Community lovin’

(Get your minds outta the gutter 😉 )

We have lived in 3 different cities since we have been married & never have I wanted to be involved with my community until we moved here. I don’t know if it’s because my kiddos are getting older or because they are involved in things….whatever the reason may be, I am glad that I have this pull to do so.

Being involved doesn’t mean that you have to spend money.
Being involved means knowing what’s going on, attending meetings, attending events, and getting to know the people that live in your community.

I try to take the kiddos to the library at least once a week now.
We are attending more events going on.
I am (trying) to get involved in the groups that are local.
I attend a mom group that meets weekly.
I’ve started an exercise group for our town.

It does take time and planning but if you are planning on staying where you live for awhile, it’s well worth those things.

I think it’s especially important if you have kids. You need to know what’s going on. Know who’s running the town. Know what their plans on, what they are voting on, and what they don’t believe in.

Don’t be afraid to speak up on issues. Don’t be afraid to bring ideas to the table. Don’t be afraid to complain either.
Someone else is saying probably the same thing that you are saying…..”Someone else will do it”. No they won’t. If everyone is saying that then no one is actually doing anything. Will everyone agree with you? I promise they won’t. But that, in no way, should stop you from bringing your voice to the table.

You never know who you will meet when you & your kiddos get involved.
Sign them up for sports. See if your library has weekly events. Check out a mom group.

I promise you will feel about yourself once you step out and just get out there!
At least try it. If you don’t certain things, that’s ok too. Move on. Start something yourself. Just go out and have fun!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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