! I told myself that I was going to get up on Monday morning and start my walking again. I was ready to get up when I went to sleep last night and then realized this morning once I did wake up, that I forgot to turn my alarm back on after turning it off when we went camping. Oops!
No worries though, going to go walking tonight! I will not be running for awhile until I know that my knee muscles can handle it. I will slowly work up to that point.

Disappointed? Yes.
Determined? YES!

I am so close to having a 1 as the first number of my weight I can almost taste it!
This isn’t about a number for me at all! The number 1 is just a number and it will always just be a number. It is a number that I have wanted to see for a long time and I am working towards it and getting closer every week. This is all about how I feel in clothes and just overall getting my body healthy.

So that’s all I have to report this Monday!
See ya next Monday 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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