Session #1

Last week Dom had his first therapy session. Mister was able to go because he was on a week long vacation (it’s over now :() and we think that it went well. Mister & Dom went first with the Dr. and they talked about things and he asked questions. Then they came back downstairs (the building is beautiful & I am pretty sure it’s an old home) and then the Dr. and I went into a room and talked.
So I think it was more of a get to know you meeting and see where things are and what our concerns are. Apparently the Dr. told Mister that he thinks he knows what the problem is but I guess he is waiting to tell us. I don’t really know.

We have another appointment next week, so we will see what happens during that appointment.

I was in therapy more than 10 years ago & I honestly don’t even remember any of it. I am not really sure what to expect during these appointments. I am so hoping that we get some coping skills and tips on how to handle things. We don’t want Dom to be dependent on meds his entire life but because it’s so hard to talk with him during his episodes, it makes it really difficult to teach him skills to deal with his emotions. So if we learn something that can help us help him, then hopefully things will get better!

I will update y’all next week after his next appointment & let ya know how that went!

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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