Bees Knees

This post actually has nothing to do with bees but I thought it was catchy, haha!

I am probably just as tired about talking about my knees as you are hearing about them. This will be my last post about my knees unless something changes.

Mister made me take an Epson salt bath last night after all the kiddos were in bed. I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to do or anything like that.
I was surprised that after I had gotten out that I could feel a difference in my knees. The pain was drastically reduced and I wasn’t in pain just walking. Mister also commented saying that I didn’t look labored while walking. Score! So glad that I found something that would work!
As I was getting a few last minute things before climbing into bed for the night I could feel the stiffness and tightening coming back into my knees though. So I hurried so that I could enjoy not being in pain for awhile.
I actually woke up sometime time between 4:30-5:00am this morning from the pain. I must have been sleeping weird and had my knees bent oddly because I haven’t woken up from the pain before.

Mister told me to do a few more Epson salt baths before I start walking again.
I am also icing my knees today and keeping them elevated.
I am also going to do some stretching today.

Mister is pretty sure that I have something called knee bursitis.
He actually had this a few years ago in one of his knees from playing soccer. He ended up needing cortisone shots to make his knee better.
I am hoping that I do not have to go through this. I am my fathers daughter and would probably pass out from this.
(I am, in many ways, a big wimp! Haha!)

I will be trying different things to try and avoid the Dr. But I will look into the cost and see what they have to say.

I am super frustrated with this as I was actually doing well and enjoying my walks/runs. I have been set back now because of this. I just want this pain to go away so that I can get back to what I was doing and continue to make progress.

That’s it for now. Will update about this if anything changes!


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